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kevin_video wrote:

I could have sworn I saw a variant Paladin somewhere that instead of getting Divine Grace where you added your Cha-mod to your saves, you instead had it added to AC.

Does anyone know of a way of doing this? I'm pretty sure it was an archetype, but whether it 3pp or Paizo, I've no idea. Regardless, I'd like to know its source and what it's called.

I'll even take it as a feat if I have to.

Enlightened Paladin Archetype

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/paladin/archetypes/paizo-palad in-archetypes/enlightened-paladin-paladin-archetype

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Isn't there a feat that allows you to add your INT to your AC? Or am I hallucinating again? Oh well, time to go gather the cats that are flying around the room.
There's a feat that lets you use INT as DEX for feat requirements at least, and bring me one of those flying kitties.
Just as soon as I catch them you'll get one!

What is the name of the feat that allows INT as DEX for requirements?