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all too often, the issue with Monks is they cannot cheaply enhance their unarmed attacks due to the massive price of the amulet of mighty fists and have to pay for the tacked on price of enchanting druid natural attacks.

the necklace of natural attacks from 3.5 Savage Species is already a good fix on its own for druids. costing merely half the price of an amulet of mighty fists. at Bonus Squared multiplied by 2,000 gold.

but what if i told you, that if you look at every RPG out there made from PS1 Era to modern day that isn't intended to evoke nostalgia, whether on console, PC or tabletop, that an easier to balance option has been simply allowing monks to enchant gauntlets and still benefit from their monk training.

a monk knows how to punch harder, it makes no scientific sense that your punch would decay in strength by wearing a friggin glove, even if it were a metal glove.

so i propose, we emulate those other RPGs and Encourage monks to wear enchanted gauntlets, cesti, brass knuckles, rope gauntlets, spiked gauntlets and bladed gauntlets by allowing them to keep their full monk unarmed strike damage and use their full suite of monk class features with these weapons.

it would be a lot cheaper than designing a special magic item for monks, and would provide monks with a much needed buff to accuracy while not driving them into poverty or eating up their precious natural armor item.

i mean, unless you are a monk or brawler, you likely aren't punching things. and it makes common sense, that a monk or brawler who wants to hit harder, would enchant a metal glove with the bonuses needed for accuracy and damage.

this would not only help strength based monks, it would help dexterity based ones as well, who no longer have to choose between +5 or +4 with Agile.

it actually wouldn't overpower monks at all. because 2d10 unarmed damage is pretty low when the real sources of damage come not from the weapons base damage dice, but from the sheer amount of static bonuses you apply to it. which for a 2handed weapon, come from 1.5x multiplier on strength bonus and on power attack. which unarmed strikes don't have. a 12th level fighter with a +3 Falchion, a 22 Strength, Power Attack, Gloves of Dueling and Weapon Training is looking at +15/10/5 to hit for a damage of 2d4+9+12+3+4 before factoring weapon specialization or crits, or an Average of 33 Damage per Hit

a 12th level monk with 2d6 unarmed damage, power attack, +3 Gauntlet, and 22 strength is dealing at, +9/9/4/4/-1/-1 for 2d6+6+8+3 or an Average of 24 per swing, assuming the monk focused exclusively on strength and completely neglected the other stats of monkhood. that monk probably has only an 18 strength at best due to multiple attribute dependency and is rolling +7/7/2/2/-3/-3 for an average of only 22 points a swing.

the fighter can also dedicate four feats to increase their attack bonus by two and their damage bonus by four. and they gain a huge bonus from improved critical as well.

either way, the monk, which is a martial class, even as a pure strength build, will never deal enough damage to keep with the fighter, and because the monk does their damage throughout more attacks, the monk is even more crippled by damage reduction, which is crippled at that point.

all this proves, is monks need to be able to retain their unarmed damage with gauntlets. because that, combined with the near exclusive strength focus, si what is allowing the monk to deal respectable damage, causing their defense to suffer in exchange. unlike a fighter who can have decent offenses and decent defenses.

and this isn't counting the fact a fighter can use a bow pretty well. which a monk can't do without archetypes.

the gauntlets, which are a simple solution, are more of a bandaid than anything. they are necessary to the monk. the monk's accuracy sucks, leaving them unable to land any hits with their flurry, hence the fan nickname, flurry of misses.

an ability any slayer absolutely requires is the type moon ability called the mystic eyes of death perception, any way for a slayer to get something similar.

to explain the mystic eyes of death perception, they care not about your regeneration, your damage reduction or whether or not you are a full on deity such as sarenrae or lamashtu, the eyes just let you actually inflict permanent unhealable damage upon the foe as long as you land a hit with a physical weapon and since the damage from a user their effect cannot be healed in any means, they can technically permanently and irrevocably murder a goddess or the terrasque by just dealing hit point damage or ability damage from a physical source. they also ignore incorporeality and ethereality and the like as if the foe were completely material.

any way to get this ability or something just like it? because i like the idea of a mortal slayer being able to murder fully powered gods by planting a knife into them.

Pathfinder, is a widespread and mainstream system with a variety of great adventure paths and an extremely bulky and slow rules system that is hard to learn and quite slow to run encounters

Savage Worlds, is a swiftly emerging system growing in popularity that is famous for being easy to learn, easy to GM for, favors improvisation and eschews redundant mechanics for reskinnable trappings

i thought of an idea, based on many people i have seen in my local area, because lots of people are "going savage" and because a lot of Paizo's APs have great stories once you trim the fat. what if Paizo made a Deal with Pinnacle Entertainment to write up conversions of their pathfinder Golarion and Adventure Path lines for Savage Worlds?

the benefits include, Paizo being able to gain some share of the profit off the savage worlds audience through their Adventure paths, the fact that the conversions are probably cheaper to make because they require nowhere near as much wordcount, a fraction of the page count, and don't really need any new mechanics pinnacle hasn't already provided, the fact that Paizo can trim off a lot of the fat that is primarily designed to pad XP and wealth totals, trim off major magic items that do little more than add static bonuses for the D20 system scaling, and paizo can draw from already existing mechanics for most of their stuff besides the occasional new hindrance or professional edge

i have read the broken earth players guide cover to cover, and by the middle of January, i will be playing Broken Earth with a real life tabletop group after a nearly 3 month hiatus, but the setting in the player's guide is vague on many details, and i wanted some clarification of context to better understand the setting

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i know the fantasy genre depends on generic goon races we can kill in teeming hordes without a stain on our conscience, but i want to ask if you as a player or DM, tend to try to understand things from the perspective of the creatures that many adventurers have slaughtered. have you tried putting yourself into the monsters' shoes? have your tried fleshing out the monsters as more than just generic bags of loot and experience points? have you tried to interpret the impact of "adventurers" upon a monstrous economy? have you considered why those monsters raid and what they seek to fulfill from it?

i beleive that by humanizing the monsters, you can make a fantasy setting more immersive, and encouraging a less genocidal approach to adventuring. a common subversion we see in literature is the lawful good succubus paladin or the vampire who looks for alternatives to human blood, or even, the ghoul who eats the meat of the already slain rather than hunting new bodies to feed upon.

what steps have you taken to make your monsters living and breathing creatures and not just a statblock of mindless numbers with a bag of loot and an XP bubble attached?

i will be taking an 8 week hiatus from my saturday group for family reasons, my grandmother had some major surgery and needs her grandson and his girlfriend to care for her. and after the 8 weeks, Ilina will be learning responsibility for the first time in her life by helping out my grandmother. she still has plenty of online games she does through the week. when i return in January or so. the DM will have started a slightly altered savage worlds Broken Earth Campaign.

i don't know what Alterations will come, but it can be said that what little i know about broken earth is it is a post apocalyptic setting about community building and exploration and well, the character options are going to be highly restricted, and using the mutations rules to weasel a nymph is an idea that has been rejected and a second major hindrance will be allowed for points

i really don't want to build a new character for a nemezis game with a little over a month left and an over the top party of intergalactic smugglers with full federation space marine gear, where every PC is decked out with magic items and chromed out with implants and has at the very least, very bloated numbers that Savage Worlds isn't intended to handle so i decided to take the time off for Grandma and when i return, i need character ideas to thefferize for the broken earth setting, an explanation of the setting, and an explanation of any important references without being told to buy the book.

i had a concept for a bard archetype who uses magical puppetry to take mindless undead and use them as marionettes. the idea is it loads up on lots of weaker marionettes and buffs them into a lethal army with spells and performance

it's primary schools are illusion enchantment and necromancy, and while it too uses living puppets, the primary focus is undead puppets that can actually each invidually take a good full attack from a minmaxed barbarian and deal some nasty damage to your opponents

it is primarily meant for a villain, but if it were balanced for PC use, it would be fine. it needs a few necromancy spells and a focus on the use of undead minions animated by its performance.

and yes, the villain using it is a small framed faerie lolita fashion clad noblewoman so i am fine with animeing it up. Ilina and her boyfriend never really change certain things, like our love for cute pint sized fey.

