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roll for combat is doing PF2. They are paizo partner too.

Temperans wrote:

High int is risk adverse unless they think they are safe which is very well represent by Planar Binding + Magic Circle. If done right there is no risk to the wizard and he will profit, however if he miscalculates how strong the entity is he will probably die or suffer.

Also dont forget there is no reason why the patron would show his true side before the contract is made. looks at a certain magical girl anime

Oh man, they are witches!

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AsmodeusUltima wrote:

@Arachnofiend: Ah, yes, of course the onus was on the archetype to make sure it was distinct from the class that hadn't even been written yet rather than the writers of said class to not simply copy/paste the majority of the archetype's already existing abilities and provide no synergy. Silly me. -_-

@KitsuneWarlock: True, and I suppose that could be viable if one never wanted another dedication. I still really hope they bake in a bit of synergy since we are still in the design phase for it. If just one writer adds just a few words to a few swashbuckler abilities it could make all the difference between the Aldori being the premiere duelists they are supposed to be and a bunch of mostly wasted space. :-/

@Wumiao Xue: I am sorry, I don't quite understand what you are saying here.

@All: Whether I agree with you or not, I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. Thank you for your time.

The best duelist will get the title called "swordlord". which can be a new archetype which like the Hellknights.

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Tunu40 wrote:
Wumiao Xue wrote:
well,high wisdom characters don’t sign powerful contracts with unknown entities.
I thought the 2nd edition witch doesn’t get to choose though. The patron just looks at the prospective witch, sniffs them, and says, “Meh, I guess you’ll do.” and BAM! Magical sugar daddy, no strings attached*.

It is always free to play at first. But you have to pay to keep up with other players, that is how they get you.

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I agree. Witch should be more different from wizard. Studying ritual magic but never has the talent to memorize spells will be a good reason why a smart person try to link with a patron.

I always think the familiar is bond to the patron first, and only share its power with the witch. it should fit with the witch concept well.

And we can have a scene in The Princess and the Frog when the patron find out the witch can not pay back. Hahahaha! Firends...

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DougSeay wrote:
I kinda like this. But it is a huge win for the witch. Wouldn't a single action to cast a spell break the action economy? Maybe it would be better to spend the actions normally, but the spells come from the familiar. Sensible witches will hide thier familiar on themselves (shirt pocket or whatever), but the risk takers can send it forward to engage the enemy at close range. Presumably the next round will be run and hide.

You are right for the economy, but I don’t want to change minions rule just for witch, may be witch has to spend two actions: one order, one material because families don’t carry material components.

It is not Aldori Swordlord dedication. So we can hope swordlord has some monkish feat to help your builds.

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well,high wisdom characters don’t sign powerful contracts with unknown entities.

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I believe the reason one choose becomes a witch instead other casters is something about one‘s character:too selfish to be with nature;too cynical to connect to a god;too cool for school……(party too hard for bard college?Is it even possible?)

Any way,a witch did not finish traditional magic training,so witch can only do ritual spells,brew potions. Even though witch is not a complete caster, witch compensates it with canny and that gives some powerful beings an idea to hire the witch to hustle for them. So they give witch a special familiar that can cast spells with two actions.

So in combat, witch spends one action to order the familiar spending two actions to cast a spell. Different familiar knows different metamagic and use it freely. A witch still has two actions left after orders the familiar.

Hexs are magic powers witches gained by some dangerous, difficult rituals, required sarcrifice and restrictions to follow everyday. Hexs are the only spells a with can cast in a fly and re-energy them in a 10-min ritual.

I just think this idea give reason why a character stars as a witch instead other casters, why a witch needs familiar that badly without changing too much machnic.

I really love this idea.
we can make it simple,make it gives clues points.
Like if you success int check against a creature AC or DC, you get 1+int mod amounts of clue points.
you can use this action more than one time to same creature at your turn.
You need to use defferent skills checks if it is targeting the same creature.

When you get enough clues points equal to that creature's will DC.

You can Big Reveal, give you or one of your allies adventage to strik for a turn, or diadventage for the creature's save against you or your allies' class DC.

And we can have so many feats to mod this.