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I'm currently paying WotR, our group is just starting part 2.

For Part 1, we built a wardstone. Here are some pics:

I have some cool ideas for building another one: I want to make the sides into infinity mirrors. Maybe use some more LEDs - brighter, bigger, more awesome.

Thing is: I wasn't sure about the dimensions when we built that one. Without giving too much away: is there another wardstone further down the campaign? How big is it, according to the module? We made this one with a 10'base - is that right? Does it need to be broken, like this first one is? Without giving too much away, any hints about colour? Shape? Special things about it?

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Can you use Limited Wish to counterspell a spell of 6th level or lower, as if you had the spell prepared?

What about if you have "improved counterspell" feat? Limited Wish is not any specific school, but its a Limited Wish for goodness sake and I'm only suggesting that it can be used in this manner for spells 6th level and below.

FYI: I run a sorcerer with arcane bloodline.

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There are a few threads on this, but I still have a couple of questions.

Is hovering a move action? Does this mean that you cannot take a full-round attack while flying? It makes sense, I suppose, and explains why dragons land on the ground to fight adventurers. It creates a bit of a quandry for air elementals, though, who are always flying. But then again, they don't use wings. But neither to PCs using the fly spell.

What I'm asking is: can a PC using a fly spell just sit there hovering in midair and make full-round attacks as though they were standing on the ground?

You can "turn more than 45° by spending 5' of movement", and "Turn 180° by spending 10 feet of movement". 180 is greater than 45 - why can't you just spend the 5'? Is there some errata to the effect that 5' will buy you more than 45° but only up to 90° or 135° or something?

When you sacrifice 5' of movement to turn, do we assume that this 5' does not count towards the requirement to move at least half your movement to stray aloft? I suppose so, otherwise you could hover by just spinning in place.

The fly spell states that it "requires no more concentration than walking". I read this as "it requires no more concentration to fly than a creature with a fly speed needs". That is, you still need to make fly checks when you are flying with a spell.

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There's been a couple of thread on this, but I haven't seen a simple yes/no answer to this:

If my character channels positive, and I take alignment channel (Evil), can I harm evil outsiders with positive energy?

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The urban druid class states that yu can spontaneously cast domain states instead of summon nature's ally, but does not state that this is limited to domains that you got as a result of Druid class (ie: nature's bond)

So how about playing an urban druid with one level of cleric, rocking three domain spell lists and able to cast them spontaneously using druid spell slots?

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Specifically - is there a weapon enhancement I can get put on a whip that will allow me to perform dirty tricks with it? Whip will do trip (and therefore drag/reposition) and disarm. I seem to recall a "this weapon can also be used to do combat maneuver X" enhancement, but not sure where to find it.

And is it legal for pathfinder society play?

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I have a halfling archaeologist/bard, with a leather fedora and a whip. His name is Zack Jackson.

Zack Jackson is proficient with a whip (bard).
Zack Jackson has Agile Maneuvers.
Zack Jackson does not have Weapon Finesse.

If he performs a combat maneuver *with his whip* - does that mean that he has to use Str rather than Dex? (If so, I'll grab Finesse Rogue at 4th level. Why 4th? Cause at 3rd level I will be getting Lingering Song.)

I have seen it mentioned that a weapon with the 'trip' property can be used to perform a drag or reposition. Can someone refer me to a source for this rule that is official WRT to PFS play? I couldn't see it in the APG - maybe I'm blind.

Can an ally willingly fail their CMD to be dragged or repositioned? If they willingly fail, how much to they fail by? It's relevant to the question of how far you can drag them.

Can a whip be used to perform certain dirty tricks? The rules are vague, and pretty open to interpretation. Blinded, sickened, entangled - all very reasonable to do with a whip. Is it basically a matter of finding an amenable DM? If so, then what's the PFS ruling - is there an official source?

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I was over at, suggesting that for PFS characters it would be great if they could hyperlink to my character at paizo.

Unfortunately, the only url seems to be, which is not very machine-friendly.

At the very, very least, it would be nice to have URLs of the form (or something - maybe "pfs" instead of "people")

that could be linked to. Even better would be a JSON interface for the data, so that the warhorn site (and others like it) can pre-populate their dropdowns with your list of characters (class, level) when you sign up for events.

