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Sovereign Court

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Bear with me here, and it doesn't HAVE to be dwarfs and there don't have to be seven.

The PC's (who all have a trait focused on their connection with the Princess, but servants of some kind) overhear that the queen (not by blood, her husband died and she isn't the Princess' mother) is going to kill the princess to keep the throne.
They must get her out to safety. Then you can deal with the summoned creatures/army the queen is hunting them down with. Eventually, they have to get her in to a neighboring country as a political refugee. There they bring the prince to fall in love with her and lead in the war to take back her country, uniting the 2 kingdoms, just in time for a big menace (ancient dragon or something) to get into the picture and the PCs to have to stop it.
Sprinkle in Grimm's fairy tales (in a non-silly way) throughout.