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Its been awhile since Ive made pathfinder characters. Having some small troubles considering my options. Looking for any advice you all might choose to share.

Race = Dwarf (Cant change it, part of the campaign)
15 point buy
Book options are Core, APG, Ultimate Combat/Magic are all good, other books are on case by case basis.

Party make up is a Human Paladin, Human Urban Ranger, Dwarf Wizard(brother) and my Dwarf. Originally slated to come in as a shielded fighter but looking at options of changing to Oracle or Cleric to boost the divine capabilities of the party.

Adventure path is Mummy's Mask. Im ok with either option, just hoping to read some advice I havent considered yet.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I am a long time roleplayer new to Pensacola. Unfortunately, I had to leave 2 great gaming groups I met with weekly due to job relocation. I play and dm, and like roleplay just as much as I like combat. If anyone knows a good gaming group that plays regularly on a Mon, Tue, Wed, or Thu and they are looking for another player, please let me know. Due to job I can not play on weekends. Mon and Tue are best days.

I look forward to meeting some new gamers.


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In my Shattered Star campaign we have 2 characters leaving the group. One is a dark tapestry oracle and the other is a sandman bard. I need to come up with a build that can essentially replace the main roles both were filling. The roles I need to be able to do are...

disable device
knowledge, specifically planes and local but others wouldnt hurt
emergency healing (most healing in grp is done out of combat)

At the moment I am considering the Seeker Archetype for Oracle or the Archeologist archetype for bard. I would like to hear any other advice on options you may have.

Thanks in advance.

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Im going to be running in a campaign set in Varisia and I will most likely be the cleric of the group. My overall desire is a cleric of Desna utilizing the Travel and Liberation domains. He will essentially be a caster cleric, not combat.

I would like something for the cleric to do during rounds he does not need to cast. My preference is ranged combat however, I can not find an efficient way to gain Precise Shot. Does anyone know a method for a cleric to gain Precise Shot without taking Point Blank Shot or any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. I really do not want to wait until lvl 5 to get into taking more caster/cleric-centric feats.

Current creation and stats...
Elf - Choosing Elf for free longbow proficiency.
Diety - Desna (Could choose a different god but I really want the travel domain.)
Domains - Travel and Liberation

Fairly generous stat options but not wildly OP.

Thank you in advance.

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I'll be starting a Jade Regent campaign soon and im looking for some advice on building a ninja. Stats are made as follows...

All stats start at 10. Then we have 13 point to place where we want them. We can lower stats to increase others ie. 2 points down will give us 1 point up. No stat can be higher than 16 before racial modifier thus making us capped at 18 after racial.

The base concept is Human Ninja of Tian descent with the Younger Sibling(Ameiko) trait. Beyond that I am open to dex or str builds. One note, the DM will most likely allow me to trade poison use for trapfinding.

Id love to know what some of you can come up with.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a new gamer in a group I am playing with who has chosen to play a crossblooded Human Fey/Serpentine Sorcerer. Her intent is to play an enchanter as much as possible though she understands she will need to vary her spell selection to accommodate multiple types of encounters. We are starting at level 1.

One of my primary questions is what metamagic feat would you recommend for her to get in the low levels. I mention this due to her not learning a new spell at lvl 4 however she will still have spell slots to use. Therefore she could use a metamagic enhanced 1st lvl spell in the 2nd lvl slots.

I would appreciate any general advice you can give as well concerning a Fey/Serpentine Crossblood.

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Currently Healing falls behind damage to such a degree that it is widely viewed as an ineffective action during combat.
The following is the max attainable for cure spells.
CLW - 1d8 + 5
CMW - 2d8 + 10
CSW - 3d8 + 15
CCW - 4d8 + 20

Below I will lay out a thought I have had concerning closing the gap between healing and damage. I got the initial idea from these message boards and after a little thought I came up with something that is still preliminary, yet might spark further discussion at some gaming tables.

My suggestion is to allow the Heal skill, also a widely under used skill, to effect healing. One of 2 ways to do this, automatic or via a d20 roll with a DC.

