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skizzerz wrote:
MightyJim wrote:
Does a Myfly barrier require you to reveal a promo card or bury your hand?
I believe you mean 5 promo cards.

I believe you mean 5 identical promo cards.

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Calthaer wrote:
Hawkmoon turned me on to the idea of storing all the henchmen in alphabetical order in the box. They are never randomized / shuffled together as a group, so there's no reason to divide them up by adventure deck in your box once they're in. Makes it a lot easier to find them.

I do that too. Makes life much easier because you always know where the relevant henchmen are even if you don't remember their ADN.

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If it would increase the difficulty of the check it would usually say just that. If you add something to a check (be it dice or modifiers), you add it to your (or someone else's) dice and modifiers. I don't think that this minor change in wording makes a difference here