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Balacertar wrote:

My parcel arrived this morning to Barcelona (Spain).

Odd enough the delivery man (UPS?) requested 3.45 € to release the parcel and left no ticket.

The rulebook has a small hit in the top border of the back cover, but overall it is in good condition. The adventure and maps are in perfect condition.

I have glanced over the pages and the edition looks awesome for a playtest version.

Hey Vic. I know that you may not have a solid answer and I know only 96% have shipped but I was wondering if we still don't have it say at the end of this week and we are in the states, what do you recommend we do? Since it isn't trackable I have no way of knowing if it has been "delivered" or if it is still in transit.

P.S. Thank you for being forward and honest with us. While I'm bummed about this, I'm sure you are all doing your best and I've always had a good experience interacting with you all. I hope people can see that.