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Love this scenario


I run this scenario yesterday and my party have a blast! It's Ultrafun! Want more scenarios of this author!!

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Very good sandbox


Suprised that noone rate this.

I can say some good things about this book:
- Gazzetier of Swardlands with story hooks
- Different storys of different villians witch can develop separatly
- Circus for the first (and sadly last) time have a free possibility to travel between different citys and running shows
- A bundle of themed encounters to spice up your adventure
- Lot of possibilitys for players to solve the encaunters in different ways

Don't find too bad things for this book to mention.

Overall this book is best for me and members of both of my partys like it. In difference of previous two books it give players chance to finally play wondering circus and don't have big dungeons and finally it have gazzetier of surroundings with story hooks and rumors! Also i like it sandbox style with clear goals.

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I running this for two different groups who now at chapter 3, so decided to say something about this book.

Things look good for me:
- lot of circus npc characters, this is best opportunity for roleplay
- good maps
- good begining of story, wich drives PC into action from the first minute

Things is bad for me:
- loose moments in story (PC who want to play more circus forced into a story of xulgath war, but this is likely problem of whole AP and GMs need to work with this part of the story)
- no gazzetier for Abberton

For the whole this book have lot of good things and very tough battles, but to me it looks like a lengthy prologue to next adventures. Some npc artists i think can have some articles about them (such as about members of sideshow), and there can be more info of Abberton. Also Main villian of this book must be Balenni she is really more ineteresting that those who have individual articles about them.

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Run this module for party with expirienced roleplayers, some of them even don't like pathfinder, but evryone agreed that this module have intresting setting and good npc to interact, and they ask me to continue even after we finished storyline.

Good work Thurston Hillman!

Recommend this for evryone who want unusual fantasy setting, and adventure with mix of action, survival simulator and bit of intrigue)