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Thanks guys!

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Masterwork Armor reduces one's Armor Check penalty by one.

Mithral Armor reduces one's Armor Check penalty by three.

Do these reductions stack?

....Reading and rereading the RAW makes me argue that indeed they do stack -- though I see how one could interpret differently.

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Thanks everyone -- this was absolutely helpful!

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Many thanks!

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Thanks again everyone!

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Is there a Paizo book of Summoned Nature’s Ally stat blocks? Or Minis tokens? Or strategy/ guidance? Any products that really help someone with a Summon Nature’s Ally build — and Wild Shape while we’re at it?


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Can anyone find any specific rules text that would help me determine first if it’s legal, and then how one would go about making one’s Improved Familiar also a Cohort from Leadership?

My PC is going to take Improved Familiar, after having roleplayed off-and-on with an NPC Imp the past few months. All the Players think it’s a fun idea for me to go to this free Devil we’ve known for a while, and ask if it wants to be my (Improved) Familiar. DM loves it as much as I, and the Imp will agree when I ask (and take the Feat).

So, while thinking about this continued evolution of my PC, taking Improved Familiar as part of the build, well, I feel to really get anything out of it I ought to try to take Leadership as well — and let the Imp advance as my Cohort. All the Players are on board with that idea as well — but the onus is on me to see what RAW says. To see how it could be done.

Now, the DM is on board probably regardless of RAW, but we still want to see what the whole picture is according to the published rules.

Thanks for all the rules references you can give!

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This is interesting.

When the Player asked me if JuJu Oracle was acceptable (he wants to play a Necromancer, and neither Bones Oracle nor White Necromancer (New Paths) struck his fancy, I went to my bookshelf. Cuz that's how I roll -- and grabbed the AP to look it up. He was using either Archives or D20PFsrd, I dunno.

And I wonder if that's the reason we've had a trifle of a disconnect when (briefly) chatting about the build. I glanced at the book and maybe he was reading a modified version online.

Looks like I'm going to have to take more time than just superficial.


(It's ridiculous; this is the second time in two weeks this has come up -- my looking at the Lore Warden in the friggin book only to find out that a few years later another book changed Lore Warden and the new one is online for people who don't buy the books!)

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How do you deal fairly with a PC with her own “massive zombie army”?

It sounds mostly a balanced Class build — but I can’t have a PC who is roughly the same as a Broodmaster Summoner and be fair to the other five PCs.

How did you make gameplay fair with the JuJu Oracle?

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To DMs and PCs alike,

What are your experiences with the JuJu Oracle?

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After really going over all of your posts, crunching some comparative numbers/ thinking about the Invulnerable Rager, and after talking extensively with another advanced-player friend of mine--

I'm Allowing Invulnerable Rager as is published.


I think I just got caught up in the memory 9-10 years ago of screaming 'Hell No' at the APG when it came out that I'd forgotten how much my own game has evolved.

But when I look at what the Player's Android Urban Barbarian, Invulnerable Rager will be able to do compared to other PCs, especially other combat PCs, I think it's reasonably balanced.


Thanks for all the help everyone!

(And now, Nadrewod, you have to choose between that and Magus!)

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Syries wrote:
(An Invulnerable Rager in PFS) naively decided to not invest in AC in the hopes that their DR would stop them from dying. At the end of the day it wasn't the DR that stopped him from dying, it was,...

This is really helpful! Thanks


Syries wrote:
He then had the audacity to ask to use our own (Happy Sticks) between combats since he had been taking the brunt of the damage, rather than have us use his own.

Well that's just bad manners -- every PFS PC should get a Happy Stick and have the healers use it on them when needed -- asking a stranger to use their own resources like that in PFS is in poor taste (a different point of topic).

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Silas Hawkwinter wrote:
In comparison to the shenanigans a CRB only wizard can pull an invulnerable rager is far from OP.


Not at 1st Level.

But yeah, broken Core Wizards -- Etc. -- are a different problem for me.


