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keftiu wrote:
This actually sounds killer.

Haha! Killer... Zombies...

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I'd love to see item & spell cards for the stand-alone modules & APs. That way you can include them into your loot tables if you wanted to.

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So I'm confused.

It was slotted to be released in May 2020, but because of life events, it got pushed back to Octoberish. Now it's saying May 26. What's the story behind this scenario?

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As someone who works in the criminal justice field as a counselor to justice-involved individuals, essentially clients who've been arrested for a multitude of reasons: from domestic violence, to larcenies, to police brutality, we need something like Agents of Edgewatch now more than ever.

There is a serious push for police reform, something that I've been championing ever since I took my job 4 years ago. In order for us to create a new & improved police force, we need to envision ourselves in that position. What should an officer or town guard do in certain situations? How do we determine if someone is guilty or innocent when all we have is a few minutes of interaction? At least through the eyes of our characters, we can see what works/doesn't work.

Maybe this adventure path will provide us with deeper insight into the situation, & we can have more of an appreciation for what needs to be done. I, personally, don't see anything to apologize for (you had no way of knowing), but I respect your humility.

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So this is convention-only? Shame.

I assume we'll find out which conventions will have it?

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Michael Sayre wrote:
Yrrej86 wrote:
Michael Sayre wrote:
They're related in that they're both part of the season's metaplot rediscovering the adventures of the founding Pathfinders, though they don't directly interlink in a way that requires you to play one in order to get the full value from the other.
Is there any way to find out which adventures are a part of the metaplot?

So far that's-

1-00: Origin of the Open Road
1-08: Revolution on the Riverside
1-11: Flames of Rebellion

The next entries should be a two-parter currently scheduled for March.

I appreciate this!

Thank you very much!

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James Martin wrote:
Can I be a neutral champion ala the Neutral Planet from Futurama? I have no strong feeling either way.

I would love to see this.

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Paizo Marketing & Media wrote:
Looking for feedback. Do you like seeing the Table of Contents and back of the book? Or meh?

Personally, I would like to see the Table of Contents just so that way I have an understanding of what's in the book.