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I hope they don't release any more classes. Archetypes are ok as long as well playtested.

I would prefer they skip a book in the core line and use that time to do a thorough errata and reprint the 4 core player books (core, apg, um and uc). There are so many questions on these boards about the rules and the way some things interact that it is about time to do this. I'm not asking for a complete pathfinder 1.5 where everyone would be forced to buy new book, just a large clarification/errata.

Someone is bound to ask why this is needed:

Look at all the error or eratta threads. Core and APG aren't so bad, but ultimate magic and ultimate combat were full of typo's, poorly described abilities and imbalanced archetypes. I love both those books, just don't like that some things vary drastically from table to table purely based poor ability descriptions.

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I don't mind the pace, but I think that editing and rules issues are starting to rise. The Golarian specific books pace is fine as it is and are what I'm mostly picking up now. I also agree that game add ons are a great thing as they add to a game and don't alter the power curve with every release.

"Core" books are starting to bother me though. Core and APG were extremely well put together and while they have some balance/editing issues, they are few. Since then, "Core" books have continually been of lower quality in my opinion. Ultimate Magic had a number of balance and editing issues and Ultimate Combat took it a step further with poorly written archetypes and a complete shattering of game balance. UC is still an amazing book and better than what the majority of RPG companies put out, but was not at the level I expected.

There needs to be more beta testing with power gamers and people who are truly good at designing weird characters and "abusing" the rules. Editing needs to be near perfect in core books. I know that the DM has the power to change anything, but there are some things that a DM shouldn't have to change. I feel frustrated having to ban or alter half of a "core" book because my players find broken combo's within 24 hours of a book being release. When Pathfinder launched, Paizo had done an amazing job of limiting the "dipping" that was rampant in 3.0 and 3.5. I am starting to see this done constantly in builds again though and this saddens me greatly.

I love Pathfinder and it is my preferred gaming system and Golarian is an amazing setting. I can't get enough of the region books and the history of the world. I would like more focus on books with that content and less on rules except when extremely well thought out and tested.

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Paladins shine against evil creatures that are an obvious threat. My group is extreme power gamers and I have to mix things up to make combat challanging. Combat Manuevers, Stealth/Invis, battlefield management spells, summons, flight, burrowing, natural hazards, traps, are a few ways I deal with the power level and keep it interesting. I alter the AP's a bit and use them as the base to build from. Are you running an AP, homebrew, module? How many players? What are the other characters? These things will help.

I'm not a fan of telling people to power down. It's being punished for coming up with an intelligent build. You can typically find a way to challange a character.

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Feinting does not make someone flat footed. Being Flat footed, you are denied dex to AC. But having dex denied to AC does not make you flat footed.

I'm sure I'm missing a class ability or two somewhere that makes someone flat footed or provides early access to Shatter Defences. Flowing monk 2 would be perfect except the DC is based off Monk level.

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Feinting doesn't actually make someone flat footed, it just denies dex to AC. There is a ton of things that deny dex to AC, but very few that make someone flat footed.

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Other than during the suprise and potentially first round of combat before acting, can anyone think of a way to make someone flat footed?

The only ones I can come up with are Shatter Defenses and Flowing Monk lvl 2.

Semi related, does anyone know of a way to get Shatter Defenses without having to pick up Dazzling Display?