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ZanThrax wrote:
Which link is down? Brewer's original dropbox link or my sky drive re-host?

The original drop box link is down. A quick check didn't find me your link? Which page is that on?

upho wrote:
Hmm... Personally, I find the druid frustrating because of that breadth of WS forms, each with their own specific bunch of stats you need to keep readily available during sessions and have a grasp of in order avoid completely halting the game each time you WS.

This is really not an issue with Wild Shape in PF, as it is now based purely on polymorph spells that, mechanically speaking, do nothing more than boost your physical stats based on size, grant you a natural attack or five and maybe even a special ability. A billions times simpler than 3.x.

The most optimal route to go with a halfling fighter would be either ranged or scimitar with Dervish Dance. You will want the Fleet of Foot alternate racial trait for a 30' base move. Cavalier is also not a bad choice, as being small with a medium mount makes mounted combat viable even on a dungeon crawl. Either way, as long as you can build a character that is even semi-optimal, and you are having fun because you are playing the concept you wanted, go for it.

Vestrial wrote:
Xarls Taunzund wrote:

Exactly, so each of these attacks are at your full attack bonus, as opposed to making a full attack action with your attack bonus dropping by 5 after every shot.

Except that as a warrior you don't take penalties until your 4th arrow (well, you take -2 for rapid shot).

It's really not even close. You sacrifice tons of sustained damage to occasionally do slightly less damage than you would do if you just did a full attack, and extremely rarely get off a couple extra attacks (but that each do less damage).

It's a silly niche build that might be fun for a one-off high level game, but it would be atrocious to actually level up.

I don't disagree at all, I was just trying to clarify Troubleshooter's point. It's a fun idea, but far from optimal.

Gingerbreadman wrote:
Not directly on topic but weapon focus has bab 1 prerequisite which the magus doesn't have at first level. So your feat progression has to change.

The Kensai archetype grants Weapon Focus at first level as a class ability.

Vestrial wrote:
Troubleshooter wrote:
Depends how good you are at getting your attacks to hit. If your fourth attack hits consistently, then maybe you don't need the attacks that are at full-bonus but conditional.
I don't follow. If you're doing combat patrol, you're not attacking at all unless someone provokes.

Exactly, so each of these attacks are at your full attack bonus, as opposed to making a full attack action with your attack bonus dropping by 5 after every shot.

Gordon the Whale wrote:

I would be okay surrendering my dice and character sheet if:

  • I thought the DM could handle the logistics without slowing the game to a crawl. When the game is slowed to a crawl by players not doing their rolls in advance, not knowing the rules, hemming and hawing over what action to take, etc., at least everyone is still involved. Computer assistance (e.g., dice macros) might be a necessity.
  • The players had a reasonable way to know what their characters knew about their abilities; for instance, if a player can say, "Does it look like the ravine would be hard for me to jump over?", and get an answer consistent with what a person might be able to gauge for themselves. Also, when a skill check/attack roll is a success or failure, some way of knowing whether it was difficult or not, like "You make an awkward stroke and completely miss the Orc" vs. "You strike just as your master taught you, but the Orc still steps out of the way without difficulty."
  • I trusted that the DM could make the story interesting enough to make the game fun despite there being relatively little "game" to it.
  • It was going to be tried out on a short adventure first, rather than a huge campaign.

    If all those conditions were in place, I think it would be a fun experiment. It doesn't sound like they necessarily are for you.

  • I think it could be a blast under these circumstances. But from what you are describing. No, no and no.

    We will be a 5 person party, sporting an Order of the God Claw Hellknight, an Inquisitor of Pharasma, with an archetype worked out with the DM that gives her channel energy as a cleric, and two sorcerers, I forget their bloodlines. Then there is my undecided self. I have a few ideas, including a half-elf rogue/fighter, a human Paladin of Sarenrae, an elven Cleric of Sarenrae, or a halfling archivist. I just can't decide which will fit best. I'm sure I could have equal fun playing any of them, but what will be the most important in this campaign with the aforementioned group? Thoughts? Ideas? Insane ramblings?

