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Artemis at a glance looks like a human street person, just another peasant on road. He wears a dingy brown cloak, which covers some of his face and shields his eyes from the bright sun or eyes that happen to be overly curious. Not an stunningly attractive or even very noticeable man he keeps to himself most of the time while on the open streets.
Artemis rarely ever laughs or smiles. In closed quarters or around those he trusts, Artemis is a professional and always has an air of control about him. Every move he makes or word he speaks is calculated to achieve a desired effect. He strives to never allow emotions or the circumstances, no matter how dire, master him.
It is true Artemis's can sometimes be paranoid, but his hatred and disgust is reserved for those who are willing to abandon or betray those in their community for their own gain. This is because of the events during his earlier years, something that was done to him by adults who he should have been able to trust as a child. He doesn't speak much more on the subject.
Too many people have moved into a influential place where they exploit everyone else...