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25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

Yeah they really nailed the lid shut on the thaumaturge doing 2H weapons and shields. At least while getting full mileage from their class abilities.

On the other hand; Implement's Empowerment makes a 1H weapon do the amount of damage you can normally get from a 2H weapon. So all this limitation is justified.

I think the happiest thing to do is use the thaumaturge to go wild with all those 1H weapons that you thought were cool but had poor damage.

considered a thaumaturge with throwing shield build

not actually that strong but would look fun

My character in PFS has been making good use of a whip and its reach. 1d4 + str bonus + 2 for implement's empowerment x 2 for a striking rune and adding mortal empowerment or personal antithesis damage makes for some decent numbers.

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So for Pathfinder Society I have a martial character that a karambit would be an uncommon weapon for. If I purchased the World Traveller boon and bought the Weapon Proficiency feat I believe I should be able to use a karambit as a trained weapon? Can anyone weigh in on that?