    Would it be possible to get this order cancelled before it ships? Also I am going to need to cancel both of my subscriptions for now. Thank you.

    Gimpyburger wrote:

    I have two feats to choose for my 8 fighter 2 Ranger

    1) My Dm allows non-pathfinder D20 feats
    2) I use a flail

    I already have: weapon focus, weapon specialization, improved trip, melee weapon mastery

    These are the pairs I'm considering

    a) Combat reflexes, greater trip

    b) power attack, brutal strike

    c) scent (for awesome), combat reflexes

    I can't decide!
    Gimme a hand please. All advice and criticism is welcome.

    How about Combat Expertise so that you qualify for Improved Trip to begin with. If you have multiple melee characters in the party, Greater Trip is great, otherwise not so much. Also going for Greater Weapon Focus so that you will qualify for Greater Weapon Specialization, if you continue to advance in Fighter anyways.

    Choant wrote:
    Erik Freund wrote:

    Just to be clear: when I say "healer" I do not mean "someone that restores the HPs." There are plenty of healing potions to go around and... you said no spoilers, but trust me, lack of "getting the HP" isn't a huge problem. It's all the other stuff that you need to care about.

    As far as the skillful character, you could build a Ranger to fufill that niche. You'll have to deviate from Treatmonk's guide somewhat, and otherwise take some noncombat feats, etc, but then that frees up an entire character "slot" that you can do something else with.

    Other options for that role include Alchemist and Bard, if you build them right. (Rogue still being the easiest.)

    Yeah I am leaning more towards bard at this point, we have a paladin for various diseases and whatnot, I think there is a trait that lets you find traps as a rogue as I recall as well.

    Archivist Bard can deal with magical traps. You'll just need to grab a trait that gives you Disable Device as a class skill. That and a focus on knowledge will certainly come in handy at times.

    chopswil wrote:

    how about we flip it

    well the boggard starts of as just a 3HD boggard so 2 feats
    as he works his way up the oracle levels how would he loose out on the other 4 feats?
    he is a boggard 1st and then got class levels not the other way around.

    Actually Karui Kage had it right. You have to consider his three racial hit dice as three levels of humanoid, and he has multi-classed into oracle.

    Well, this AP does tend to lend itself more to a non-heroic/mercenary party than most do (not to say that a heroic party wouldn't do just fine). So if the players want to play that way and you as DM can handle it just fine, I see no problem. Sure getting the NPC's to be friendly or helpful can be a good thing, but is by no means necessary. I guess you won't have to worry about them running around with a scroll of raise dead already!

    Thank you very much Cosmo!

    Earlier this week I subscribed to Pathfinder Adventure Path. Smuggler's Shiv shipped to me on Wednesday. When I go to My Subscriptions it lists Smuggler's Shiv as the most recent volume and City of the Seven Spears as the next. Am I missing something here?

    Also, if you're dipping more than one or two levels, you might consider half-elf. That way you aren't losing out too much on your favored class bonus. And you still get a bonus feat! Albeit a Skill Focus feat, but for monk that isn't a bad deal if you toss it into acrobatics, perception or stealth (and make sure you have max ranks at least through 10th level).

    Recently moved to the area from the west side of the state. Looking for some gamers, whether it be rolplaying or boardgaming. Anyone out there?

    Thanks for the input. I'm thinking allowing Catch Off-Guard to count (at least as far as the the Focus/Specialization tree goes) as proficiency for improvised melee weapons and Throw Anything for improvised ranged weapons. It may be a little overpowered, but I like the flavor of it and it's not likes it's completely broken.

    1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

    Can you take Weapon Focus (improvised weapons) and/or Weapon Specialization (improvised weapons)?

    Does anyone know of any rules for using aruspicy? If not, any ideas? I was thinking along the lines of alternate class features for cleric or diviner. Or possibly a feat tree for the above.

    If you're wondering, aruspicy is divination using entrails.

    I'm going to be running Legacy of Fire sometime in the near future. I can not wait to see my players' reactions to these little bastards. I will definitely be tossing one or two into any encounter that seems to be going to easy.

