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Verkash wrote:

M'lady Kyra, your consort suggested I seek your counsel.

We pull into port soon, and I know not what to do. Your counsel, I pray. My heart would turn to ash, should this go badly.

I'm a man, but I know your feeling. I married this village girl because... reasons...

And then she seems to be a goddess.
She can (apparently) teleport, she disappears for long periods at a time with no warning, and she's the most beautiful woman I've ever met. She's also extremely possessive, killed her 'father', and is a swordfighter on par with myself. No, that is not innuendo for anything. I assumed that the man was a cad because... I met him, and that is all we will say about the matter.
Somehow I feel as though she's too dangerous to handle, but I'll be damned if I ever go back on a marriage after what my first love did to me- (Long story short, I might have some half-drow daughter trying to kill me, screaming that I abandoned her- when the opposite is true. We were gonna get married, but she skipped town. Something about her race.) I need help, advice, and reassurance against paranoia.
Mostly because an evildoer who claimed to be an oracle said that I was gonna end up ruling in the Upper Plains, surrounded by celestial maidens.(That's some Grade-A malarkey if I've ever heard of it, but you never know...)
If you have any guidance- Our cleric is about as thick-headed as someone so wise can get, and I'm afraid Maya might get the wrong idea if I ask her about herself- I'll accept it gratefully.
Stark Ironshield-Wazwald