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Not what I had hoped... very little new..


In my humble opinion, the book mostly repeats what we already know and there is little new crunch to enjoy. I suppose for $11, you do get a decent explanation of the good deities and you get a couple of new traits per deity and there are 5 or 6 new spells to play with but largely... this is stuff that most golarion fanatics already know. The upside is that the Artwork is top-notch but other than that.. this booklet is in my mind largely forgettable.

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Best DM screen I've ever owned !!!


It's made out of essentially 2 sets of hardened book covers much the same as the Main Pathfinder Book for a total of 4 pages. They are printed using the same graphics, font types, etc that you see in the PHB and other products. It's got rules for all of the skill checks. A list of all of the conditions that you are likely to inflict on the PC's. Concentration checks. Fast rules for combat maneuvers. XP chart, Gold chart. Hit point chart for weapons and other things. All in all this is the finest DM screen I've ever had including non D&D games as well. It's a couple of bucks more than what you might be used to paying but it's more than worth it. If you take even reasonable care of it. It should last you several years and maybe more.