How about this Everybody:

On a scale of one to ten, where 10 is greatest, where is the Unchained Urban Barbarian and where is the Unchained Urban Barbarian, Invulnerable Rager?!?

Invulnerable Rager an 8 with regular Bbn a 7?...

Invulnerable Rager a 9 with regular Bbn a 3?...

How would you compare them to each other?
(Since I know the balance of a regular Unchained Barbarian in my game.)

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26 Point Buy (I want the PCs to be Heroes -- not barefooted Commoners!)

I guess I'm not making it easy for y'all to help am I?!

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gnoams wrote:
If you allow all the published pathfinder content to date, then invulnerable rager is one of the old archetypes that remains decent.


This is, like, the scariest comment ever -- Giant Thank You.

It sounds like, in your experience, all of the unbalanced (broken crap) splat material that's come out over the years is about on par with the Invulnerable Rager -- as if the Invulnerable Rage were 'ahead of its time.' In other words, one of the early unbalanced options, equal to the gross tonnage of unbalanced things available today!

Food for thought comparing your post with TOZ's post.

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avr wrote:
What books do you allow then?


Classes (and lots of other material) from
New Paths Compendium
-other material upon request -- there's so much I can't list, Lore Warden here, Fey Foundling there, some ARG stuff elsewhere.

(But I don't know how well this will help.)

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
My Invulnerable Rager gets beat to living hell.


This is actually really helpful. Seems like the DR would be more helpful at low levels than high levels. (I guess if I had thought it through I would have come to that conclusion.)

Thanks TOZ.


@ Slim Jim
Alas, many of the options listed on this Thread -- especially material from the 'Technology Guide' (but also Clay Skin, etc. -- are not available in my game.

It's important to note, though, that the Android Barbarian build in question will have an 18 STR, 16 CON, 16 DEX at 1st Level. And I'm pretty sure he's going with a two-handed weapon.

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Danny StarDust wrote:
Wait whut? DR/- more (powerful) than Improved uncanny dodge? If you ask me....


This is interesting, because my experience is different.

It's just another example, I feel, where so much of game balance depends MORE on DM-style and how a group usually plays than on a few certain build-types.

For example, the DM that has one big combat per session will maybe make Wizards better than Sorcerers, Classes with limited-use Features better than Classes with unlimited-use Features. While the opposite is true for the DM that fills a session with half a dozen small combats per session.

....I wonder how many times throughout my upcoming campaign the Barbarian PC will be Flanked, and Flanked by those using Precision Damage -- as opposed to how many times he'll be toe-to-toe with another tank.

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Derklord wrote:
And there's the problem (that you disallow UC). You're (messing) with game balance.


And I acknowledge that (it's important to note that disallowing UC is the beginning of the multitude of sources I disallow, but your point is still made.

Um, ....that's why I'm coming to The Boards.


Part of me sees that Invulnerable Rager isn't as unbalanced as I had initially felt, what, six/eight years ago. And I should maybe allow it.

And yet from the beginning I saw that Unchained Urban Barbarian and Invulnerable Rager don't work following RAW. But I was willing to tweak in order to consider it for the Player wanting to run the Android Barbarian in my upcoming campaign.

But part of me is also starting to think it's getting too tricky to determine whether the build the Player wants is or is not unbalanced. (And I don't have the time to spend to really crunch numbers and research.

Keep it coming guys!


Important: (for my situation)

As DM I feel strongly that I should, in general, try to allow my Player to create the build he or she wants to create. And I will keep an open mind -- we're all apportioning or precious free time to come to my house every week for a few hours to game.

There are TWO criteria that will make me say "No."

1} Whether this build will be much stronger or weaker than the other PCs at the gaming table. If it looks to be much greater or lesser than the others, I'll ask for changes or just ban it.

2} Whether I am really familiar with the rules-set in question. I don't really know Occult Adventures or Mythic Adventures or a host of the little softback splat books, legions of them. If I don't know it I can't really adjudicate it during Gameplay. (although I will try to learn it when I can!)

