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Full Name

Wulfric Stonehelm


bardic performance 11/11 |


perception +7, sense motive +11; initiative +1 | active effects: --


male, human, Bard 3 | HP 24/24 | AC 16 (t11, ff15) | CMD 13 | Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +4 |






common, skald; celestial; abyssal, hallit, orcish

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Wulfric Stonehelm

Racial Abilities:
+2 Cha
Bonus Feat
+1 skill point/level

Class Abilities:

Bard [flamer dancer] 3
Bardic Knowledge- +1/2 levels to all knowledge checks, can roll untrained
Bardic Performance- 11 rounds/day; standard to begin, free to maintain
- inspire courage: +1 morale vs charm/fear, +1 competence to hit/damage
- fire dance: roll perform (dance) each round; allies within 30' ignore penalties from heatstroke and can use result of perform check in place of their save vs fire or extreme heat effects
- distraction: as countersong but versus patterns/figments
- fascinate: 1 +1/3 levels target(s) within 90’ take -4 to reactive skill checks (like perception); Will negates (DC=10+1/2 level+Cha mod)
- song of the fiery gaze: allies within 30' can see normally through fire, fog, and smoke (as gaze of flames revelation)
Versatile Performance- use bonus from perform [oratory] for diplomacy and sense motive
Well Versed- +4 to saves vs bardic performances, sonic, and mind-affecting effects

Feats and Skills:

1- flagbearer
H- lingering performance
3- divine fighting technique [Iomedae]

Skills: (6 +1 Int +1 human)
intimidate +9 (3 ranks +3 class +3 Cha)
knowledge (history) +7 (2 ranks +3 class +1 Int +1 bk)
knowledge (local) +6 (1 rank +3 class +1 Int +1 bk)
knowledge (planes) +8 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Int +1 bk)
knowledge (religion) +8 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Int +1 bk)
knowledge (other) +2 (0 ranks +1 Int +1 bk)
perception +7 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Wis)
perform (dance) +9 (3 ranks +3 class +3 Cha)
perform (oratory) +11 (3 ranks +3 class +3 Cha +2 circ)
- diplomacy +11 (versatile performance)
- sense motive +11 (versatile performance)
use magic device +9 (3 ranks +3 class +3 Cha)

Background Skills:
knowledge (nobility) +8* (3 ranks +3 class +1 Int +1 bk)
linguistics +7 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Int)
* +2 circumstance for heroic bloodlines

Languages: Common, Skald; Celestial; Abyssal, Hallit, Orcish


0th level- know direction, light, mending, open/close, prestidigitation, spark
1st level (4/day)- featherstep, lucky number, tears to wine, vanish

soldiers uniform, silver holy symbol [Iomedae], cold weather gear
masterwork chainshirt, darkwood light shield
masterwork longsword, flag of the 5th Crusade
holy water x2, scroll of cure light wounds x2
masterwork backpack: book of war prayers, holy text [Acts of Iomedae], tome of epics, family tree scroll
77 gold

Combat Stats:

Str 10
Dex 13
Con 13
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 16 (14 +2 race)

HP: 24 (3d8 +3 Con +3 fcb)
AC: 16 (+4 armor +1 shield +1 Dex)
touch: 11
flat-footed: 15
CMD: 13

Fort +2 (+1 base +1 Con)
Ref +4 (+3 base +1 Dex)
Will +4 (+3 base +1 Wis)

Longsword +3, 1d8; 19-20/x2

Wulfric stands about 6 feet tall with rather broad shoulders but a leaner build than most Ulfens. He has the blond hair and blue eyes common among his people, but his beard grows in patchy so he keeps his face clean shaven. The smooth skin suits his pleasant features though and he is a handsome man by nearly any assessment. He dresses like a soldier, with Iomedae's sword-and-sun symbol prominently on display, and when prepared for trouble he wears a chainshirt and darkwood shield and carries a longsword at his side.

Wulfric grew up in Kenebris, worshiping in the shrines of Iomedae and listening, enraptured, to the stories of heroic crusaders. As a child he wanted nothing more than to become a sword knight and go off on epic quests himself. Unfortunately, he lacked the physical aptitude to become a sword knight. He did love stories though and had a knack for inspiring others by his retelling of them--and by the prayers and exhortations he shared in the Inheritor's shrines--so he studied that instead, hoping to one day inspire crusaders and write stirring tales about them.

In his studies, he developed a deep interest in heraldry and genealogies and (before the invasion) he gave a considerable amount of time to researching his own lineage. He was please to learn that while most of his ancestors were Ulfens from Sarkoris displaced by the Worldwound, his family tree was also dotted with brave men and women who came to Mendev to fight in the Crusades, including an aasimar slave who won his independence in the First Crusade (his great-great-great-grandfather, and Iuni's grandfather).

Since the attack on Armasse he has been putting his skills to use accompanying patrols and rescue parties around the city.