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Full Name

Vee' i'anar panya




Scout (Rogue) - 7








Chaotic Good




Lowcleft, Magnimar


Common, Elven, Gnome, Sylvan, Varisian


Mapmaker's assistant

Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 11
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 11
Charisma 13

About Venarha

Venarha originally came from Crying Leaf in the Mierani Forest, the younger of a pair of twin sisters. Births are very rare within elven society and when Eviana Nirgassan, the leader of the village, declared ill omen in the double birth by a woman of non-noble blood, this caused fear among the villagers. Fearing for their lives and the lives of the newborn girls, the family fled. Taking momentary refuge in the Caves of the Craven in the Calphiak Mountains, they crossed the Velashu Uplands careful to avoid any patrols and made their way into the edges of Lurkwood. With the aid of the Shoanti Tamiir-Quah (Wind Clan), they made their way between the Curchain Hills and the Stony Mountains to the Storval Rise. Following a river flowing from the Iron Peaks, they found the tiny thorp of Bitter Hollow on the banks of Lake Coal and the Sanos Forest. From there, a small trip through the Kreegwood and across the north bank of Claybottom lake landed them in Turtleback Ferry in approximately 4587 AR.

Her first memories are of growing up in Turtleback Ferry. Her parents found work at The Turtle's Parlor with her father cooking and her mother serving the townsfolk and the occasional ranger from Fort Rannick. It was a meager living, cut off as they were from elven society, but they scraped along. Venarha and her sister were guided not to be seen together in public, and through simple disguise hid the fact that they were twins. Perhaps both despite and because of these circumstances the sisters became very close and very protective of each other. The family continued to live their sheltered life not making close connections to anyone, but as people will do Venarha fell in love with one of the human Rangers. Though both sisters were Forlorn, her sister was much more so and grew envious of the relationship, reaching a point where she began impersonating her sister, playing upon and receiving the young man's affections. When Venarha discovered the betrayal she denounced her sister and her lover, formally breaking their blood bond of friendship, packed her belongings and left into the world. The betrayal and her rash reaction both affected Venarha deeply and she carried her regret for a long time.

Over the next 11 years she travelled, learning about the world around her. Leaving Turtleback Ferry, Venarha skirted the coast of Claybottom Lake to the thorp of Pendaka, stocking up on cranberry turtle egg pies before following the Skull River south, avoiding the Shimmerglens and their fey inhabitants. She also avoided the ferries, finding some shelter along the banks and in the fringes of the Ashwood. Before long she made it to Ilsurian.

Homeless, alone, she scavanged an existance before being caught by Sister Esrelda Woodmere stealing food out of the garden of the Temple of Erastil. Venarha did not realize the food in the garden was intentionally free for the taking and had spent some time plotting an elaborate plan only to trip over the base of one of the wood sculptures that adorned the gardens. Taking pity on Venarha, Sister Esrelda allowed her shelter in the temple where she spent her days maintaining and expanding the temple gardens. In her spare time she learned skill with the sword under swordmaster Lidia Chegarre, taking up the rapier as her primary weapon. She would spend her idle time in a private game with Archivin Walder testing the security of his shop by trying to break into his store, much to the chagrin of his wife Agnes.

After a few years, Venarha longed to see more and left Ilsurian. She travelled along the Yondabakari Road west through Whistledown. The gnomish population were pleasant enough, but the human population as well as the haunting sounds that gave Whistledown it's name made her uneasy and her stay was brief before continuing down the Yondabakari River on the Dry Way until she reached Wartle in approximately 4639 AR. She stayed there for another five years, through the founding of nearby Nybor, until once again restless for new experiences she found herself drawn eventually to Magnimar, the City of Monuments. Venarha would spend the next 40 years in the bustling coastal city, settling somewhat in Lowcleft and being a frequent patron of The Gilded Cage where the owner, Jayleen “Morning Dove” Mordove, both inspired, and later encouraged, an interest in theater and performance. It was here she lived the next two major chapters of her life which marked her transition from a feral survival rogue to the curious knowledge-seeking scout she is today.

The first involved falling in with the Gargoyles, one of the two thieves guilds in Magnimar. Through her travels she'd come to take advantage not only of the unassuming nature expected of elves but also of her inate abilities and dexterity to provide for her basic needs of food, supplies and shelter. In Magnimar, her activities soon ran afoul of the organized activities of the guilds. For a time she found family in Carent's Camp with the Wreckwash Blades. However, their fresh alliance with the Tower Girls fractured shortly thereafter in part because Venarha refused to join the all-female group. This led to the Tower Girls being forced out, eventually making their base in Underbridge, but also damaged her reputation with the Blades. Later, though, she earned admittance to the Gargoyles after proving her abilities and worked a simple life from within taking assignments from the guild and collecting the approperiate reward. Through her attention to detail and her surroundings she made several significant connections and the guild found value in her ability to obtain information about people and business within the city.

The other major event in her life was finding Desna. Once, caught lifting some food from a vendor's cart during a street festival, the vendor did not call for the authorities but instead gave her some coin as well, asking only that she come join them that night to celebrate the goddess and relish in the joy. Strangly sympathetic, Venarha observed the celebration that night. As she watched the vendor and others dance, laugh, sing and share with each other, the years of isolation began to overwhelm her. She joined the revelers for the evening and later spoke to the vendor in vague phrases about leaving home and the burden of regret she had borne. The vendor spoke more about Desna and her ways, and the inner peace found within. Venarha was amazed at how these simple concepts appealed to her elven heritige that had become submerged surrounded by humanity. The time spent with Sister Esrelda came flooding back and she felt her burden lifted as she forgave her sister, and herself, devoting herself to using her time to see, learn, and experience all life had to offer, and realizing she had a long life in which to do that.

Though she found Desna and forgave her sister, her lover's betrayal left her very jaded, and though she had several significant relationships through her travels, she could never quite place her intimate trust in another and eventually the relationship would end. As part of finding her peace, she made a decision never to allow herself to develop a close romantic relationship with another.

Venarha spent a total of 40 years in Magnimar before making her way to Sandpoint where she has spent the last 21 years. The smaller coastal city appealed to her, as did the close knit bonds within the community itself. She attempted to make a living using her particular skill set, but the local Sczarni didn't appeal to her newfound path. Instead she found an honorable trade under the tutorage of the local mapmaker Veznutt Parooh at The Way North. Working from the rebuilt stable she has made connections and found additional work acting as a guide to outsiders new to Varisia, all the while becoming more and more knowledgable about the city and it's surroundings. Lately, though, Venarha has longed to see more, and do more. She longs to explore the surrounding lands, even beyond the borders of Varisia. The occasional visit by her friend, Shalelu Andosana, has only worked to stoke the fire within her as she would relay story after story of her travels on her occasional pass through town.

One day, during the Swallowtail Release festival in front of the new cathedral, waves of goblins attacked the town unexpectedly. Venarha was caught in the thick of it but fought to protect her friends and her home and found herself in the company of several others who, by day's end, were deemed the heroes of the city. Begrudegingly accepting their terms, she joined this group, anxious to find the source of the goblin threat but also curious about what other opportunities might be found in the company of experienced travellers.