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at Weekly William's table as of Saturday October 11th 2014, I, Little Ilina Aniri have conquered 2 Giant problems with the group i game at and the store itself, well temporarily

Seth, the spotlight hog who plays the same characters that are renowned for RP xp hogging had a falling out in his acting class that he is the DM's upperclassman, a series of fights over space Dandy and a series of immature actions at the table when my boyfriend. the DM's assistant with the help of the present group members, abolished RP XP and used gang up play of savage adventure cards play to kill Seth's overleveled character, Tim being in charge of the DM's adventure card stash for the session and running allied NPCs and Dale playing a card that while it would make the enemies drop faster, really crippled seth

after his fit of slamming a few books and breaking a chair, security escorted him outside

at the same time. Aaron reached for my womanhood and my boyfriend's bag served as a barrier to protect it, when the camera caught Aaron's attempt at sexual harrassment for physical means, a local security guard escorted him out the door, he is banned from the store till january and his purchases as a customer were not important because the group explained he alienates more customers worth of income than he spends on refreshments

i got 2 victories in one session. i'm so happy. Weekly William's savage worlds group is starting to shrink and problem players are being reduced in volume

this adult mute lolita is happy for her victory and so is her group

Ilina and her boyfriend Tim here, sitting next to each other and collaborating, but we both noticed a trend with a few traits possessed by every murderhobo we encountered and the list includes at least multiple of the following traits

1. dead parents, Tim and i are 2 of the few gamers who still give their characters living parents, could the lack of responsibility be an orphan's greatest boon?
2. lack of connections, most murderhobos don't even give their characters a best friend or even a stuffed doll
3. a tragic past, everybody has done this at some point. even us
4. a greedy mercenary attitude, while it is important to be able to survive, one should not ask a starving hamlet for tens of thousands of gold coins it cannot afford as a whole community for a simple clearing of a den of kobolds. why should the hamlet starve so a few adventurers can thrive? now, if they offered free food and inn for life and a percentage of the annual crop yeild, that isn't too bad
5. intense bloodlust without remorse, while we do occasionally play bloodthirsty hotheads, they are usually young, inexperienced and still growing out of it

what is so appealing with these traits?

i know i am too timid to DM

but i want to see how many people would join a Talislanta 4e group if we could get a DM, assuming we used the John Harper Houserules to allow more personalization

to explain the John Harper Houserules

100 skill points to spend on skills, no base skill rating after expenditure may exceed 15. no penalty for extracurricular skills

15 Extra Hit Points

just for the hell of it, i am going to encourage the use of cosmetic reskins because of how high magic the setting is

the system itself

i want to see how many people would play this RPG

i have a bad reputation for being seen as creepy and awkward, and i am seeking an online group to join Part time. i warn you that i am looking for a DM that is willing to play with creepy details and mature themes. i am trying to cut down the suggestive part my group shoves down my throat. but creepy cute anime girls seem to be my specialty, and well, i have the following optional preferences of a lack of alignment restrictions and open racial access to the point of even playing cute and creepy fey races in ways that may be seen as controversial to the American country's puritan beliefs. while i don't intend to play a creepy slave with 5 constitution, i tend to play pretty dark characters and well, i have no intention to devolve into ERP, and would rather keep away from the Hentacles. i have a few general concepts that require help fleshing out the group could work with. others can be made later if desired.

Sabrina Nicoletti, Female Dhampir Doctor, Pharmacist, Accountant and Librarian, carries a spear beleived to be the Gae-Bolg and Rumours are told of her defeating Chu Chulain in combat. primarily a physical combatant whom specializes in something similar in concept to wushu and knows enough about nonmagical medicine to quickly heal others during and between combats without relying on magic. has limited librarian's knowledge, but most of it pertains to ledgers and general social knowledges such as nobility, history and the like

Ilina Aniri, a Female Fey of appearantly preserved youth, despite her unnaturally long life whom dabbles in alchemy to create medicine with the intent to eventually sew life. hates Tyrants and Abusive slavemasters, racist towards gnomes and elves, and fights by gestalting elemental spirits to herself, fusing with the very elemental spirits she keeps stored within the pockets of her own soul, gaining their divine power to help her in combat. by defeating many dervishes, she learned to mimic their fighting style as a means to defeat them and resistant to magic due to massive saving throws derived from her fey blood. though a bit cute in the way a younger sister would be, she isn't considered conventionally attractive in a seductive way, nor beautiful in a muse kind of way. any weapon she grabs, gains the offensive benefits applied from her elemental gestalts, air for agility, fire for charisma, earth for constitution or water for strength. may require new class to work with. think kinda like Yuri from Shadowhearts or something like that.

Ventus, a Sylph Squire and Knight Academy Cadet with Rage issues known to flash like lightning into a tempest of thundering knives, thunderstorms accompanying her anger as her tempest of thunder allows her to slay her foes, she is the tempest of the storm, rather than the freedom of the wind.


the Crusader Alternate class, for those whom want the paladin mechanics but don't want to deal with alignment restrictions or the code of conduct. i mostly took the paladin base and filed off the serial numbers while making a few tradeoffs. if you notice the lack of mercies and the lack of channel.

it is more alignment flexible than the core paladin and different enough in abilities to be similar to an archetype. it also accommodates other religions and philosophies for concepts where a deity wouldn't be appropriate because of the need for a set of ideals. it also gets around the code of conduct and alignment restrictions be being somewhat weaker, but more versatile in how it can apply it's abilities. it doesn't have the big bonus against dragons and outsiders, can't channel and doesn't have mercies, but has some combat feats and a few more skill points, even if it is set up to not utilize paladin archetypes.

if you call it a paladin without the scriptures, a paladin with the serial numbers filed off, or a paladin without the alignment restrictions as an insult, that was intentional, the Crusader steals a lot from the paladin chassis and encourages to choose a deity or religion from a wider list and work with the DM to create your own code of conduct, rather than spelling out the code for you in a prewritten format as if all paladins were the same. while you can still play a clone of Sir Roland if you desire, you have the freedom to delve into other divinely gifted crusader archetypes, which i will let you seek out for yourself, and it also makes a good class for divinely imbued knight equivalents such as a Samurai whom draws divine power from the bushido code or a Jedi whom prioritizes combat prowess over their more limited use of the supportive light side powers. it is intended to strongly resemble a paladin and has a 90% resemblance and that is the intent.

