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Thanks a bundle!

If a Druid has enough Wisdom to get a bonus level 4 spell, can they cast it at as a level one, even though they would normally have to be level 7 to cast a level 4 spell?

Evil Lincoln wrote:

Yeah, but I tend to miss GMing more than playing.

Makes me a terrible backseat GM, actually.

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My players were witnessing a party of goblins fighting each other for the "Goblin King" title, and one of the goblins finally won the fight. The player's party's 4th level sorceror challenged the goblin, and got criticalled twice and owned. I even had the goblin flip his short sword into the air (with a roll). Then, the player swore loyalty to the goblin.

What's PbP? Sorry, i'm new to the land of RPGs.

Yes, when I actually play. Usually a GM.

I just liked being able to hit things with a sword. That's just it.

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Undead are not all bad!

Whoops, triple post.

I'm gonna GM an adventure giving the players the ability to do whatever. (I'm gonna pre-plan some characters, but not the entire adventure.) It's gonna be tough, but I think it will be very interesting and fun if I pull it off.

Thanks much!


So can I play as any monster?

Like, can I play as a ratfolk, or a dragon?

What kind of stuff does the book have?

Goblins might not be stupid are crazy in my game that i'm starting. More classic mystical, magical, sneaky people in my game. (I'm primarily gonna be the GM, but there will be the occasional switch.)

That's horrible.

By the way, is there an easy way to convert goblins into PCs?

Goblins are rad..

Can a druid eventually turn into crazy animals like the Froghemoth?

Mainly I just want to know if one could turn into a Froghemoth.