Other functionality might be a machine-friendly link to the session-reporting page - (just do a redirect) - for a session, so that the GMs schedule generated by could simply contain hyperlinks to where you need to report at the end of the session.

Oh - in addition to the "about gark torgson" field, might be nice to have a field for a one-liner, a brief quote or blurb that could be included on signup schedules.

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Where are the record sheets for WWe Be Goblins? The module doesn't appear to have them. I reacll that record sheets for modules were separate, but I can't seem to find them.

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How on earth do a squad of tribesmen on horses on the shore of a river manage to board a boat?

The Tuunma river is 50-70' wide, and "broadens out" at the basin. Ok. Say it winds up being 100' wide. It's still deep enough for river traffic in the centre, which is where the boat will be.

"Khoquarit remains within 50' of the PC's ship". Ok, so they are right at waters edge.

"Once the ship comes to a stop, he dismounts and charges forward onto the ship's deck"

How? For the love of God, how? Does he Water Walk? Fly? Jump the distance?

Only thing I can think of is if it's at a bend in the river, and the faster current on the outside of the bend means that that's where the deeper channel is.

What did you do?

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Is an opponent flat footed if you are invisible? The rules say that the opponent is denied its dex bonus to AC, but not specifically that this is the same thing as being flat footed.

I have the same situation with feinting in combat.

It has implications for the "Surprise Spell" ability of Arcane Trickster 10.

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I'm blogging our Serpent's Skull campaign at

The blog contains spoilers, and there are additional spoilers in these posts. Basically - the blog is ok for my players to read, this thread is not.

My players - Andrew, Brett, Tim, Dave, Scott, and the other new one: please do not read below the fold.


Week 4: to-go-much-quicker-now/

Not much to add. The "odd scaled footprints" were left by Pezcock - he rolled up as a wandering monster. Yes: his feet have scales. They rolled badly on survival, so they don't have anything more specific.

Likewise, I would have identified the language that the name "nyltithilighti" (or whatever it was) might be ... but I think 20 is fair and they didn't make it. It's very obscure, after all.

I'm concerned about the number of NPCs the party is dragging around. I started the game with three players, so I was lenient on the morale and attitude rolls. Now that I have five players, it's a party of 10. Too much. But the cannibals are aware of the party now, so a raid of some sort is in order.

I'm concerned about the villiage. Too much/too little - balancing the encounter. The Alchemist's bombs are a bit of a wildcard. Hope they don't simply charge in and leave the other quests not done. It'd be sad if chicky-babe didnt have her quest done by some brave and resourceful PCs.

OTOH: it's easy enough to send them back if they escape the island. Out-of-game, the players want to do the module. It's all good. They can do the lighthouse, escape, visit the city and shop, and then be sent back in one or two various ways. One of the characters is a druid, so I can arrange for a dream from chicky-babe. And the haunted surf is of interest to, say, the merchants. And there's always that general-purpose hander out of plot g+++s: the pathfinder guild. Gelik still hasn't fulfilled his quest, yet.

All under control.

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It might be nice for paizo to sell miniature sets for published modules - the pathfinder organized play modules as well as the adventure paths. If links to the product page for the miniature sets were included in the PDFs, they'd sell themselves.

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According to the website, the module "the godsmouth heresy" is okk for organised play. But I don't see any campaign sheets or things of that nature.

What gives?

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I am running a regular game at a games store - wednesday will be aour second game.

We have done 02-01 and will do 02-02, but 02-03 (the rebel's ransom) is for 5th level characters.

How are you supposed to accumulate enough XP to get to 5th level?

To put it another way - given thatr we all started last week at level 1, what scenarios/modules should I put the players through?

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What's the correct way to do bookkeeping for player consumables? On the chronicle sheet I see "items bought" and "items sold", but not "items/charges consumed".

Does this mean that - for instance - buying a potion of invisibility is a one-off expense, and that once you buy it you can use it again and again in each scenario you play?

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It really seems to me that the item creation rules in Pathfinder organised play (ie: no item creation) make playing a wizard a bit of a non-starter.

The problem with a wizard character is that you can learn an enormous variety of spells, but you can only prepare a few of them at a time. A spell that you know but can't cast is pointless - what's the use of learning Animate Rope if you never prepare it for casting?