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Alignment, as we know it in D&D and its Descendants, Pathfinder and a Variety of Retroclones, is an attempt to capture an individuals personality, behaviors, actions and intent into a 2 word summary that just doesn't work for everything. and well, because alignment exists as a mechanic, things have to be constructed to reinforce this monsters existence, classed based behavior restrictions, outsiders that only appear to generally be of a certain alignment, alignment debates, and well, the illegitimate children of alignment debates, paladin, cleric and assassin threads. if we are to advance into our next edition later on, we need to review whether or not these two words are really important to defining our character, or serve as a straightjacket for the hyper restrictive dungeon master to restrict our behaviors. in fact, a lot of cases, it seems alignment is kept due to tradition, and classes like paladin, monk, barbarian and assassin only seem to be built with alignment restrictions in mind as a means to encourage a specific set of behaviors that may or may not fit well with the group on an otherwise balanced set of mechanics or as a means to outright force players to behave a certain way to keep their class features.

because the concept of alignment exists within the game, we have to include mechanics focused around it. and because it exists, we have to have reasons to justify it. would Pathfinder 2E or any D20 Derivative really be that problematic if alignment didn't exist at all as a means to encourage certain behaviors? would it really be an issue if certain alignment based effects just didn't exist. i mean, they are already kind of useless except as a means for people to take classes with more constricting behavioral restrictions and find loopholes to work around those restrictions, such as the great many paladins i experienced in 3 30-40something groups since 2,000 whom despite having generally different players, all had the convenient idea of taking Profession (Mushroom Harvester) so they could not hinder the party while the other members did their questionable deed for the greater good.

if we removed alignment both as a game mechanic and a quantifiable concept, removed behavioral restrictions as a game mechanic or balancing factor, think of how many things we can remove, we can remove the stupid evil guy whom kills peasants and kicks puppies for the lulz, we can remove the chaotic stupid guy whom is completely random, we can remove the lawful stupid player whom feels he has to be the epitome of law, and we can remove the stupid good pacifist whom hinders the party and finally, we can remove the thief whom robs his allies and the paladin whom hinders their more pragmatic and practical party by having to give the demonic horde a fair fight. by removing the concept of showhorning everything into alignment, we can come up with proper and more complex personalities that aren't trying to meet the requirements of their class and we can truly have alignment ambiguous characters. alignment is a crutch compared to actually giving a character a personality, and alignment seems a bit one dimensional. i mean in most tabletop RPGs with very few exceptions i can recall, you generally spend a lot of time on the reptitive process of raiding a settlement, killing a group of intelligent beings and taking their stuff as your ill gotten but hard earned spoils.

the problem with alignment, is it leads to a black and white kinda thing, and black and white is a bit of an outdated view compared to the modern shades of grey. classes like paladin and assassin, still follow the black and white model, and i would love to see them updated to fit the shades of grey a lot of modern RPGs are following. not the best example of Shades of Grey, but World of Warcraft, you have 2 Greyish factions warring against each other while still campaigning against whatever the primary evil of the expansion might be. the Alliance and Horde, both have their share of relatively evil races, the humans of the Alliance whom like to colonize and enslave everything, and have paladins whom help them colonize and enslave, a lawful evil principle, and the horde's blood elves, whose paladins vowed vengeance on the humans whom betrayed them after being taught elven magic, and sought to slay the elves whom betrayed them, and well, even if Vengeance isn't evil, it sure as heck doesn't fit good. and well both human and blood elf paladins in that game are known to lie, cheat and even steal because the Naaru care not what you do as long as you fight off the scourge and the burning legion as well as the other evils that plague the world. we could learn from that example. if WoW paladins can be shades of Grey, or in the humans of Stormwind case, even lawful evil, and still being interesting in a non-Mary Sue Roland way or can be Chaotic Good in the case of the blood elves. then we can learn that alignment has no real place and shouldn't be shoehorned in.

alignment leads to debates, leads to headaches, leads to "is this evil?" or "how can i force this paladin to fall in a contrived no-win scenario?" threads. we can reduce these threads greatly with the next edition of Pathfinder if we remove the concept of alignment entirely and make a characters actions, a reflection of the characters personality and not what a 2 word straightjacket says on their sheet that they have to maintain if they want to keep their class features. it also leads to a lot of interesting plots you can't use in the standard rules due to the existence of detect evil and other alignment based spells or even divinations. but divinations belong to another topic. pretty hard to have a story about a corrupt high priest dedicated to an otherwise good aligned god if you have to worry about alignment restrictions, both due to detect evil, and due to the concept of alignment in general.

for all you players that are found playing a particular archetype that appeals to you repetitively, what is that archetype that appeals to you, you can be as general, specific or niche as you want


the loligoth nymph noblewoman of good and honest intent with questionable trade and questionable morals with a the usual but optional shadow affinity, and the required great social skills, as well as high intellect and charisma, but is generally weak and fragile, could be anything on the rogue or arcane spellcaster spectrum, bard being common

the dextrous performer whom fights with a knife and grows into a skilled warrior over time. will often be named some Variant of a sylph street magician named Rin, was also tweaked for a tsundere sylph knight and dancer with a tempest heart. usually has some kind of social flaw, such as being timid or having rage issues

the japanese flavored warrior type with intense bloodlust, an icy level of cruelty, an optional but not needed robelike garment of some type, and a habit of shredding things up close and personal. could be anything from a Samurai cyborg named Akane Saitou to a Berserk Nekomimi general named Shinkuro. usually female and youthful, but still adult and a bit psycho. GoGo Yubari heehee. inverted as a Necromancer via Tsukiko Tsumura.

the young, naive and innocent angel blooded healer whom also knows a bit of melee combat and mixes up the two as needed, usually an oracle or inquisitor, but usually doubles as a face and brings her own buffs, could also be a bard or magus

the huntress whom preys upon humanoid victims and happens to be a skilled scout and combatant, generally a woman named bleeding rain, but the huntress could be any race, class, alignment or nationality as long as hunting sentient beings for pleasure is allowed

there are others i play less often.

in 2-3 weeks, after the fallout campaign ends

Weekly William wants to Run Savage Worlds Red Sands 1889

i want to play either a nymph or a psychic or maybe a psychic nymph, and i need help validating any evidence towards the possibility of psychics or nymphs existing, or the existence of fey or arcane backgrounds in general. i don't have time or funds to get the setting book

anybody know anything about the setting that at least resembles a psychic nymph. the guy hates homebrew with a passion unless you spend a year debating and harass him about testing the homebrew. unless he is the one that made it. or if i can BS some stuff about a third party.

and if not any details in the books, any excuses to justify anything resembling a psychic nymph.

Weekly William is a control freak and well, it's hard to come up with unique snowflakes because he complains about them left and right.

but i really wanted to play a sickly and frail psychic nymph assassin whom specializes in using illusion themed psionics to dissapear and set up sneak attacks, even multiple times in combat and does her damage with a dagger. a spellcloak of sorts. the idea, is she is some nobleman's surrogate daughter and well, inspired a bit by Ezio Auditore with a hint of Raistlin Majere, and a cute appearance reminiscent of Gokou Ruri. essentially sweet and social, and not the type you would expect to be an assassin.

the idea, is she works for the Italian Government as a Stealth Agent similar to the Hassansin. and i know nymph isn't an optimal race, but they are cute, and it fits her Steampunk Moe theme.

her psychic powers are all illusion based, like dissapearing, inflicting painful traumatic imagery through empathetic feedback, making duplicates of herself, healing wounds through triggering pleasant memories, or changing her general appearance in a fashion akin to shapeshifting.