CLW - If the caster has 1 rank in Heal then allow 2 bonus per caster lvl with a max of 10.
CMW - If the caster has 5 ranks in Heal then allow 2 bonus per caster lvl with a max of 20.
CSW - If the caster has 10 rank in Heal then allow 2 bonus per caster lvl with a max of 30.
CCW - If the caster has 15 rank in Heal then allow 2 bonus per caster lvl with a max of 40.

A few examples...
5th lvl cleric with 5 ranks in Heal -
CLW - 1d8 + 10
CMW - 2d8 + 10
CSW - 3d8 + 5

10th lvl cleric with 10 ranks in Heal -
CLW - 1d8 + 10
CMW - 2d8 + 20
CSW - 3d8 + 20
CCW - 4d8 + 10

This is a good simulation option as well if you view it from the aspect that the cleric would be better, or more effective, at casting the spells he has been casting for many lvls and has not yet mastered the full effectiveness of his most powerful spells.

d20 Roll with a DC...
CLW - Increase the bonus to 2 per caster lvl(max 10) with a Heal check DC of 15.
CMW - Increase the bonus to 2 per caster lvl(max 20) with a Heal check DC of 20.
CSW - Increase the bonus to 2 per caster lvl(max 30) with a Heal check DC of 25.
CCW - Increase the bonus to 2 per caster lvl(max 40) with a Heal check DC of 30.

A few examples considering a cleric to have a +5 bonus to wisdom.
1st lvl cleric - 1 rank + 5 bonus = +6
--d20 + 6 = 55% chance to CLW for 1d8 + 2 instead of 1d8 + 1.

5th lvl cleric - 5 ranks + 5 bonus = +10
--d20 + 10 = 75% chance to CLW for 1d8 + 10 instead of 1d8 + 5.
--d20 + 10 = 50% chance to CMW for 2d8 + 10 instead of 2d8 + 5.
--d20 + 10 = 25% chance to CSW for 3d8 + 10 instead of 3d8 + 5.

10th lvl cleric - 10 ranks + 5 bonus = +15
--d20 + 15 = 100% chance to CLW for 1d8 + 10 instead of 1d8 + 5.
--d20 + 15 = 75% chance to CMW for 2d8 + 20 instead of 2d8 + 10.
--d20 + 15 = 50% chance to CSW for 3d8 + 20 instead of 3d8 + 10.
--d20 + 15 = 25% chance to CCW for 4d8 + 20 instead of 4d8 + 10.

If the cure spell is being cast via a scroll or wand then the bonus on the scroll or wand is simply doubled if the appropriate DC is made. With the DC option we could even take it a step further stating that if you beat the DC by 10 then increase the bonus to +3 per lvl.

So as you can see neither option increases healing to broken amounts. The goal of course being to merely close the gap slightly with the amount of damage that can be produced. My fear of course is that even with a boost as detailed above the healing will still fall too far behind damage to ever be considered effective in combat.

Id love to hear others thoughts.

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Just wanting to hear some other opinions what you would choose in my current situation. Four PC party starting Jade Regent with 15pt buy.

Gnome Druid - Stats as a caster.
Serpentine Sorcerer - Enchantment and utility with minimal blasting.
Alchemist or Summoner?? Third character hasnt fully decided yet but is leaning heavily toward those 2 options.

I need to fit into this party with my character and I see 2 things lacking. No frontline really and limited healing. Considering that I am looking at Human Battle Cleric or Oracle(Battle Mystery).

I am currently leaning toward Battle Oracle but I would like to hear other opinions and comparisons. Other options are also being considered however, paladin is not on the table as an option.

Any advice or comparisons will be appreciated.

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Coming up in the next campaign my group is going to be running I intend to play a Halfling Draconic Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple. For those that care, I know its not the most optimized but I am sticking to the fearless halfling with mysterious Green Dragon heritage for roleplay reasons.

Since the book is released I am considering trying out Wordcasting. My question is what do others think about the words of power system? What are some good combinations you have already thought of?

FYI, the primary schools of magic I am intending to use if I stick with normal spell rules are Enchantment, Illusion, and Evocation. Mostly Enchantment and Illusion with enough evocation to support when blasting may be needed. Of course, other schools arent off limits just not necessarily the focus. Also, I am not married to those 3 schools as primaries, those are simply my thoughts for now. I certainly do not want to create just a blaster though, I want utility.

Any advice would be appreciated.