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John Lynch 106 wrote:
I have to strongly disagree on modularity. Class feats are just: bonus feats, rogue trick, rage powers, etc. now not all classes got those, but most did. This is just the same modularity repackaged with a whole heap of combat feats taken out of circulation (some were made class feats).

I personally love how modular the classes are. It make it feel a lot more organic to me, wherein character classes are more or less just archetypes (the traditional meaning, that is - a recurrent symbol or "classic design") that are then customized and custom tailored to a specific play's style. I will wholeheartedly agree that it is hard to get an outright feel for a class with this new system, but with the same breath I will argue that this is an improvement over the previous system's "this class it good with x and y archetypes plugged in, but don't play it with a or b."

Or, a worse offender yet... D&D 5e and their "you must have an archetype, but you get no further customization beyond a 3rd level choice and some misc. choices of power at later levels).

Honestly, I was eagerly awaiting P2E for the level of customization. Even with some of the other glaring flaws in it - such as the proficiency progression - I am far from disappointed.

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Agreed. When they originally mentioned doing tiered proficiency, I was expecting the proficiency mechanic as it was in 5e, which is a gradual progression that feels like it kind of matters, but can be bypassed by proper buffing and character building.

This? This is currently a stronger progression than PF1e. It's full BAB on every class's attacks and skills, rather than a moderate progression that favors customization.