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Dasrak wrote:
It was maybe arguable back when the APG was new .... but archetypes that are upgrades are a dime a


Leitner wrote:
Not sure who the "most of us"


Yeah, I think my memory of "most of us" was back when the APG was new, even before the broken Ultimate Combat was published (which is not allowed in my game). And that makes sense with what Dasrak said as well.

Now looking at it (for the first time in years) I wonder.


Keep the feedback coming.

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It's been my understanding that most of us have always viewed the Invulnerable Rager as too powerful-- that Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge and DR1- @ 7th, DR2- @ 10th, DR3- @ 13th, etc., are not close to being worth DR 1/2 PC Level.

But have I been wrong?

A 2nd Level Barbarian has Uncanny Dodge
A 2nd Level Invulnerable Rager has DR 1-

A 7th Level Barbarian has Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge and DR 1-
A 7th Level Invulnerable Rager has DR 3-

A 14th Level Barbarian has Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge and DR 3-
A 14th Level Invulnerable Rager has DR 7-


I was going to allow a PC to trade Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge for DR 1/3 Barbarian Level.

What do you guys think?

- - - -

The specific build is Invulnerable Rager, Urban Barbarian (Unchained), Android with Repairing Nanites instead of Nanite Surge.

THANKS for all feedback!

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Thanks guys, I had not seen the ‘additional rules: age’ clause in the Core that Taja the Barbarian quoted.

The cases I bring to the Rules Forum are always tricky because *I* am the DM who has to make a ruling and really want to follow RAW as well as I can.

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This is an odd one:

True Resurrection wrote:
Even true resurrection can’t restore to life a creature who has died of old age.


Would you rule that this means a character who died from a geriatric condition can be brought back with True Resurrection? Or would you rule that, of course if a character dies from a geriatric condition then it counts as "old age" and the character cannot be brought back with True Res?

For example, a 90-year-old dies of a heart attack. Or from falling down. Did the character die from old age? Or did the character die from a failed Fortitude Save (succumbing to the heart attack) or a failed Reflex Save (I've fallen and I can't get up.) Considering the Saving Throw has a significant penalty *because* of the character's venerable age, one could argue that the character has died of old age.

On the other hand, one could argue it's still a failed Saving Throw that killed the character -- NOT merely waiting until the character's CON score reaches Zero from age, and dies naturally!

. . . .

In game we have two applications. The first is historic NPCs. A heroic adventurer who retired 100 years ago, for example, from his life of adventuring and lived out his days as a bartender, telling tales of his exploits to new generations of travelling adventurers. Now, decades after he died from a natural heart attack after falling down in his saloon's cellar -- PCs want to cast True Res on him and enlist his help.

So he died of natural causes — a failed Ref Save falling in the cellar, followed by the failed Fort Save on the heart attack). He did not necessarily die of old age -- He still had a CON of three or four and maybe could have lived a bit longer before that CON score reached Zero on its own.

Will True Res work on this NPC?

....The second is more theoretical -- but more immediate. In ye olden days Ghosts had a special ability that made Player Characters age 1d10 X Ten Years -- a MUCH scarier attack than the lame-ass "panicked for 2d4 rounds" Frightful Moan that it has as its cheap-ass attack nowadays.

The reason this example of question True Res is theoretical is that I still use the *Real* Ghost attack and I could age a PC 1d10 Decades!

Which means my Ghost could kill the PC with magical old age, maybe. ....So the example is my Ghost makes a thirty-year-old PC age 80 years from its SU attack, making the PC 110 years old. And a few minutes later the PC dies of, um , "old age"(?) -- the 110-yr-old failing a Ref Save or Acrobatics check walking in the rough terrain of the dungeon and falling down. The PC would Not have failed if he hadn't been aged to 110 -- can the PC be brought back with True Res?

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When is ‘The Players’ Guide’ available?

