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Dubious Scholar wrote:
As is, I think Plate in Treasure is pretty clearly intended primarily for letting you hit weaknesses to specific metals and such.

Oh definitely and I think it is fine as it is. The problem is Metal has a lot of niche abilities that weak or actually totally useless unless they are wearing metal armor or are a metal creature. It doesn't have to be Plate in Treasure but it would be nice if there was a way to coat someone in metal so your other powers would actually be worthwhile.

Earth/Metal composite impulse that hits them with iron rich sand? Something....

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Invictus Fatum wrote:
Blakeg wrote:
Caleb Garofalo wrote:
Rain of Rust Feat does not list a duration.

Interesting. Time to switch to metal/water.... Endless rain of rust everywhere you go LOL.

Just start spamming it and never stop.

Fresh Produce at level one heals 1d4+1
Heightened is 1d4+5.

Tremor base damage is 1d8.
Heightened increases it by 1d10.

Intentional or accidental?

Not as good as endless rain of rust :D

Meh, even then it's weak. I mean it would only hurt metal creatures, and how often do you run into those (aside from Golems who are immune to it anyway)

Too bad Metal doesn't have a way to coat enemies as metal and make them count for those impulses. It would be nice if Plate in Treasure allowed you to touch an enemy and plate their armor and then you could then drop Rain of Rust on them.

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I think Plate in Treasure needs some clarification.

"Precious metal flows from your fingers to plate an object. This has the effects of a clad in metal spell with a rank equal to half your level rounded up. While you're wearing or holding an item of light Bulk or greater that's Plated in Treasure, any metal CREATED by one of your impulses is plated with the metal. If you use Plate in Treasure again, any previous one ends."

If it is created only then impulses like Shard Strike or Scrap barrier should work.

What about Magnetic Pinions?

"Small pieces of metal fly from you, propelled with magnetism at great velocity."

Magnetic Pinions does not mention creating metal so Plate in Treasure does not work with it? What about Elemental Blast?

"With a wave of your hand, you collect elemental matter from your aura and swing or hurl it." I'm not specifically creating metal so even though I am grabbing metal from my aura, forming it into a slashing or piercing attack and hurl it I may not be coating it with Plate in Treasure? is that intended?

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I just made my first character and it's a very nice interface, very slick. But I already bought my digital books directly from paizo. There is no way for me to make use of the character tools with my already purchased books.

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25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

Yeah they really nailed the lid shut on the thaumaturge doing 2H weapons and shields. At least while getting full mileage from their class abilities.

On the other hand; Implement's Empowerment makes a 1H weapon do the amount of damage you can normally get from a 2H weapon. So all this limitation is justified.

I think the happiest thing to do is use the thaumaturge to go wild with all those 1H weapons that you thought were cool but had poor damage.

considered a thaumaturge with throwing shield build

not actually that strong but would look fun

My character in PFS has been making good use of a whip and its reach. 1d4 + str bonus + 2 for implement's empowerment x 2 for a striking rune and adding mortal empowerment or personal antithesis damage makes for some decent numbers.

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So for Pathfinder Society I have a martial character that a karambit would be an uncommon weapon for. If I purchased the World Traveller boon and bought the Weapon Proficiency feat I believe I should be able to use a karambit as a trained weapon? Can anyone weigh in on that?