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Full Name

Varangian Smirza


Human (Ulfen/Varisian mix)


Fighter 5 (favored +5 skill ranks)








Chaotic Neutral (with Good tendencies)


Cayden Cailean







Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 13

About Varangian Smirza

Ability Scores & Stats:
Str 16 +3
Dex 14 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 14 +2
Wis 12 +1
Cha 13 +1

HP 49

Fort 6
Ref 6
Will 5 (8 vs fear)

CMD 20 (22 vs. sunder)

AC 22
Expertise 24
Touch 15
Flat-Footed 19

Traits, Feats & Features:
Traits: Armor Expert, Courageous

Class Features: 3 x Bonus Feat, Bravery, Armor training, Weapon Training (Axes)

Feats: Combat Expertise (-2AB/+2AC), Dodge, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack (-2AB/+6Dmg), Weapon Focus (Bardiche), Weapon Specialization (Bardiche)

Climb 4/7/10
Diplomacy 3/4
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 1/3/6
Handle Animal 1/2
Intimidate 1/2/5
Perception 5/6
Profession (Soldier) 5/6/9
Ride 1/3/6-4
Stealth 5/7-5
Swim 2/5/8-6
Survival 2/3/6

Speed: 30ft (in up to medium armor)

Bardiche +1 - AB 11, Dmg 1d8+6 (S) / 1d10+6 (M), CR 19-20/x2, Wt 12 lbs., (martial, 2-handed, brace, reach)

Axe, Throwing - AB 8, Dmg 1d4+3 (S) / 1d6+3 (M), CR x2, Rng 10ft, Wt 2 lbs., (martial)

Gladius - AB 8, Dmg 1d4+3 (S) / 1d6+3 (M), CR 19-20/x2, Wt 2 lbs., (martial, performance +2)

Dagger - AB 8, Dmg 1d3+3 (S) / 1d4+3 (M), CR 19-20/x2, Wt 1 lbs., (simple)

Agile Brestplate +2 - AC +8, MDB +4, ACP -2(0 for climb/jump) Spd 20ft. Wt 25 lbs.

Explorer's Outfit
Bardiche +1
Agile Breastplate +2
Cloack of Resistance +1
Ring of protection +1
2 x throwing axe
100 platinium pieces
54 gold pieces

Varangian Smirza (Varan for friends and acquaintances) is a native of Ustulav. He was born on the wagon train of the Legion if the Seventh Slaughter, an rather eclectic mercenary company of heavy kataphraktoi foot infantry, pikemen, halberdeers and northen housecarls fighting in the Ustulavian civil wars. His father was Ulfen officer in the legion while his mother was a Varisian "camp follower".

From his father Varan inherited his size and strength while his mother gave him his swarthier complexion jet-black-hair (which he shaves completely preferring to manifest his hirsuteness via a long beard).

Varan's mother died of fever when he was still quite young so he was raised by the combined efforts of his father, his companion officers and several camp followers who took a fancy to the lad.

When the civil wars where over many of the legion's veterans were dead or retired and the mantle passed on to the next generation, but their diminished numbers and little need for employment in the region apart from skirmishes eventually led to it being disbanded by agreement of the members. Since then Varangian has traveled alone earning his keep through work as a guard, caravan escort and a host of other occupation. He has never really adventured per se apart from a few raids into ruins; but now that he feels the beginning onset weight of years on his bones he decided to fully become an adventurer, in hope of getting a "big score" that will allow him a nice egg next for when yje winter years arrive.

Varangian has carried the inheritance his father left him through all his years of wandering: his armor and magical bardiche, his signet seal of rank and the cloak with the colors of the old Legio VII Trucudatio which Varan wears proudly in memory of his old man.

For an Ustuavian, Varagian is quite an oddity. Being raised in a nomad army and being familiar with violence from a young age he did not develop the usual un-trusting, superstitious attitude of his countrymen; neither is he a reserved or morose person. Quite the contrary, Varan is boisterous, extrovert and enjoys a good joke and getting drunk with friends as the best of them. A wandering vagabond by nature he has never settled roots anywhere, but he has fathered a couple of bastards in a few tavern wenches and farmer's daughters. Money runs through him like water trough a sieve and the remainders Varan manages to save he send the way of his children.