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Hey everyone, I’m looking for everything on Aroggus the Kyton Demagogue who led the ‘Cenobites’ out of the 9 Hells and founded their Abbey in the Shadow Plane.

I’ve read the published stuff as far as I can find it (articles in the AP and Book of the Dammed), but if there are any PFS Scenarios or obscure sources, I could really use it.

More helpful would be designer notes — what got cut in the editing phase cuz it just wouldn’t fit, what the inspirations were for the development of Aroggus. ....And really especially if the Kyton Demagogue is based significantly or even very loosely on a real figure from mythology or fiction (including, of course, the Hellraiser franchise).

Many thanks!

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My concern about this volume is that it seems as though a gaming group absolutely Has to have already played through Hell's Rebels Adventure Path. Or at least, guarantees that it will never ever play HR in the future and just accept the setting evolution published in Age of Ashes.

For me, I still really want to play through Hell's Rebels (and then Hell's Vengeance). I've avoided spoilers over the years on these, including not even looking at them when they came in the mail every month -- for a year. But I know that in Hell's Rebel's the PCs are good guys in Kintargo and are trying, um, I guess some kind of revolution against Cheliax. Knowing that the PCs at the end of an AP are suppose to win, it's pretty fair to assume that an independent Kintargo is the Victory at the end of HR -- and I guess now its the entire Archduchy.

So my question is this:
For those of us who have Hell's Rebels on our gaming radar, to get to eventually, will we have to either not play Age of Ashes at all until then, or just put this volume in a back drawer and completely rewrite a volume three on our own, hoping that it fits in?

EDIT: And please, if you are willing to take a stab at answering my concern, pretty please NO Spoilers from HR or HV. Thanks.

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Will this volume have a full article/gazetteer on Katapesh?

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Okay I just got the email regarding my subscription to the new AP coming a bit early, but there’s still grossly too little info on Age of Ashes to help me decide on whether to keep or cancel my subscription.

Please, Paizo, since none of the fans are talking up the new AP, can you guys talk about it?!

What’s a good bit of teaser info for each volume? What articles are in each volume? What’s a dynamic NPC that’s going to be introduced? What are some novel setting flavors to be illustrated?

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The reason I want it in Absalom, other than the trifle of the Grand Lodge being there, is that Absalom — for the whole Campaign Setting — is the City of the Center of the World. It’s The Free City of Greyhawk; It’s Waterdeep; it’s Ptolus. Absalom goes first.


I went ahead and did “The Confirmation” first, followed by “The Wounded Wisp” and “Silent Tide.” Three appropriate Scenarios for Venture Captains to give to new Pathfinders — in Absalom — very ‘Hey Newbie, I’m the V.C., fetch me some coffee please, and then, Holy moly, it’s a cool archaeology/ historical adventure’ — worthy of Henry Jones Jr.

Second Level has seen “Mists of Mwangi” and, cuz I love it and couldn’t wait, “Let Bygones Be.”

I’ve come back here for another look and am going to check out “The Infernal Vault” and “The Consortium Compact”!

Thanks again!

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I need some feedback/ advice on a new House-Rule I'm 'considering' for Skills:

While I've long consolidated the Knowledge Skills (two years Before Paizo did in 'Unchained'), made Heal stronger, made Perform, Craft & Profession earn more gold, made Appraise & Handle Animal worth it, and bulked up Linguistics to handle my Language rules, I'm thinking of reverting Diplomacy back to ye olden 3.5 days.

What are your reactions to my 'considering' separating Diplomacy and Gather Information back into two Skills like they were in 3.5?

Is it possible that Diplomacy Including Gather Info is significantly better all-around than Heal and Appraise and Knowledge: Local And UMD, etc.?
....As two separate Skills, would they each be strong enough to stand on their own?
....Is there enough difference in the use of the two to argue they Should be separated: Diplomacy to alter starting-attitude; Gather Info whether or not you're attempting to be friendly, sneaky, intimidating or other)?