Wizard Archetype; Arcane Burglar

Unlike most wizards whom grew up with a collegiate education, the Arcane Burglar, grew up in theless fortunate parts of the urban regions, becoming a thief whom used their magic to help them steal to survive and teach themselves or to pay for the education from a thieves guild. Some might even be messengers or dungeoneers of questionable arcane background. Either way, they are larcenous arcanists whom use magic for criminal ends and are often accepted into thieves guilds.

An arcane burglar can also be used to represent a spy, street magician or tomb raider whom uses magic to augment their larceny.


Skill Changes. An Arcane Burglar Gains the Following 10 skills as Class Skills, Stealth, Disguise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Sleight of Hand, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nobility), Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Appraise, and Sense Motive. This replaces the knowledge skills a wizard normally gains as class skills

Break In Artist, at 1st level an Arcane Burglar treats perception and disable device as additional class skills, in addition, she adds half her wizard levels to perception and disable device checks and may disable magical traps with the disable device skill as if she were a rogue. This feature replaces scribe scroll

Rogue Talents; at 5th level, 10th level and Every 5 levels after, an arcane burglar gains a rogue talent, at 10th level, she may take advanced talents. This replaces the bonus feats gained for every 5 levels she possesses. In addition, she may take the extra rogue talent feat as if she possessed the rogue talent class feature

Cantrips of the Thief, an Arcane Burglar Treats the Following 4 Cantrips as Additional Prepared Cantrips, whether or not she had actually prepared spells and may not swap them out. Sift, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, and Breeze. All 4 of which she may use at will These cantrips replace the spell like arcane school power normally granted by the Arcane School at 1st level that is useable a limited number of times per day

Bond of the Burglar, at 1st level the Arcane Burglar forges a bond with herself, boosting her skill in the art of burglary adds her intelligence bonus as an insight bonus to the following skills, Stealth, Perception, Disable Device, Diplomacy, Disguise, Bluff, and Sleight of hand. This ability replaces the Wizard’s Arcane Bond

the Game

an online campaign seeking 5-7 more players. i'm currently a player

Nick can tell you the guidelines but i will leave you the recommendation of making a mythweavers account

all Nick, his Wife and i ask, is you focus more on the characterization and less on the optimization.

does Drive Thru RPG comply with the US PCI laws?

my mom is worried about encryption and scrubbing and afraid of her card being compromised.

there is a particular item i seek to acquire exclusive to that site.

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i know it's going to be a long while before Paizo does an Advanced Race Guide 2. but i want to see what New Races people want to see i such a book dedicated entirely to races not found in the Original ARG.

post what races you want to see, what Angles you would want to see them take, and/or what Racial Modifiers you want to see

Racial Modifier Packages i want to see

+2 intelligence +2 Charisma -2 Strength. would work well on a half nymph race with a flavor based on creativity and frequently associated with the role of muse. a race i would truly love to see, a half-nymph with some key human abilities built for musedom, essentially the best social bard and having a bigger racial focus on skills than a human of the same level

+2 Dexterity +2 Strength -2 Charisma, could work with a Wood Elf Race inspired loosely by WoW's Night Elves with none of that treehugger baggage, a race of forestbound physically fit tribal hunters and gatherers that completely show a new spin on a classic elven subrace

a Small Race with a +2 Strength Bonus, a Race with a 40 foot base land speed, or a physically strong race with immunity to fatigue, i posted an idea of something that combined all 3 in the form of a race of Goblinoids called Reds, their modifiers were +2 Strength +2 Dexterity -2 Charisma, they were small with a 40 foot base speed and immunity to fatigue.

a positive energy planetouched and a negative energy planetouched

a planetouched born of lawful outsiders and a planetouched born of chaotic outsiders

a race with +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma and powerful build, something descended from giants and designed to wield weapons sized for larger creatures

a pixie sized playable race with wings (and flight), could just as easily be a halfling/pixie hybrid

some Variant Bloodlines for the Sylph, Undine, Oread, Ifrit and Fetchling

a race based loosely off the Elins from Tera online, a race of perpetually youthful small fey whom lack a penalty to strength or constitution, possess a 40 foot base land speed, and have the ability to wield oversized weapons with enhanced reach. i'd give them the same racial modifier adjustment as humans. casting calm emotions and haste once per hour as an SLA would be pretty cool too.

a thread for people to make suggestions of what styles of iconics they want to see.

i'd like to personally see a youthful Ustalavian Noblewoman clad in attire fitting for the gothic horror feel. which would have influence from either Gothic Transylvania, or Victorian England. petite framed and soft featured, appearantly delicate and fragile

but what iconics would the rest of you want to see?

some of us had request highly niche types of iconics from relatively recent subcultures that had gotten rejected for not liking the feel,

any particular iconics that are highly unlikely to be published that you would like to see concept art for within at least a single core hardcover?

i'd love to see them

i have been playing Tera for the last week or so

and i really want to hug my elin berserker

i want to see people attempt to both convert the elins to the pathfinder system, and try to translate my elin berserker to pathfinder

notable details of my berserker, frilly dress, kneesocks, gauntlets, rings, earings, long hair, fox ears with a prehensile fox tail and an axe 5 times her size she wields as if she had no problems at all

essentially a small character with a colossal greataxe and next to no penalty, a movement speed on par with a horse, pounce, and mountains of toughness

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most adventurers tend to stand out in their own localized societies, and a lot of them are seen as odd in their own ways. because adventurers tend to be freaks, exotic races within reason shouldn't be a problem

all 8 species of planetouched are basically pallette swapped humans, some might have minor exotic traits that can be either concealed or passed off as an exotic fashion statement

some, like changelings, samsarans or dhampir, could be passed off as identical to humans with odd or rare pigmentations and/or odd cosmetic features that could be passed off as fashion choices, much like planetouched

the key to defeating an attention grabbing players habits, is not to restrict options, but to simply not give the player the attention they desire

everytime the dwarves give the drow an odd look, everytime your players show signs of being irked by the gnome, everytime the NPCs attack the catfolk on sight, every time an NPC begs the aasimaar for a lock of her hair. every time you contemplate abducting the noble blooded loligoth for her cuteness and fashion choices, every time you prioritize your focus on the guy with blue skin and feathery black wings, you are doing one thing that can be percieved as the mistake of a DM whom hasn't learned to counter this

you are letting the snowflake win

the Snowflake, following the definition of the "look at me i'm special" player could be done with any race, class, fashion style, age category or accessories, they all have one thing in common, they want all the attention and generally want special treatment

to defeat the snowflake, the strategy is to ignore their uniqueness and pay them less attention.

think to yourself but don't word it aloud, "the blue man with wings is not special, he is an adventurer like the rest of the group, nothing more." blue man with wings could be a stand in for any oddity.

have your NPCs say to themselves under their breath. "oh, adventurers, an odd bunch, their lot come with all sorts of oddities, but no matter what, they are all the same inside, greedy scoundrels whom can be bought with promise of reward." need not be all NPCs, just the village elders or whatever.

