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Skylar "The Skyscraper" / Xestris
Female | Human | Steelfist Commando Warlord 6 (Scaled Fist Monk special features)
Chaotic Good | Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +7 | Perception +9
Languages: Common | FCB: +1 HP

STR: 20 | DEX: 12 | CON: 16 | INT: 7 | WIS: 10 | CHA: 16

HP: 58 = 40 (Hit Die) + 18 (Con bonus) + 6 (FCB)
AC: 22 | Touch: 20 | Flat-Footed: 22 (+2 Armor, +1 Monk, +1 Dex, +3 Cha, +3 Dodge, +1 Deflection)
Fort: +9 | Reflex: +6 | Will: +7 (+2 vs fear and stun, +4 versus sleep and paralysis)
CMD: 26

Speed: 50 ft.
CMB: +13
Unarmed Strike: +13 to-hit / Melee Range / 1d10+12 bludgeoning


Human Racial Features:

Ability Score Modifiers: Human characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
- Chosen Ability: Strength
Size: Humans are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
- Chosen Feat: Lightning Reflexes
Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

Warlord Features:

Maneuvers: Through incredible martial skill, the warlord performs great feats of combat prowess.
- Known Disciplines: Thrashing Dragon, Steel Serpent, Golden Lion, Fool's Errand, Broken Blade, Riven Hourglass.
Warlord's Gambit: Recover spent maneuvers through special actions, or "gambits."
- Known Gambits: Brave Gambit, Victory Gambit, Unbreakable Gambit
Bonus Feat: At 1st, 6th, then every four levels thereafter, the warlord gains a bonus combat or teamwork feat.
Unarmed Combat: The Steelfist Commando gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat in place of her first level bonus feat. At 3rd, she also gains Greater Unarmed Strike.
Tactical Presence: The warlord's charisma shines in the shape of an aura of courage that inspires her allies.
Dodge Bonus: The Steelfist Commando gains a +1 Dodge bonus to AC at 2nd level, and again at 6th level.
Warleader: The warlord excels at combat, extending that excellence to her allies by gaining an extra teamwork feat and sharing it to her allies.
- Teamwork Feat: Precise Strike
Force of Personality: So bold and brash, the warlord adds her initiation modifier (Charisma) to all Will saves.
Tactical Flanker: Skilled at working with her, the warlord can select a square adjascent to her and have it count as occupied by an ally for flanking purposes.
Commando Prowess: By refining her art, the Steelfist Commando gains a +1 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls, and a +2 bonus to CMB and CMD while in a martial stance.
Dual Boost: Able to sneak in advantages everywhere, the warlord is able to initiate two Boost maneuvers as a swift action, once per day.

Monk Features (special column only):

AC Bonus: The monk gains a scaling bonus to AC.
Bonus Feat: At 1st, 2nd, and 6th levels, select a bonus feat from a list.
- 1st: Dodge
- 2nd: Dragon Style
- 6th: Dragon Ferocity
Draconic Might: All calculations from the monk class that use Wisdom, instead use Charisma.
Flurry of Blows: Harnessing incredible speed and skill, the monk is able to perform extra attacks each round.
Unarmed Strike: The monk masters their own body and uses it as a weapon, gaining the Unarmed Combatant feat and increasing the damage for their unarmed strikes.
Stunning Fist: The monk gains the Stunning Fist feat, and may use it a number of times equal to her monk level.
- 4th level: The target may be fatigued instead of stunned for the duration.
Evasion: Through mastery of their own body, a monk may negate the damage she receives from area attacks on a successful save.
Fast Movement: The monk gains an enhancement bonus to her movement speed.
Draconic Mettle: The Scaled Fist tradition cultivates strength of mind as well as body, granting a +2 bonus on saves versus fear, paralysis and sleep effects.
Draconic Fury: Learning to harness the might of dragons, the Scaled Fist tradition allows her to spend ki to enhance her unarmed strikes with elemental power.
- Chosen Element: Fire
Ki Pool: The monk harnesses the mystical energy known as Ki to perform inhuman feats of martial might.
Slow Fall: The monk may consider any falls as if they were 20 ft shorter.
High Jump: The monk adds her level to all Acrobatics checks made to jump, and may spend Ki to add a +10 bonus to the check as a swift action.
Purity of Body: The monk becomes immune to all diseases.


1st level (base, extra per level, human bonus, monk)
Iron Will, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Dodge
2nd level (extra, monk)
Extra Readied Maneuver, Dragon Style
3rd level (base, extra)
Outflank, Advanced Study (Unbroken Stride - Sleeping Goddess stance)
4nd level (extra)
Extra Readied Maneuver
5th level (base, extra)
Thrashing Dragon Style, Advanced Study (Probability Twist, Time Skitter - Riven Hourglass maneuvers)
6th level (extra, warlord, monk)
Fuse Styles, Discipline Style Mastery, Dragon Ferocity

Maneuvers/Stances Known:

Riven Hourglass
Minute Hand - level 1 - Boost
Time Skitter - level 3 - Boost
Probability Twist - level 3 - Counter

Thrashing Dragon
Leaping Dragon - level 1 - Strike
Inner Sphere Stance - level 1 - Stance
Flash Kick - level 2 - Boost

