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Has Paizo considered releasing flaws ( a la Unearthed Arcana)?

Cultist of Zuggtmoy.

Her sacrificial ritual is to bury victims alive in a shallow grave with a leather tube running through the dirt, into their mouth. Cultist then force feed the victim fungus and mushroom gruel for weeks until their inards fester. Worse off, after dying, the victim's soul goes screaming to Shedaklah instead of his or her deserved afterlife.

I was detailing this last session to the demon worshipping Warlock of the party, and as I did so, his face became distorted from anguish that I ended the description quickly to avoid any unpleasentness.

By party fears girallons more then anything though.

In the beginning, the D&D enthusists I rolled with pretty much hacked and slashed, and in between smoke breaks we'd muse about absurd campaign themes, like playing a party of rum-running Ranger's who hid the ale under the false hump of our camel Animal Companions or playing a party of Ninja Krusians (turtle people from Sandstorm).

Finally, after a wipe, we decided to go full in and play rum-runners (dropping the camel and Ranger idea). The backdrop created was a strict (Purtian) theocracy of Cuthbert that followed a bloodless coup that deposed a corrupt governor who mine as well of headed up the regions mafia. Besides smuggling hooch, it was agreed that the party would be composed of siblings and cousins with a few unrelated uncles so everybody wouldn't have to be human or demi-human.

Sadly we didn't stick with rum running for long.

In the game I DM, we decided to try a travel campaign where the party simply migrates across the country and rights wrongs (a la the A-Team or Renegade) along the way. The permise is, this island quasi-nation of Isle is ruled by a Gnomish monarchy with strong ties to the Church of Heirenous. The idiot princeling (A Gnome Paladin with an Intelligence and Wisdom both at 8) must travel to the ten other quasi-countries all within the same empire, best the arena in each capitol, before the family curse acrtivates in a year, killing the princes father, and supplementing his greedy, wicked brother as monarch.

The party who isn't part of the monarchy is composed of bodyguards, specialists, and guides arranged by royal degree to baby sit the wandering prince more then anything else.

Ok thanks. I just need a connection to justify what I want to do in my next session.

I have one player who has opted not to join the party and is basically running the streets of Cauldron looking for leads. To get his character to join the party I attempted twice to have a party of Skulks kidnap him, so that he could be found among the prisoner's when the party got that far.

Both attempts failed (he's smart enough to run and hide). On the second attempt the town guard arrived, and one member of the patrol started walking him to the temple of Cuthbert for healing. That's where we ended. I'm debated weither or not to make the guards Last Laugh operatives in disguise.

If the Beholder is using the Laugh Laugh to keep the operation from being uncovered this may just work. Either having the "guard" pick pocketing this character so he has to do several chores in the temple (as a means to keep him in one place until the party returns to collect their bounty) or outright knocking him out and dragging his character's body back to the Skulks.

I seem to remember reading in my Shackled City (hardcovered edition) that there was some sort of agreement between the Last Laugh theives guild and the slave ring being ran by Kazmojen the half-troll Dwarf.

For the life of my I cannot find this anywhere in print.

Can I get any help on this subject please.

My party is two thirds done with Life's Bazaar and consists of . . .

Elven ranger specializing in archery.

Wyrmling gold dragon.

Human sorcerer.

Human Samurai with the Celestrial template.

Human Swashbuckler.

James Jacobs wrote:
For the most part, they'll be ones that I've been mentioning here and there in previous Demonomicons. For example: You'll find out more information about Ugudenk. There's others that haven't yet been mentioned in a Demonomicon I'll be doing some stuff on too.

I love (and respect) you a little more each and every day Mr. Jacobs. Thank you.

Crossing my finger's in hope's that Adimarchus gets his long over due props.

James Jacobs wrote:

The hyena-headed illustration of Demogorgon from the BoVD never happened. If it DID... it was propaganda from Orcus or Graz'zt.

(In fact, the illustration in BoVD WAS an error... Demogorgon's had baboon heads since before 1st Edition, and he has them again.)

As for who would win in a 3-way fight? Demogorgon. Unless those other chumps had some crafty PCs organizing things for them! :-)

I think I heart you Mr. Jacobs. We need more game designer's at the helm who acknowledge that Demogorgon would win between his three main enemies, though that's not to say that he has the ability to conquer the Abyss in it's entire and infinate self.

There doing Demogorgon next? My assumption was that they were sticking to the "lesser" Demon Princes that never got too much coverage.

But oh darn, oh well, The Prince of Demon's is my favorite anything out of the entirity of all D&D.

We know the last issue of Dragon will have a Demonicon article, is that the one with the Silibent Beast? Or is it coming down the pipe before that?