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This Saturday at our LGS I'm going to run "Silent Tide" and "Mists of Mwangi" as a part of Free RPG Day. Sunday I'm running "Let Bygones Be" and "Library of the Lion" at the LGS as part of 'continuing-Free-RPG-Day-into-Fathers'-Day.'

A few of my new players will participate and I'm sure others will participate in this or that slot.

Here's my question:

If I get more than seven Players at a table, I really don't want to turn anyone away. I doubt it will happen, but it is possible. What are my options?

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It seems as though the AP is three things:
1) A Dragon BBEG (which has been in huge demand since ‘Burnt Offerings’)
2) A six volume look at “Core” Ancestries (step one of introducing the depth of the new system mechanic)
3) A six volume gazetteer of locations in The Inner Sea

If #3 is accurate then there would be a four-or-so-page article in each (or most) of the six volumes on these locations:
-A good look at Isger for the first time
-A new look at Mwangi, which has been tremendously popular since The Inner Sea was still 3.5 but hasn’t gotten development in years
-A description of the ‘new’ Cheliax region after events in APs have occurred
-A first real look at Five-Kings Mts which is long overdue for the setting
-A return to Katapesh for the first time since The Inner Sea was 3.5

All in all, if this setting gazetteer is part of the AP, it sounds really promising.

DOES ANYONE KNOW IF the volumes are going to include heavy-setting/Fluff articles?

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I still consider myself a Charter Subscriber but I'll let you decide:

I did put my remaining year-and-three-quarters-left subscription to Dungeon magazine into Paizo's AP line, and I kept my Charter tag all the way until Skull & Shackles -- which I refused to buy because I think pirates are stupid. So I briefly turned off my Charter subscription for that AP yet of course immediately resumed with Shattered Star. ....Then, much later, when the Sci-Fi/techno AP came out I turned it off again for one AP, having less than zero interest in Iron Gods.

So, .... While I consider myself a Charter subscriber (who started getting Dungeon in the mail every month since before Paizo existed, and then converting my Dungeon subscription-credit into Pathfinder), I understand if I'm disqualified because I temporarily cut off my Charter subscription for the two APs I feel don't belong on my gaming bookshelves.

I only bring it up now, after a few more years have passed, because I'm thinking about bowing out of the PF2 AP subscription. If I do cancel my subscription in August, at the end of Tyrant's Grasp it will be the end, emotionally for me, of my Charter Subscription. ....From the mid-late 90s to today, getting the published adventures in my mailbox every month with just a couple temporary glitches here and there, yeah -- it's getting emotional.

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James Jacobs wrote:
The actual amount of new rules content and the like we ended up putting in this first AP is smaller than we originally intended.


Not trying to speak for anyone else but this is good news for me.

The AP sounds pretty good, but none of my three groups are switching to PF2 -- so a Crunch-lite (as much as it can be, obviously it's still Crunchy) Age of Ashes is more likely to keep me a subscriber.


Anyway, keep the Spoilers coming!

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Thank you.

I’m generally a pretty strict nut when it comes to standardization, and in the past when I’ve run non-updated Season Zeros such as “Silent Tide,” I’ve really pushed myself to ensure conformity with the transition from 3.5 to Pathfinder. But certainly it bears repeating and I’ll take a good look at the latest Guide as you suggest. Thanks.

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Thanks TOZ!

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....Well, I guess it's not that exciting of an Adventure Path.

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Are there any 'newest rules/procedures' for "Silent Tide" and "Mists of Mwangi"?


I've recently started a new PFS group with three 'brand-new-to-Pathfinder' and one 'relatively-new-to-Pathfinder Players.

We played "The Confirmation" first.
Then "The Wounded Wisp."
....Two really perfect examples of Scenarios for out-of-the-gate newbies.

And in two weeks time (Free RPG Day & Father's Day) we're going to play four more -- with very likely more players (for Free RPG Day at our FLGS).

