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With the P1 sale ongoing. Which campaign setting books do you deem valuable? Our group has been toiling around Faerun for so long we are looking to switch things up next campaign. Collectively we have 0 knowledge of Golarion.

A2 art fair is a fun time. We have a standing rule to meet at the nearest pub if we get separated. I'm pretty sure my friends intentionally break off from the group to hit the pubs. This year is definitely a pass though as the heat will be unbearable.

If I start a new subscription to the AP will I get Rodrics Cove? Was watching the websight and it went right to book 2?

Has wave 5 opened?

Thanks Orthos.

Should i restart my AP subscription? Was not around for the first Runelords AP. Odds are my group doesn't make the switch to 2.0...thoughts?

Wave 1 packaged received. Reading as I type. Thanks Steve!

Any word yet when the first AP for Pathfinder 2.0 will ship?

Syrus try the Evan Williams Single Barrel pretty tasty and about $15 cheaper.

Done. Thank You

Order pending.
Need Valid Payment.
No change from last month.
Re-entered payment data.
Card name does not match name shipped to, gift from my wife. Could this be the issue?

Great. Thank you, sir.

I failed to update my payment info when my credit card expired. Will i still receive the two issues i missed with my subscription, or will I need to buy them separately?

I had same issue. Went into my account and updated there with no issue

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Please throw my name into the electronic hat.

Jackson, MI