when you learn to accept that the one guy's exotic race is no more worthy of attention than the dwarf's odd accent or the elf's OCD, and when you learn to dismiss adventurers as adventurers, rather than focusing on one facet of one adventurer, thus restricting the attention the snowflake can milk

the snowflake will learn one of two things, the first, to leave your game and find one where they can get their attention, or two, they can bite their lip and realize that no matter how unique they make their character, you won't let it hog the spotlight

try creating a variety of encounters to challenge a variety of facets, try creating a variety of scenarios designed for different characters to shine, don't give in to the snowflake's uniqueness. just accept the odd race, find a similar core or standard enough race to mistake it for, and learn, that by deliberately paying less attention to the snowflake and giving a chance at spotlight to the other characters, that they will stop making their eccentricy a focus of the game, either by leaving, or by seeking reform

everytime you give them special treatment in game, whether killing them on sight, giving them odd looks or remarks, tripling item prices for them, focusing on the act of abducting them, asking for a lock of their hair, or focusing on their priority in combat, you are giving them the attention they seek. learn to accept, adventurers are often oddities and the majority are bound to be freaks or outcasts, regardless of race, and you can more freely ignore the snowflake

the key to defeating the snowflake, is not giving into their craving of attention, but to ignore the facets of their uniqueness on a facet that sounds sensible. every time you reward or punish a character in game, you are personally engaging them, giving them the attention they crave with such intensity.

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in every thread we have had about exotic races, dump stats, or power gaming. i noticed a common trend

the people advocating against such practices, always use the most extreme examples they can find, and the people advocating for allowing and defending such practices, tend to be the ones with the tame and reasonable examples, the compromises and the like.

as an example, the last 2 exotic race threads, the people fighting to discourage exotic races, used the following extreme examples to exacerbate their disapproval of exotic races:

an awakened pony wizard named steve

an advanced half fire elemental vampire minotuar

a half drider draconic dryad

an advanced half fiend tiefling

in the same thread, the tame examples i used to prove that race choice isn't to blame for disruption, it's the player

a half-nymph noble based loosely off the half-elf with a few minor tweaks

a sylph street magician

a really tall unarmed slave of giant's heritage whom worked as an attack dog, blacksmith, and carpenter

to look at the dump stat thread example:

the people opposing dump stats used

a barbarian with a 7 in intelligence, wisdom and a 5 in charisma

a wizard with a 7 in strength, wisdom, and a 5 in charisma

defending dump stats, a few examples i used

an onispawn slave with 5 charisma

a sickly half-nymph with 5 strength and 7 constitution

a sylph with 7 strength

why can't we use less extreme examples instead of having to crank our exacerbation up to 11?

list any character ideas you have here for what you wish to play

what i'd like to do.

Neptune; Female Human Aegis

Purple haired girl in a Sailor Seifuku with a glowing katana of purple light held in both hands. merely a katana that shines like an everburning torch.

2handed style, oblivious, lazy, socially akward, calls herself the main character of a video game, very out of it

calls herself the goddess of a country called Planeptune

talks about villainy 101 and follows the genuine hero tropes

Aegis Astral Armor is used to simulate HDD or Hard Drive Divinity form. giving her a skimpier look and enhanced stats.

it bothers me as a DM, that players think, because the NPC monster is using their treasure, that they should be entitled to Extra XP, or that monsters should adhere to their wealth guidelines.

if the monsters has a lot of Extra Wealth, i don't think that honestly should justify a bit of additional XP, even a little. here is my reason why.

even if you include a monster with wealth of a PC 1 or 2 levels higher, while the wealth does add to the monster's power. the fact is, if you managed to defeat the mildly overequipped monster, you can freely loot the slain creature's possessions, and the excess wealth of the monster, is the bonus reward for beating it.

it's a philosophy practiced in a lot of other Non-D20 RPGs i have experienced.

it also opens up such concepts as lower level Nobility who bear a great amount of wealth, or high level transients dealing with poverty.

eventually, it will balance itself

sometimes, that weapon goes just a small percentage above the monster's treasure, i liked Alvena Publishing's Article on looting monsters.

but i like to take it a step further.

i don't intend to exploit consumables to cheat wealth, but i want more freedom in equipping my monsters without having to worry about whether or not it is truly worth additional experience.

i don't equip 1st level characters with +5 superweapons, but i do, like to equip a level 9 NPC Enemy Colonel with the +3 equivalent weapon the 7th level fighter PC seeks to Acquire. or even that plot relevant level 5 NPC Countess with +1 agile weapon and a few other miscellaneous goods that the PCs have a chance to acquire by doing favors for her

truth is, i don't want a tiny little chart to tell me how much gear an NPC of a certain level should possess, even if an NPC of their social status might possess more.

do any of you wish you had this level of freedom? within reason of course.

i'd rather we have a series of guidelines and recommended equipment based on level, than the wealth by level chart as written.

Wood Elves:

Grugach (Wood Elves)

Attributes; +2 Strength +2 Dexterity -2 Charisma; the harsh wilds environment of the woods have conditioned a greater level of Physical Fitness with the Grugach Body at the cost of her ability to relate to most non-Grugach

Medium Size; a Grugach takes no bonuses or penalties due to her size

Child of the Moon; Grugach have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet

Hunter’s Perserverance; a Grugach receives a +2 racial bonus on will saving throws.

Master Huntress; a Grugach receives a +2 Racial Bonus on Stealth and Perception Checks, in addition, she Treats Stealth and Perception as Class Skills, regardless of her Class

Grugach Weapon Familiarity; a Grugach Receives Automatic Proficiency with the Machete (Treat as Scimitar), the Handaxe, the longbow (including composite longbows) and the shortbow (including composite shortbows). In addition, she treats all weapons with “Elven” in their name as martial weapons

Elf Blood; a Grugach counts as an elf for all intents and purposes based on race, such as prerequisites for racial options (such as racial archetypes or favored class bonus), effects that target race (such as favored enemy), or items that work differently for specific races

Fast Speed; a Grugach has a base land speed of 40 feet

Swift Hunter; a Grugach may both, move her full speed while using the stealth skill to sneak at no penalty, and use the survival skill to track at her full speed with no penalty. No other benefit is derived from this ability

Languages; Common, Elven, Bonuses; Any Language Appropriate to Elves, or to regionally appropriate creatures

Houri (Half-Nymphs)

Attributes; +2 intelligence +2 charisma -2 strength; Houri are charming and creative, but slight of frame

Medium Size; a Houri Takes no bonuses or Penalties due to her size

Fey Eyesight; a Houri receives darkvision out to a range of 60 feet

Nymph Blood; a Houri counts as both a human and a nymph for all intents and purposes pertaining to race, such as prerequisites for racial options (such as archetypes or favored class bonuses), effects that target race (such as favored enemy), or items that work differently for specific races.

Fey Heritage; a Houri Recieves Fey Foundling as a bonus feat. (see the pathfinder inner sea world guide for fey foundling)

Able Learner; a Houri due to her human ambition, tends to pick up new

skills rather quickly, this works exactly like the skilled racial trait possessed by humans, giving her a bonus skill point per level. (if playing 3.5, multiply these bonus skill points by 4 at 1st level)

Fey Sorcery; a Houri receives a +2 racial bonus to concentration checks, to caster level checks made to bypass spell resistance, to caster level checks made to dispel effects, and to spellcraft checks made to craft or identify magic items

Normal Speed; a Houri has a base land speed of 30 feet and a base swim speed of 30 feet.