    I've played a few times and enjoyed it. Though a friend of mine dislikes it immensely, referring to it as competitive shuffling.

    Davi The Eccentric wrote:
    Xarls Taunzund wrote:
    Davi The Eccentric wrote:
    Xarls Taunzund wrote:
    Sorry if anyone else has asked this (but I'm not reading the entire damned thread!) but what in the name of all that is holy (or unholy if you prefer(or should I be using sacred and profane?)) is the point of these "Way Too Long" threads?!?!?!
    You *he he*, you think there's a point to this madness? That's the *ha hah hah* That's the funniest thing I've heard all day! *Manic laughter*
    Glad I could be of service. And yes, from what I can tell, there is a point to this thread. That being that there is no point, which in and of itself IS a point!! SO HA!
    Chummer, you're operating at first-level irony. Second level at most. This thread has reached levels of irony the likes of which god himself has never seen.

    Sounds like fun!

    Davi The Eccentric wrote:
    Xarls Taunzund wrote:
    Sorry if anyone else has asked this (but I'm not reading the entire damned thread!) but what in the name of all that is holy (or unholy if you prefer(or should I be using sacred and profane?)) is the point of these "Way Too Long" threads?!?!?!
    You *he he*, you think there's a point to this madness? That's the *ha hah hah* That's the funniest thing I've heard all day! *Manic laughter*

    Glad I could be of service. And yes, from what I can tell, there is a point to this thread. That being that there is no point, which in and of itself IS a point!! SO HA!

    Sorry if anyone else has asked this (but I'm not reading the entire damned thread!) but what in the name of all that is holy (or unholy if you prefer(or should I be using sacred and profane?)) is the point of these "Way Too Long" threads?!?!?!

    delabarre wrote:

    Found all the creatures in HotCK converted here.

    Although I disagree with some of the CRs, based on the CR table in the Bestiary.

    Hmmm. Not seeing the baboons listed there, and they are not in the Bestiary. Do I just add the Giant template to the monkey and go with Small baboons instead the Medium ones from the Monster Manual? This would make them the appropriate CR.

    tejón wrote:
    Quandary wrote:

    "as early as level 15."


    But that wasn't even tongue-in-cheek. :)

    Level 15 standard wealth: 240k

    Ring of Protection +5: -50k
    Amulet of Natural Armor +5: -50k
    Belt of Incredible Dexterity +6: -36k (you need 24 Dex)
    mithral full plate +5: -29.5k
    heavy shield +5: -25.3k

    Remaining: 49.2k. Enough for a +4 weapon and some ancillary fun stuff!

    It could be that my math is horribly mangled, but with Dodge and Shield Focus that is a +40 to AC. Making for AC 50. So the tarrasque now needs to roll 13 or higher to hit our fighter friend. And Power Attack would take a nat 20 to hit. Of course you spent 79.5% of your gold on armor bonuses, which was part of the OP's point. Then again, for a fighter, that doesn't seem wholly unreasonable to me.

    You mentioned that your DM is allowing content from the Spell Compendium. How about the Magic Item Compendium? If so, look at the Twilight armor enhancement, which reduces spell failure by 10%. It's a +1 bonus, so a +1 Twilight Mithral Shirt will cost 5,000gp for a +5 AC bonus.

    Orthos wrote:
    The fact that they are as statistically gimped as they are and still manage to pull off some of the things they do makes them all the more awesome in my opinion.

    I've never had the opportunity to play one, but can definitely agree from a DM's point of view. As a player I've mostly played humans, though I have fallen in love with the PF half-elf.

    Bobsayshello wrote:

    I was hoping I could get a clarification on the dwarf race trait 'Hardy'.

    Hardy - Dwarves receive +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.

    The errata1.0 (08/13/09) doesn't indicate a correction to it so I'm assuming this is correctly written. Are there anymore erratas?

    Now "saving throws" includes - fortitude, reflex, will saves.

    So this means a dwarf receives +2 on any saving throw he's required to take for any spell against him? (includes poisons, but this issue i'm looking at isn't as common)

    Is this the correct use of the trait?