My initial choices are:
"Mists of Mwangi" (Free RPG Day #1)
"Silent Tide" (Free RPG Day #2)
"Let Bygones Be" (2nd Level PCs; Father's Day #1)
"Library of the Lion" (2nd Level PCs; Father's Day #2)

Those are among my favorite first-level Scenarios that, quite importantly, I can run sequentially and without much of a break in-between to recharge my DMing batteries.

But I don't do a whole lot of PFS and am unsure if there are any 'new' rules regarding the two Season Zero Scenarios.

For example,... do the PCs still only get one Prestige Point for each of them; or did they finally fix that ass-backwards rule? You know, that kinda 'new rule/procedure' stuff.

THANKS for all insight!

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What news on the next (or 'first') Adventure Path.

Was there a Panel at PaizoCon on the next AP that discussed more than just the blurb on HellKnight Hill?

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Riddleport History
(Help me build around Roderic’s Cove):

Is Cabriem Maskyr’s place-of-origin or ethnicity published (first Overlord of Riddleport)? Is there anything on who this pirate was?

Before Gaston Cromarcky became current Overlord, was he a privateer for some nation or city state, or just an independent pirate?

As always, Tremendous THANKS for taking the time!

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What was the inspiration for the name “Sarzari” as the great library of the Red Mantis in the Faynas of The Crimson Citadel? Who created the name? Was it just a random name a Designer imported from his or her homegame, maybe an old PC or BBEG?
....Also, what does the name, the word “Sarzari” mean to the Red Mantis (Does it just translate to ‘lore’ or ‘library’ or something — or is it something else?)?

Many thanks!

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Thanks so much guys!

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I'm struggling finding the perfect Beginner PFS Scenario for a group of Players both completely new to Pathfinder/ RPGs, and the Golarian setting & PFS. (Most of my Sessions have been with Players of [i]at least a little experience -- some of these guys don't even know the dice.)[/i]

Ideally the Scenario should be in Absalom -- City of the Center of the World -- and also really capture the 'PFS-is-sorta-Indiana-Jones-like' essence, with an archaeological quest or something. And is also a really fun 1st Level Scenario!

"The Confirmation" is mediocre at best to play (kinda vanilla) and further, it's only barely in Absalom -- most of it is outside the city. But of course "The Confirmation" is my fall-back.

A Scenario like "Library of the Lion" could be ideal -- urban location, all about the clues in a library in a quest for lost knowledge. But it doesn't really have any, er, 'raw' adventuring (such as fighting a minotaur in a cave at 1st Level). And I dunno, it just seems like a Scenario suited for experienced gamers -- not Players some of who will be learning which of the dice you roll in certain situations and the others learning what their various pre-generated PCs can do.

Meanwhile, the Scenario "Let Bygones Be" is great. VERY archaeological-quest/ very fun-&-adventurous, very good for complete newbies. The only caveat is that it's much better suited to players who know the campaign setting -- all the Cheliax stuff.

So here's my question, and many thanks for all suggestions!:
Is there a good PFS Scenario for complete newbies that both takes place in Absalom (the city) and is very Indiana-Jones-like?

How good, for my situation, are "In Service to Lore" and "The Overflow Archives"? Are there better examples?

Again, many thanks!

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Looks like I'm just gonna build a computer from the motherboard up and use it ; I've still not decided whether to get Basic or Imperial, get all the add ons at the start or not. Part of me wants to go All In immediately so I don't ever have to be bothered about it and part of me knows I don't have much free time or even much love in general for this particular use of free time so why bother. But what if I love it? Yeah, I still haven't decided.

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Thanks for everything.

I'm probably going to go buy a new i9 laptop; my old Pentium chip PC is almost five years old and while I don't necessarily want an upgrade in computer-brains, it is getting close to time to get a new laptop. Or maybe I'll get a tower.

Couple new(ish) questions--

I'm still not sure whether to get the Explorer Edition or the Imperial. I want all the extra graphics- cosmetics and pictures and digital goodies. But only if it's of a significant volume. Can anyone hazard an estimation of how many (or a percentage increase) extra cosmetics, pictures and digital goodies are added to the Imperial Edition from the Explorer. (I see no reason to consider at Royal; I mean, either go with everything or go with basic.)

