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Current Campaigns

The Hand of Corruption: GM_Loki's Black Crusade

You are a Heretic; a renegade turned against the oppressive Imperium of Man. The crumbling monolith mobilizes the might of its numberless armies, and you must stand against it. But can you realise your destiny before that power consumes you?

Bloody Kisses (inactive)

A campaign of fallen angels, friendly devils, deceit, betrayal, secrets, and the everburning quest to discover the plane-fueling spark of the mortal soul.

DM Zyren's Heart of Ruin (inactive)

PF Hunger Games PBP (inactive)

Pathfinder version of Hunger games tournament....

Scranford's Savage Iron Kingdoms - The Witchfire Trilogy (inactive)

Steampunk, and magic guns take on a hoard of enemies, in this classic 3.5 revised edition of the game, converted to Savage Worlds for ease of use.