The solution that the game system gives is Scribe Scroll. A scroll is a prepared spell. A wizard can prepare as many spells as they like in addition to their slots, if they pay the item creation cost. They also spend a full-round action (a move to get the scroll out, a standard action to read it) to cast them - a penalty paralleling the sorcerer's penalty to cast a metamagic spell.

In my home game (Kingmaker), my wizard has done scrolls for many of those spells that you need rarely, but which are lifesavers if you have them. I did a few scrolls of Mount. Pointless to prepare, but when a zombie horde has approached from the stable end of the inn and has just eaten your horses ... . I crafted a wand of Endure Elements, because when you need that spell, you need a lot of 'em. On hitting CL 5, my first action was to learn Water Breathing and make a scroll. Expensive, but when you need it nothing else will do. Locate Object. Create Treasure Map. Identify. Share Language. None of which you would normally prepare in your daily slots, unless you totally were given a clue that your were going to need them.

Without this mechanism - being able to pre-prepare a few special-effect spells on scrolls - I can't see that playing a wizard is very useful or fun. Given that this (IMO) is what scrolls are for, that this is the whole point of them, it should be simple to accommodate a basic mechanic of a core class without ruining organised play. (obvious fix: rule that spell completion items made by a PC wizard can only be used by that character - Read Magic and UMD notwithstanding. No selling wands/scrolls that you craft.).

BTW: where do wizards get new spells from in Pathfinder Organised Play? Surely they are not limited to just the two spells per level that they ordinarily pick up? That would really and truly make playing a wizard royally pointless.

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I will be running pathfinder sessions at a gamestor on wednesdays.

Do I make one event for the entire series of games, or do I make an even for each scenario we do?

The input form says "If this is a public event and recurs regularly, such as a gaming night at a game store, please return here to add additional dates as necessary.", which seems to indicate that you make just one event.

But how can you do event reporting per scenario of you do that? The checkbox says "I have completed reporting" ... but there's more reporting to be done each time. That would seem to indicate that you do one event per date.

So - which is it?

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It would be nice if all rejected submissions were plonked into their own thread here - perhaps in a "rejected submissions" subforum.

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Can you hop into a floating disk and move it about if you are the caster? The "follows you at 5ft" applies when you aren't specifically directing it.

How does Floating Disk treat bodies of water? The spell description says "floor" - will it float above the surface of the fluid, or will it follow the bed?

(Short story: cave blocked by a tarpit)

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Well, it's taken a few years. I wanted a way to convert between XP and level using an equation, so that it's nice and smooth.

To cut a long story short:

XP = Level * (Level-1) * 500
Level = sqrt(XP / 500 + .25) - .5

Note, btw, that this is not accurate because your ability to earn XP does not scale smoothly - it jumps at the level boundaries. But these equations get the boundary points right, so you can plug them into a spreadsheet or whatever. Don't forget to add a small fudge factor to deal with rounding errors.

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Week 48 - Two short fights and one long one.

DM Highlights:
* I duplicated Wilmot Coldtooth. The Goliath fighter with an AC of 45 still walked all over him both.
* Party take out the Mother worm with a Destruction spell, before it did much damage.
* Fight with Xyzanth and an added 2 blue dragons takes all night. A long, complicated fight.

4 weeks is long enough to spend on this module. We'll conclude next week.

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I'm running an AOW campaign, and the log of the adventure is at Any comments on that campaign can be added to this thread.

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I'm running an Age of Worms campaign and putting an adventure log up at url= I was thinking of running some sort of guestbook on my site, but instead I'll direct visitors to this thread here at Paizo. Anyone want to comment on my campaign (not that there's much left), please register here and comment at this thread. Now that Paizo has the RSS going, I'll benotified if you do.

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Bevis - Andrew - Steve - Morgan - Dave: kindly read no further

Has anyone else found this module to be a major pain in the ass?

I mean - whatshisname has one of the keys, and there's no way he'll agree to give it up. My players are going to make peaceful contact with him. Now what?

Some of the NPCs know that one of the keys has been stolen. Anyone got any sort of natural way of introducing it into the conversation? This module has no hooks to move the story forward - no story at all, really. The game designer spent his time mapping out a 3-d citadel ... speaking of which, how many giants are in it? Five? Do you have any idea how fast a party of 17th/18th level adventurers is going to blow through half a dozen giants?