Languages; Common, Sylvan, Bonus Languages; Any

i know these aren't the first takes, nor the most balanced

but i had to complete the core Elven trinity of High, Wood, and Dark

and the truth is

Wood Elves were built to be rangeresque with most classes, which leads to them being predominantly martial. a desired effect of their modifiers. Wood Elves aren't designed to capitalize a casting stat. they are designed to hunt, and an important part of hunting large game, is the ability to harm it. they typically hunt smaller dinosaurs and other large sized game

Half-Nymphs have many boons pertaining to casting, and to skills. but they are built around being social spellcasters but instead of favoring one key casting stat, they favor both key bardic stats, which both happen to be common arcane casting stats. instead of the Druidic stuff, they tend to highly educated sorcerers with nature oriented bloodlines. such as shadow, elemental, fey, and stuff like that

the reason i avoided the race builder, is because it is a poor judge of balance

my main 5 concepts with rough ideas

the following 2 go together preferably

Lumiere Dawnbringer; an oblivious angelkin holy knight devoted to bringing reality to her elder sister's ideals. will most likely be an oblivious angelkin paladin or oracle with 7 wisdom. could also be a bard or magus with a bit of tweaking.

Umbriere Moonwhisper; a sickly fetchling countess of chelexian heritage whom even despite her sweet personality, depends on her younger sister's protection and seeks to find a cure for her supernatual illness. will most likely be a fetchling bard w/ 7 in strength and constitution

the other 3 are all kinda individual

Ilina Aniri; a magically gifted scientist whom seeks to overcome her cursed womb and develop the ritual to become a mother through magic by means of discovering the chemical composition of the humanoid body, finding valid donors, and proceeding to create her soon to be daughters through alchemy. could be a wizard, psion, witch, alchemist. magus, or highly intelligent bard

Akane Saitou; a Samurai exiled from minkai when her Elder Brother, Hajime was executed for inciting Rebellion against the Jade Regent. could be anywhere. could be a ninja, samurai, barbarian, ranger, or paladin

Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider; a sylph street urchin with magical gifts and an affinity for weather, has many larcenous talents, not having done much besides stealing the occasional piece of fruit from the local market to feed herself or beg for food. fragile and nimble with keen perception, easily frightened and a bit akward and shy. will likely be a bard, rogue, arcane trickster, cryptic, wizard or sorcerer depending on needs

the other Submissions i need to make Aliases for require a bit of working with.

Tsui Shuifeng, an amphibious dragon worshipping priestess of Seiyru from Quin whom fights with a Jian and has a patch of dragonscales on her torso that resemble something akin to a leotard, a corset, or japanese school swimsuit (may require armor of the pit feat to pull off w/ DM permission) Undine Fighter/Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple

Princess Cherie Del Sol, a female Ifrit princess from the desert whom is highly irrational and easily angered. bears a temper akin to a raging inferno and acts spoiled. frightening enough, even outside of her home to scare people. was drugged, got kidnapped, and eventually slew her kidnappers ending up whereever. the 35th princess in line for the desert throne. female ifrit fire elemental bloodline sorcerer w/ wildfire heart

Koakuma Scarlette; shy female tiefling teleportation conjurer who lacks confidence, sent by her mistress and teacher, the purple haired anemic Samsaran. Patchouli Knowledge, to find her a mythical tome of great power known as the "Compendium Universa." trained in elemental and control spells that generally due to metamagic, inflict effects in addition to damage, and the binding of elementals

Conflitta Olympia; a priestess of the concept of opposition, gifted with the power of harmony. akin to a taoist. she dislikes conflict, but has no qualms defending herself. Female Aasimaar Life Oracle or a Lawful Neutral Cleric of Taoism with the restoration (healing) and protection domains

Julian Nicoletti. a male of weretiger descent whom is married to a young dhampir girl, and works as an assistant to her library. appears human and likes a good book. worried about his 5 adopted fairy daughters and the example he set for them. male reskinned catfolk Natural Weapon Ranger with maybe some levels of vivisectionist and master chymist.

Here i present a new bard archetype called the spellcloak. it may seem a little imbalanced. but it is an archetype less focused on skills and performance, and more focused on utilizing the coup de grace rules.


Spellcloak (Bard Archetype)

Weapon Proficiency; the Spellcloak adds the wakazashi, kukri and scimitar to her list of weapon proficiencies, these proficiencies replace the longsword, whip, and sap

Break in Artist; (Ex) at 1st level; a Spellcloak adds half her level to perception and disable device checks, and may disable magical traps and haunts with a disable device check. In addition, she may pick locks and both find or disable traps in half the time. In addition, she may take 10 on any perception or disable device check, and treats disable device and survival, as additional class skills. This ability replaces bardic knowledge and well versed

Precision Artist; (Ex) at 1st level When wielding a light weapon, shortbow, or crossbow a Spellcloak gains a competence bonus on damage rolls equal to her bard level. In addition, she receives weapon finesse as a bonus feat. At 2nd level, she applies her dexterity bonus in place of her strength bonus to damage rolls with light melee and thrown weapons, and as a bonus to damage rolls with non-composite shortbows and with crossbows. This ability replaces fascinate bardic performace and the versatile performance ability gained at 2nd level

Evasion; at 5th level; a Spellcloak gains evasion, as the rogue ability by the same name. This ability replaces the lore master use gained at 5th level

Shroud; (Su) at 6th level, a Spellcloak is treated as if she were under the effects of a permanent blur spell that cannot be dispelled. In addition, she may make a stealth check to conceal herself even while observed. This ability replaces the suggestion bardic performance and the versatile performance gained at 6th level

Master of Assassination (Ex); at 10th level, a Spellcloak receives to following perks
1. When wielding a weapon that benefits from precision artist, she may use her bard level in place of her base attack bonus for all intents and purposes pertaining to base attack bonus
2. The spellcloak may make a coup de grace as a standard action
3. A Spellcloak may apply the coup de grace to foes denied their dexterity bonus to armor class in any way
This ability replaces the lore master use gained at 11th level and the versatile performance gained at 10th level

Cloaking Performance; (Su) a 9th level, a Spellcloak may sacrifice 5 rounds of bardic performance in a 10 minute ritual to grant a number of allies equal to herself, plus her bard level, plus her charisma bonus, total concealment that can be maintained during movement. This total concealment lasts for 1 hour. Though individual members may be targeted normally, the total concealment allows any beneficiaries to attack a foe as if they were under the effects of greater invisibility, despite not truly being invisible; it allows them to make stealth checks at their full speed without penalty, and grants everyone affected, a bonus on stealth checks equal to her bard level. This ability replaces inspire greatness and inspire heroics

Improved Evasion; (Ex) at 8th level; A Spellcloak receives improved evasion as per the rogue class feature by the same name. this ability replaces dirge of doom

Improved Shroud (Su); at 14th level, the miss chance provided by a spellcloak’s shroud ability increases to 50%. In addition, she becomes immune to critical hits. she treats any critical hit as a normal hit. This ability replaces the versatile performance gained at 14th level and the frightening tune bardic performance

Performing Staminal (Ex); at 17th level, a Spellcloaks rounds of bardic performance per day from all sources is doubled, this ability replaces the lore master use gained at 17th level and the mass suggestion bardic performance

Lethal Critical (Ex); at 18th level, a Spellcloak may treat any confirmed critical hit she makes as a coup de grace; regardless if it would be otherwise illegal circumstances. This ability replaces the versatile performance gained at 18th level

Master of Anatomy (Ex); a Spellcloak at 20th level automatically confirms any critical threat she makes, in addition, she ignores any immunity or resistances to critical hits the target may have, such as from creature type and armor, and her critical hits, ignore miss chances, and magical defenses derived from the abjuration or illusion schools (such as mirror image, displacement, or the like). This ability replaces deadly performance.

