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Great for the first Adventure published in the system


This adventure definitely includes quite a few dungeon crawls that tend to run a little combat-heavy, but does include some more exploration or roleplay heavy sections in Breachill to break it up. I definitely encourage GMs to add more opportunities to address challenges with roleplay if that's what their group wants.

For a group of pretty new players (and brand new to this system), this was a nice entrance into Golarion that didn't require a lot of understanding about the rest of the setting.

The balance worked out well for my group, but I think several encounters could have gone a different way if the dice had rolled differently.

Breachill is a pretty generic settings, but has some pretty cool NPCs. Unfortunately, the pictures of all of those NPCs are spread throughout the back cover of the next 5 volumes of the adventure path, so it was quite a bit of work to collect them to show to my players. My party especially liked the town council, only 2/5 get roles in the story at all.

I think think this compares negatively to the second volume in the adventure, but overall I liked this quite a bit compared to modules I've ran or played in other systems.