Fool's Errand
One-Two Punch - level 1 - Strike
Lesson II: Control - level 1 - Stance
Death at Ten Paces - level 2 - Boost

Broken Blade
Leg-Sweeping Hilt - level 2 - Strike
Flat Iron Riposte - level 3 - Counter
Broken Blade Stance - level 3 - Stance
Steel Flurry Strike - level 3 - Strike

Golden Lion
Pride Movement - level 1 - Boost

Sleeping Goddess
Unbroken Stride - level 1 - Stance

Primal Fury
Shoulder Rush - level 1 - Strike


Combat Training (Shoulder Rush - Primal Fury maneuver)
Reactionary (+2 to initiative rolls)


5 ranks * 6 levels = 30 regular ranks + 12 background ranks
Skill (Stat) = ranks + favored skill bonus + stat bonus + misc bonuses

Adventuring Skills:

Acrobatics (Dex) = 6 + 3 + 1
Climb (Str) = 4 + 3 + 5
Diplomacy (Cha) = 3 + 3 + 3
Intimidate (Cha) = 3 + 3 + 3
Knowledge (martial) (Int) = 3 + 3 - 2
Perception (Wis) = 6 + 3 + 0
Stealth (Dex) = 3 + 3 +
Swim (Str) = 2 + 3 + 5

Background Skills:

Handle Animal (Cha) = 3 + 3 + 3
Knowledge (history) (Int) = 3 + 3 - 2
Profession: Wrestler (Wis) = 6 + 3 + 0

Belt of Giant Strength 4k
Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 4k
Bracers of Armor +2 4k
Cloak of Resistance +1 1k
Ring of Protection +1 2k
Ioun Torch 75 gp


Skylar, or "the Skyscraper" if you're inclined towards her stage name, had a troubled past before her rise to fame in the ring. Born in an unremarkable middle class family with little in terms of ambition or wealth, Skylar was always a spirited woman with a drive to do better, to rise higher. Though her grades in school were never good, Skylar excelled in sports, always standing tall and proud as either the best athlete in the room, or just a step short of that. Her willpower and strength were remarkable, infectious even, spending her days stoking the flames of youth, always a smile on her tomboyish face.

That is, until her father, a kind man that never denied Skylar what she needed, passed away during her adolescence.

Her soul-shattered by the loss of someone so close to her, Skylar's youth seemed to be drained from her as she grew less content, less colorful like she was before. Her passion for sports waned as she was forced into working a job to help her mother and her two brothers to survive, and even refused the chance to lead a promising career in volleyball in order to slog her way through college and get herself a bachelor's degree in finance. Thus, at the ripe young adulthood, Skylar was already trapped in a cubicle, adding numbers together by pressing tiny keys in a keyboard and handling Excel spreadsheets. Her biggest joy in this little dark age, was the moment the clock hit 5 o'clock, for Skylar had the daily ritual of going down to the local bar and drowning herself in her favorite whiskey.

That is, until she stumbled upon a friend of her father's in that same bar. Pleasantries, remembrances, and some jokes about her father only Skylar would understand and reminisce about, and she got to know that the man worked as a marketing manager for wrestlers. Drunk after a good few rounds, the man jokingly offered Skylar an interview to become a wrestler too, recalling how athletic and captivating she could be when competing against her friends during youth. And, drunk as she was after more rounds than him, she accepted, figuring it was a good way to use an accumulated break day she never planned on cashing in.

As one knows, the eye for talent comes out only when you're drunk, because the manager was absolutely impressed with Skylar's performance. She was always more on the bulky side, so all it took was some basic instructions on how to act within the ring, and Skylar picked it up and went to town with it. Her flair, her technique, and more simply the way she laughed, taunted, and caught your attention when she fought was stunning to see, all with that underline of joy, of genuine enjoyment to finally return to her passion in pure, physical movement. She was approved and hired on the spot, quitting the boring old job at the cubicle farm to finally relive the youthful days of her childhood.

And live, she did, for getting into wrestling and leaving the spreadsheets and numbers and papers behind did her soul more good than anything else in her life. For the first time in years, Skylar felt alive, taking and delivering hits in stride as she acquainted herself with the push and pull of the ring and the crowd that surrounded it. How to play for the people, feel their cheers reverberate through her chest and clamor back to earn their hearts and eyes. How to fight, to throw, to hit, to entertain and be entertained, and to revel in the simple joys of the ring as well as life itself. Joys that her fans and haters all felt in their bones, giving Skylar a meteoric rise to prominence as a wrestler in the WWE circuit, becoming one with her Skyscraper persona as more and more fans got to know about her.

Destiny, however, had other plans than to allow Skylar to continue her career. At the height of this metamorphosis from office worker to WWE star, would the woman's soul be transposed into the foreign body of one Xestris. Though their build were similar and practices adjacent, to find herself in the body of a martial arts master and powerful disciple of the Fellowship of the Fools, Xestris, was a surprise that Skylar did not expect...

...But welcome in full. She does not understand the situation she is in, nor does she get the implications it might impose on so many aspects of her and Xestris' life. But Skylar is determined to make the most of it, just as she had done to the world of wrestling before this.