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Maybe you aren't supposed to trash Wizard on these boards, but still:

I downloaded the 4th ed character sheet at

I was ... dismayed. Leetness? Skilz? Lewtz? Phat Lewtz (dear God)?

When I got to the bottom and saw the skilz and rations, I finally realised that the defenses will probably not really be called "leetness", and that they were just fooling with the words..

But the sheet was a real insight into the minds of the 4th ed designers: what they find funny, what their cultural hooks are. Maybe they saw the lotr movie, but they haven't read the books. It's all hip urban online-gamer shi*t. There's no beauty, no soaring elven spires or terrifying supernatural evil. Just Nunchucks and victory points.

Even the little things are a giveaway. There's a paperdoll in the bottom right hand corner, and it's solid black. Now sure, you can mark the stats you need, but solid black means you can't draw on it. IOW: 4th ed is not for people with artistic creativity - it's for people who just want a print-out of what their characters look like.

As a computer programmer, I recognise the sheet as a paper version of something that is meant to run inside a computer. It's horrible. I'll be sticking with 3.5, and that is going to mean the Pathfinder RPG. Wizards have jumped the shark, as far as I am concerned.

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Well! Champion's belt is done. The party found the Apostle after the second combat and finished it off, but hung around anyway to win the rest of the games (for loot).

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Dave, Morgan, Andrew, Steve, Chris, Bevis - no peeking!

What are the stats for pumping the froghemoth to gargantuan? I need it this big so that it can swallow whole our half-ogre (size l), whose player is leaving town this weekend.

Not that I'm the kind of DM who specifically targets characters, oh no.

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Week 19 of our game is up. We are up to the Champions Belt, and ran the session up to the start of the first battle.

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Steve, Andrew, Bevis, Dave, Chris - please do not read further.

Particularly you, Steve, you metagamer.

I have built some combined maps for Champion's Belt, showing various combinations of the layers. To do this, I removed the grid from the caverns layer, as the scale was just wrong. If you line up the scales, everything is wonky, but if you line up the rings then everything is ok. This is not a drama, as there is not a lot of tactical combat in the caverns level, anyway.

I also think the town layer is too big relative to the ring. But, whatever. I lined up points F and G to do it.

The maps are ... untidy. The main point is to show the relationships between levels. I put orange circles wherever there is a stairway.

The url is here. I put it on the bigpond server rather than loading up my longsuffering 12" PPC PowerBook.

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Well, my players managed to defeat Zyrxog with no loss of life.

The key ingredients were:
Spider Climb
A half-ogre war-hulk with a ring of feather falling

In short:

The party entered the chamber via the pool room, so started 40' above the floor. Zyrxog lost initiative. The Half ogre spider climbed up the ceiling (40' per round with haste on). Zyrzog got one mind blast off, by the half ogre rolled 19+buffs and saved. Half ogre then spider-climbed directly over Zyrxog and dropped onto him and grappled. Zyrxog was levitating, not flying, and could not simply dodge.

We also ruled that a mind-flayer must point its head to use the mind blast (it is a cone effect).

Zyrxog retreived the material components for "grease" from his pouch in the second round, but next round the half-ogre established a pin, and it was all over. (29 strength + armour spikes).

And that, kids, is how you deal with a mind flayer.

The website is here.

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Dave, Chris, Steve, Bevis, Andrew - NO PEEKING! :)

Dammit, my players are romping - romping - though AOW. The main offenders are a dwarf tank, and a half-ogre war hulk. The beguiler is a continual hassle, too. And the rogue is taking levels of ranger and pyrokineticist. Well! I intend to beef up Zyrxog's Lair just a little. Only the melee aspects of it - the rest will be challenging enough. The one-trick-pony half ogre will never make it through the brain room.

We are running in Ebberon, so instead of drow, it's dolgaunts.

Area M2 - the ledge.

  • I am replacing the drow with Kenku rogue2/ranger2 archers.

This is also a clue as to why the party is being targeted by the bad guys.

Area M4 - big fight with Myriannas

  • Myrianas has Reach Spell instead of Augment Summoning. Note that this can be applied to a spontaneous cause wounds spell, as a full-round action.
  • Myrianas has prepared Touch of Madness (reach spell) instead of cure crit. I'll give her a potion of cure crit.
  • The dolgaunt monks are reinforced with a few dolgrim warriors, level 3. They have longspears, and feats monkey grip and reach weapon. I'm calling them "Dolgrim spear wall". Each weilds two longspears. They stand behind the monks and use the reach.
  • the ledge overlooking the area will have it's entrance on the other side
  • the ledge is populated with a few more kenku rogue/rangers. Their orders are to shoot anyone breaking through the wall to get at Myrianas.