My Designer's Commentary

the archetype's primary focus is coup de grace, everything ties to augmenting and perfecting it.

the low level damage bonuses, are designed to add a damage bonus intended to make a coup de grace worthwhile. while at the same time, opening options for viable damage in combat without needing to be strength focused.

the abilities all kind of tie off, some of the abilities are gratuitous rogue stuff an assassin would be expected to have, and the stealth abilities, from 6th onward, are there to lead to the 10th level ability, which makes coup de grace worthwhile, by combining with greater invisibility and a move, to inflict a coup de grace ever turn as a standard action.

the shroud abilities, while helping with stealth to set this up, offer a nice defensive boon and save a spell known. making the 10th level ability shine

the 18th and 20th level abilities, combine to turn any critical threat that hits, into a pseudo coup de grace, which combined with the scaling static bonuses, makes a high crit range something worthy of appreciation

but the class features kinda hint at focusing on one trick and adding a bunch of triggers, coup de grace.

but it is also a fairly viable 2WF or archer build due to the static damage gained at levels 1 and 2 and the pseudo full bab gained at 10th level with certain weapons.

a spellcloak has many reasons to stay a spellcloak.

coup de gracing a foe denied dex, as a standard action, also solves the martial mobility issue. but a 2HW or Archery build is still superior.

i am trying to convince my cousin to play pathfinder. but her issues are that

despite being a decent mathematician with excellent visual learning ability she has

difficulty memorizing things due to her dyslexia
difficulty retaining verbal cues
difficulty processing a bunch of options
a hard time reading certain complex words
a love for such colorful and excellent anime as Gunslinger Girl, Claymore, Moonphase, Karasu, and Black Rock Shooter
a lack of self esteem
is easy to frustrate due to setting herself up for failure

what i need is an easy to play 10th level 25 point character with 2 traits that is all about passive bonuses and ease of play, with as few options or complexities as possible and as few weapon changes as possible while being an effective contributor to a party of 12 player characters.

for a group i am trying to help found. i am considering a sorcerer with the minmax boards doll judgement discipline.

this has a 1st level stance like ability that lets you control 2 tiny sized dolls per caster level. the dolls have a reach of 5 feet and require spell slots to attack with. they would be wielding small weapons.

assuming the dolls each had a gladius and shield, it would be a D4 per doll before bonuses.

plus the dolls use your strength and dexterity scores, and your caster level in place of bab. but the dolls don't get iteratives.

40D4 at level 20 is 100 damage on average. but it goes through DR 40 times.

i need to prove to him that in 3.5

that either a 10th level martial build is also capable of 100DPR

or a 20th level build is capable of far more.

i need links to these builds with the appropriate caculations

the rules for submitting the links are

3.5 material
no book of 9 swords
no psionics
no incarnum
no tome of magic
nothing by paizo publishing

the race building system in the advanced race guide seems rather flawed. the racial ability prices seem tailored to making a core race equal about 10ish.

at the same time, because of how skewed the prices are, it makes races such as the aasimaar, suli and fetchling, look more overpowered than they actually are.

at the same time it charges for languages which is a commonly ignored restriction.

and the type and bonus based prerequisites seem a pointless way to balance abilities based on fluff. on a system where a 10 point race, can be drastically stronger than their 20 point counterpart.

how many of you actually use the race builder?

and how many of you, like myself, go by your gut?

there is a heavy trend of overpowered character options from the orient and a trend of overpowered exotic monsters in Africa and South America we used for statblocks

but what about the creatures from North America?

we have 4 or 5 types of wolf, with different names, none of which, say Coyote and 4 types of cattle, none of which say "Buffalo"

Coyotes are Underpowered in d20 wrote:

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Wolves" BS that's going on in the d20 system right now. Coyotes deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.
I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine Coyote in California for 20,000 Dollars (that's about $20,000) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even pierce slabs of solid steel with my Coyote.
Californian Breeders spend years working on a single Coyote and file it up to a million times to produce the finest canines known to mankind.
Coyotes are thrice as sharp as English Wolves and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a Wolf can pierce through, a Coyote can pierce through better. I'm pretty sure a Coyote could easily bisect a samurai wearing pieces of wood for armor with a simple horizontal slash.
Ever wonder why England lost to America? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Shamans and their Coyotes of destruction. Even in the American Revolution, English soldiers targeted the Coyotes first because their killing power was feared and respected.
So what am I saying? Coyotes are simply the best Canine that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Coyotes:
(Coyote Bite) 1d12+2xSTR Damage 17-20 x4 Crit +2 to hit and damage Counts as Masterwork
(Dire Coyote Bite) 2d12+2xSTR Damage 15-20 x4 Crit +5 to hit and damage Counts as Masterwork
Now that seems a lot more representative of the piercing power of Coyotes in real life, don't you think?
tl;dr = Coyotes need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block

i need concepts for a 9th level skull and shackles character about to join a 10th level party this saturday.

basic character creation rules

  • 25 point buy
  • 2 traits
  • in leiu of skill points derived from class at 1st level, PCs recieve a free rank in all of their class skills that are neither perform, profession nor craft. but only for their first character level. this doesn't count stuff like favored class, intelligence bonus, or racial bonuses to skill points
  • HP progression is max at 1st level, using half max+1+other bonuses upon leveling. (see PFS)
  • item creation is banned with the exception of consumables
  • new characters join 1 level below APL (rounded up)
  • no evil aligned PCs nor lawful good ones either
  • dervish dance works with any 1handed slashing weapon from the light blades or heavy blades family (including light)
  • anything allied with Cheliax, Pathfinder Society or Aspis Consortium is banned as are appropriate archetypes and prestige classes from those groups

allowed books are

  • core rulebook (except paladins and leadership)

  • APG (except inquisitor, cavalier and summoner and related archetypes)

  • Ultimate Combat (except guns and optional rules)

  • Ultimate magic (except homebrewing spells and antagonize)

  • bestiaries 1-3 (familiars, summons and animal companions only)

  • advanced race guide (any race from chapters 1-3 with appropriate alternate traits except duergar, svirfneblin, dhampir, and furry stuff like catfolk, kitsune, strix or tengu)