What is this "Season Pass" and what does it actually do or have? Likewise, when Owlcat Games does add money-generating expansions (I assume such as Classes, Equipment, Feats -- and more site-based adventure locations to explore and NPC to encounter) how do we learn about it? How much do expansions typically cost? How often do they get published? ....Does there come a point when one can't play with merely the original game without having purchased expansions because all the expansions have altered the game? How does it work?

Again, many thanks!

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Thank you so much. I have a feeling I'm going to buy 'first' and try to find the time 'later' to play and learn.

One more question:
Whenever I buy a personal computer (currently on Windows 10) I make a point to let the seller know that I don't need much BaBoom -- I stream a little YouTube TV and stream a little overseas sports. I don't need the smartest or strongest computer on the block. As I understand it, though, the really smart computer games and MMORPGs require an equally smart and strong computer. But I've never needed all that extra PC brain muscle.

To make a short story long,... my PC at home does everything I need it to with a just little Pentium chip. And I plug it into my Smart TV (2015 Samsung) for a nice, giant plasma screen picture.

But of course computer games are designed to require a stronger/smarter PC. So here goes -- assuming I can't use my current 2015 Toshiba PC with it's "Intel," "Energy Star" guts, will I need to slump my shoulders and go buy an i3 or i5 or i7 or i9 PC? And um, what PC should I get to really enjoy the game, i3?, i5?, iMegatron? or iAndre-the-Giant?

And again, super Thanks in advance.

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Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying Pathfinder: Kingmaker to finally try my hand at video/computer gaming -- never really played video games -- but I really love the Paizo world and think this game may actually be fun for me.

But consider me a complete newb to computer gaming, with complete newbie questions. (I played Pong a bit as a kid, and I guess I kinda liked Ms Packman. I loved watching my friends play Super Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo; I never wanted to play it. And I played a little Monkey Island when it first came out on my fancy Tandy personal computer. That's it. In my life. I don't like video games or computer games. But I love Pathfinder....)

Question 1:
What is "Explorer Edition"? What are the "Royal" and "Imperial" Editions? What do they have; what are they about? ....If I buy Explorer can I 'buy-up' to Royal or Imperial at a discount later? If I buy Imperial can I still play Explorer and Royal?

Question 2:
I think I can guess the answer to this but, if I purchase this game, make a PC and try playing, and the PC dies -- can I make another PC?
....Can I have a few different games going at once -- like, try it with a Ranger and play that PC for a while in play, then start over with a Paladin and run that PC, then go back and resume with my Ranger -- resume where the Ranger left off and not start over? In other words, play a Ranger from maybe levels one to three -- then play a Paladin for from say levels one to eight -- then go back and pick up the Ranger at level four -- then go back and resume the Paladin at level nine, etc.?

Question 3:
In general, for someone who loves Pathfinder and has been playing pen-and-paper, dice RPGs since 1981 but, oddly, who has never liked video/computer games and can barely figure out how the mouse works on his computer -- is this a reasonably easy game to learn? I know the PF rules extraordinarily well but I have the computer-game acumen of a shoe box.

Question 4:
Are the various bugs that are discussed in the various forums both here and on the OwlCat website back in Oct-Dec 2018 mostly fixed, and is the game significantly more playable than it was a few months ago when roughly half of the Forum posts regarded bugs? ....On the same concern, are the developers at OwlCat still working to make the game better? In other words, is the business side of the game healthy?

Question 5:
How customizable are PC generation rules? Can my PC be either a 15, 20, or 25 point-buy for Ability Scores? Is multi-Classing easy? Is there a Core Only option or something similar?

And tremendous thanks for all your answers!

Grand Lodge

Still on a bit of a gaming hiatus due to work -- I sent everyone a PM.

We'll be back soon, hopefully, and ready to go.

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