More importantly, I'll try to actually run the monks properly - tripping with their tentacles and whatnot. And note to self - the badguys buff before combat, not during.

I was going to give the monks SwordSage levels, but this party needs more lower-level foes, as the beguiler can disable single higher level foes (he found this ranged touch spell that restricts an opponent to one action a turn - no save). And the half-ogre needs someone to great cleave: I'll put maybe four of those third-level shield wall fellas in, and three or four archers. Should make things lively. These guys do not manage archers well at all.

Yeah, it's a lot. But everyone is ECL 8 and has more hp than RAW would grant (we re-roll hp rolls below half the die when levelling). The party will survive - but they'll know they have been in a fight, for a change. Luckilly, the chattel pen is a fine place to put their replacement characters, should anyone die.

Ah, who am I kidding. The players will screw it all up again. They'll trash the bad guys and take their stuff.

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Sorry to keep coming back here guys, but what else am I going to do?

What do you think Telakin will do if the party leaves the complex after trashing half of it?

Like: I'm Telakin. I've been ordered to take out the party. I have them captured by corrupt cops and taken to our hideout. They

  • escape from the cells
  • kill the guards
  • release Cyra ir'Tarn
  • discover my secret underground lair
  • kill some more minions (two escape and tell me we are under attack)
  • find the room where the real Jericho is being held
  • kill 4 minions, including Ixixian
  • then leave my complex to head back to the Crooked House to heal up

What do I (Telakin) do? Will I risk attacking them at the Crooked House? How do I (the DM) run that? What about the watch? What does Cyra ir'Tarn do?

PS: I would like to include some Kenkus, because I have 8 Kenku miniatures and only 2 Dolgaunts <g> and also to provide a clue as to why the party has been targeted by this guy.

Game log here.

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The party have penetrated into the lower area. They have met their doubles and killed them. But they have not discoverd the secret doors and they are running low on resources.

There's every possibility they will simply head back to the Crooked House right now. So what happens next?

(I might add that I am a new DM, so forgive me)

Let's say they go to the planning room and start riffling through papers. Well, a couple of dopelgangers fled from combat in the main corridor outside the cells, so the rest of the coimplex is alerted. Shall I have Telakin simply emerge through the secret door?

Mind you - that's a suggestion.

Heck! One of the characters was in the room, tied up! He would have SEEN the fleeing dopelgangers run through the octagonal room and open the secret door!


Thanks, guys.

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According to the Eberron conversion appendic, Zygog can simply be Chrayysk, who lives in Khybers Gate. Cool. Now, in the Sharn book Chrayysk had dolgaunts and dolgrims. Are there stats for dolgrims anywhere? What are they? Are they nastier than dolgaunts, or less so?

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The module states

legally purchased PDF wrote:
The shaded planks all lead to a piling that is not structurally sound. If a Medium or larger character steps onto one of these planks, the piling collapses, dropping anyone on a shaded plank down into the water below.

Firstly - which piling is the one that is not structurally sound? On my map, none of the planks are "shaded".

Secondly - doesn't this mean that this trap will never catch more than one PC? The moment the first character steps on a plank - kabloie. It would make more sense for the piling to break if two characters are on the planks. Or one half ogre.

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You know where the players are walking the planks, shall I have the invisible stalkers do a charge/bull-rush to knock them off? The bonuses are considerable, as invisible stalkers are size L.

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According to the Sharn sourcebook: under the Galifar code of justice, it is illegal to sell relics of previous civilisations fo personal gain. So technically, the horns, circlet, and inactive Talisman of the Sphere recovered from the Whispering Cairn are all contraband.

Fun times! prepare to be searched at the gate!

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My AoW website is here. So far, the party are level 5 and at Blackwall Keep.

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Are the Kyuss worms undead? Can they be detected with a detect undead? Will Hide From Undead work against them? Can they be turned or destroyed? What's their HD for purposes of determining if a cleric can turn them? If there's a writhing mass of them, how many HD per 5' square are there for purposes of determining how much a cleric turns?