  • inner sea world guide

  • anything resembling an official pathfinder companion pamphlet if you can bring a physical copy of the appropriate content

known group members include

  • male human wereshark fighter/barbarian who 2hands a katana and has a chance of attacking party members on a failed will save
  • male dwarven fighter who dual wields sawtooth sabres
  • male drow rogue who shows up intermittently and rarely ever gets off a sneak attack
  • male nagaji dual cursed waves oracle who wields a longspear and spiked gauntlet and is built towards combat reflexes
  • male halfling witch who uses a combination of hexes and weak evocation spells
  • male human bard who provides support through casting and skill checks but can't fight his way out of a paper bag
  • i don't know what he is playing and have no way to find out, but he tends to be reckless and die quite a bit and changes quite often
  • a male human barbarian with an earthbreaker who rarely shows

if you can whip up a touhoufied concept that fits my Gensokyo filter, i'd take it up in a heartbeat. doesn't have to actually be a canon character, just fit the visual.

characters i played i don't have permission to repeat

Conflitta, female human fire elemental sorceress. face and blaster, guards tidewater rock

Umbri, female fetchling ninja, killed by undead, reanimated as a zombie and died a second time against the party

Lumi, female angelkin metal oracle, similar build to the nagaji, died protecting the crew

Rex, female human dragon style martial artist, killed zombies with a single punch, got killed by zombies when paralyzed by a mohrg

a thread to give odd flavors or descriptions to characters of given classes. especially if they wouldn't be expected, or if they go against the norm. i care not of race, age or gender, any can work. even if they were former PCs or future backup PCs. remember to list the class and archetypes afterwards

1. a pale and small framed woman of far eastern decent, clad in a black printless winter weight, furisode kimono with ankle length sleeves, has necklength black hair and ambery hued golden eyes. wears a 15 foot long barbed chain over her obi like a sash. a Daikyu across her back, and a pair of steel plated combat boots on her feet. worn like a haori was a Kikko Vest sandwiched between 2 layers of dark hued heavy cloth. various casts and bandages could be loosely seen upon her person, her movement, seeming to push herself further and ignore the many injuries her body has sustained

Human Darkness Domain Inquisitor of Zon-Kuthon with Kikko Armor, a darkleaf cloth silken ceremonial robe, a houseruled 3.5 edition spiked chain, a composite longbow, and reflavored cesti (combat boots)

2. a small framed and seemingly sweet woman of appearantly distant northern descent, fair skinned with ankle length radiant golden hued ash blonde hair and deep blue eyes reminiscent of a newborn's innocence. appearantly clad in an extravagant white dress. across her back, was a clockwork bow, and a steel shafted glaive. on her left hand is a steel cestus. her movements seem rapid, graceful and fluid, yet she is far stronger than she first appears. able to carry that massive glaive, nearly twice her height without issues.

Angelkin Dual Cursed Metal Oracle of Gorum with a Glaive, a Composite Longbow, a Cestus and a Suit of Glamered Full Plate.

3. a nomadic youth with medium green hair and deep blue-green eyes. she stands barely under 5 feet tall and has a rather emaciated frame. dressed in a green heavy robe fashioned from darkleaf cloth, covered by a brigandine vest fashioned by mithril sandwhiched between the same cloth as her robe. on her right arm, hidden behind her massive sleeve is a targe fashioned from mithril, and on her left, also concealed, is a blue-green band covering her forearm, featuring small silver bells by the wrists. her hair is tied by a simple blue ribbon, a sash is worn amongst the waist of her robe. and as she moves, she bears an unusual grace, combined with a lack of impression amongst any surface due to her lighter weight. secretly derived from her hollow skeleton.

a sylph air elemental school wizard with a reflavored bonded object (Wand), a darkleaf cloth silken ceremonial robe, a mithril buckler, and mithril kikko armor.

4. a freakishly tall savage woman from the desert, with deep brown skin, long reddish hued black hair, and amber eyes. she appears extremely well endowed, and has a 12 pack abdomen. she smells of sand and blood. clad in a suit of heavy adamantine plate armor and armed with an adamantine claymore. strapped across her back is a rarely used bow and glaive with multiple heavily stuffed quivers on each leg. at 1 hip is a longsword for backup, and on one of her hands, is a cestus, both forged from adamantine. unlike most women, she appears extremely muscular, and her status as a woman is questionable. scarred more heavily than the greatest of orc chieftans, she cheers "Blood and Thunder" before combat, over her armor is the tabard of the iron lord.

a suli battle oracle of Gorum with Full Plate, a Greatsword, a Composite Longbow, a Glaive, a Longsword, a heavy Shield, and a cestus, all forged from adamantine (except the bow)

yeah; i play a lot of small framed women.

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i couldn't find the old thread, so i made a new one. please list your skull and shackles party, including current PCs, former PCs, and PCs to be, whether new players you know wish to join, or possible backup characters.

our current party:

* Free Captain Roargar "The Lucky." male dwarven fighter 7 who TWF with sawtooth sabres

* Jager, male Nagaji waves Oracle of Besmara 7, carries a longspear and functions as an aerial melee combatant exploiting both flanking and higher ground bonuses. walks on water whilst wearing plate and exploits misfortune heavily.

* Drem, male halfling witch 7, slumber hex, lightning bolt, and ear piercing scream are his standard

* Bruce, male tian barbarian 3/fighter 4, 2handed, raging, power attacker with a katana. drops most mooks with a full attack

* Rokan, male human (ethnicity unknown) barbarian 7, also drops most foes with a full attack

* Gazelle, female gnome sorceress 7, loves her fire

* "Yarr", male ulfen bard, the runt of his people, a support character and skill monkey

* Malik, male drow rogue, your quintessential aspriring duelist, sneak attacks with just about everything he can find and does crazy swashbuckling stunts

* "Lumi" Female Angelkin Metal Oracle of Gorum with the scion of humanity trait and a steel shafted glaive. moves 40 feet in glamered plate with a 30 foot swim and climb speed.


Lumi's predeccessors:

Conflitta, female chelexian fire elemental bloodline sorcerer 5, loved her fire, retired with mister Cogward or whatever his name was when tidewater rock was captured. they defend tidewater with some of the leftover crew, Conflitta is still alive, but looked upon negatively, married, and has a baby on the way

Miyabi "Rex" Kobayashi, female tian Brawler 3/martial artist 3, Rex failed a save against a Mohrg's paralysis by rolling a fumble (a 1) and died against zombies, her sacrifice kept the captains crew alive to fight another day

"Umbri" female anemic fetchling ninja 7, Umbri came close to several potential deaths incurred by her poor health, (7 constitution), though she dealt absurd damage with a twin wakazashi sneak attack, her anemia finally caught up to her, and in a recent battle, realized the stakes were outpacing her poor health and decided to use her alchemy skills as a pharmacist assisting Sandara by producing minor medicines to save her some uneeded effort. taking a back seat.

Gazelle's predescessors:

Bubbagumpy, male gnome cleric of besmara 5, died due to his recklessness

polgara, female elf magus 6, died due to her recklessness

Bruce's predecessors:

Ash, barbarian 3/fighter 4, see bruce for build info, died due to a critical hit from a deadly monster

Malik's predescessors:

Atanasio, male gnome illusionist 3/rogue 3, the poor gnome died

New PCs

Joining Saturday December 1st 2012:

A Human cleric, played by my younger cousin and roommate, we will work together on it, likely a healbot.

Possible backup characters.

My possible backup character in case Lumi dies:

Auren Cloudstrider, Female Sylph Air Elementalist Wizard, manipulates weather