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A nice 2nd offering in a short newbie-friendly campaign.


I ran this as a sequel to Crypt of the Everflame in my first campaign as a DM, and I found it to be a mice step up from the first. While I quite liked the first module, I found the adventure to be a bit easy and the dungeon to be not that fun to explore. This one, however, was a lot better. Introducing new players to the idea of thinking laterally instead of brute force "BREAK DOWN THE DOOR AND KILL EVERYTHING!" is important, and the module does that quite well.It even has some interesting stuff going on with stealth and potential sabotage. Plus, unlike the first, there's a decent bit of challenge. My only real complaints come down to the setup of the module if it's being used as a sequel to CotE. To be honest, the connection between the two is kind of loose. As a DM it's probably in your best interest to rewrite the connection a bit to make it stronger. The other issue is convincing players to get on the boat to get to the city, which some of my players were against doing. Other than that, I highly recommend it, for both teaching new players and teaching yourself to be a DM.

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Great adventure for new PCs and new GMs


I just got through running this for my PF group. Half of the PCs were new role-players and it was the first time I've ever run a game before. For a module, it worked wonders as far as making it simple to run and engaging for players. The adventure gives just enough story to make it engaging for the PCs without making it too intrusive for those who just want to bash heads in. As far as running it, it makes it as simple as possible to run. It explains everything pretty well to new GMs and provides a nice variety of gameplay. I do have a few gripes, however.

- My group found it to be too easy. This may have been my fault, as I didn't think to adjust the difficulty, but at the base level, my PCs didn't have too much resistance, even during the boss.
- The maze is really tedious. No one in the group enjoyed it one bit.
- Unlike all the other encounters, the book didn't properly explain the mechanics of fighting a bat swarm. This may not have been an issue had the GM owned a Bestiary, but mine came in the mail after I had finished running the adventure. Every other encounter was explained in much better detail.

Other than that, I really liked it.