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Thanks for the reply. This is my first attempt at a custom magic item so thanks for straitening the formula out for me. Would my ring only cost 360? I wasn't sure what to compare it to on price so I looked at the paizo entry about magic item creation. The example they used for command activated was Cape Of The Mountebank so I tried to work off that.

So my Gm is letting us use custom items so long as we do the math right and frame it as if we found it in a rule book. I ran by him an on command ring of enlarge person. He said OK as long as it was a once per day activation. I just would like if someone could double check my math because this seems way to cheap for what I'm making.

Weak Ring of Enlarge Person
Aura Aura faint; transmutation; CL 1st
Slot ring Price 4000- gp;
On command, this mundane looking iron ring allows the wearer to use the magic spell enlarge person on themselves once per day.
Forge Ring, enlarge person; Cost 2000- gp

Thanks for the replies, was thinking it would be suppressed and just wanted to make sure.

So I've looked around and can't seem to find any threads that have asked this before, but what happens when a Lapith under the effect of enlarge person changes into Centaur form? Does the spells effect fall off, stack with the transformation, or go dormant until you go back to normal assuming the spells duration is still in effect?

Me and my girlfriend are in the Wichita/Derby area and are looking for a group to join up with.

Thanks Joana, I'll look there.

Dulker, I moved some time ago from Salina and was looking for a new group.

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I'm not sure if gen discussion is where to post this but me and my girlfriend are looking for a group in the Wichita/Derby Kansas area willing to let us join. She's a newcomer and I've played a few of the official story segments.