    Then this means if the dwarf is hit by a 'fireball' (say 10ft away) then he gets to add his +2 to his reflex save (for 1/2 damage). He is being attacked by a spell but would the reflex save be for 'fire' and not 'spell' causing him to avoid the +2 increase. Or does he get the +2 regardless because he is rolling due to the spell.

    There are other examples but this one occurred recently and there are both viewpoints.

    The save is not based on the fire, but on the spell, so yes, the dwarf in this instance would get the +2 bonus. This applies to any spell, or spell-like ability that requires a saving throw, be it Fortitude, Reflex, or Will.

    I game with a postal worker, a 3rd grade teacher, a retail clerk, an administrative assistant(?), and an unemployed Navy veteran. I am a warehouse clerk for an e-comm company (musical instruments/recording equipment).

    For a combat rogue, archery works well. And as far as following the assassin path, doesn't necessarily mean the Assassin PrC. I could mean the Shadowdancer PrC. You appear from the shadows as you let loose your arrow, only to fade back into the aforementioned shadows.

    Str 14
    Dex 18 (including racial)
    Con 10
    Int 14
    Wis 10
    Cha 10

    You could easily switch the 14 from Str to Cha. Or even split it between the two, one at 12, the other at 13. I went with Str because you can get a composite shortbow built for strength, and any extra damage is nice.

    You will have to take at least 5 levels of rogue before going with Shadowdancer. You will have two rogue talents, one of which you will want to spend on Combat Trick to get Combat Reflexes, a requirement for Shadowdancer. For the other I would suggest Fast Stealth. You will need Dodge and Mobility for Shadowdancer as well. After that I would grab Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot ASAP, continuing largely on that feat tree. Whatever else you choose to do with your skills, you will want Stealth maxed out. Also you will need 2 ranks in Perform (dance) to qualify for Shadowdancer. But that should go well with your other Perform.

    Of course, since I just came up with this build, I am probably missing something important.

    I had a 3.0 wizard that rolled 13 18 18 18 16 14 using 4d6 drop. The roll was witnessed by several people, who for some strange reason began cursing me and throwing things at me. I had a great deal of fun with this character, which I played through 21st level. Since, I have come to be quite fond of point buy. I understand the the rolling can be fun, and that it's more traditional. However, point buy has several qualities that I prefer. First, it keeps the entire party on the same level. Also, if I have a character idea or outline, I don't have to worry about not rolling stats that fit the character.

    Malachi Tarchannen wrote:
    erian_7 wrote:
    Oh, and a quick note on languages. Intelligence only affects "the number of bonus languages your character knows at the start of the game." Gaining Intelligence, even permanently, after character creation does not grant more languages.
    Good point, but it seems to make sense that an increase in Intelligence would grant you the capacity to learn more languages, even if one chose not to.

    But you ALWAYS have the capacity to learn more languages. Hence the Linguistics skill.

    Vult Wrathblades wrote:

    Just looking at a possible shield fighter build and had a few questions.

    1. If you take improved two weapon fighting for the extra off hand attack (or the greater version for 3 off hand) does that work with the bash? Thus just getting another bash? Or is it just an attack and not a bash? Or do those feats not work with bashing at all?

    2. Would the standard penalty for this sort of build be -4/-4 to main hand and shield until you get shield master? Then the penalty drops to just -4 to your main hand?

    3. Shield master says that you add your shield bonus to hit and damage, would this also be the bonus gained from enchanting it? So a standard heavy shield would be +2/+2 but a +1 Heavy shield would add +3/+3 to hit/damage?

    The wording is getting a little confusing as I read through it but the build is interesting to me.

    I dont understand why they did not make feats for someone who wanted to be a shield DEFENDER, but thats another thread.

    1. You count your shield as your off-hand weapon, so yes, you gain additional bash attacks when you take Improved/Greater Two-Weapon Fighting.

    2. With a heavy shield you would be at -4/-4, with a light shield you would be at -2/-2. And yes, when you take Shield Master you would only take a penalty with your primary attack.

    3. Yes.

    As far as defensive minded feats with a shield go, see the 3.5 PHB2.

    Congrats guys! So did you guys spank the 4E release then?