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Off in a distant system a beacon rings out across the stars calling for help. Though when they get there it seems to be coming from a gas giant that orbits a dying star. Upon further investigation they will find a long abandoned station which unexpectedly transports them down to the planet which appears to be terraforming gone horribly wrong. Trapped on the planet without a means of escape the PCs must discover what happened here and how to escape.

I bet someone has already thought of this and please drop a link if there's another forum similar to this.

Anyways I've always loved the idea of wild magic cause of the chance for everything to go crazy. A little more chaos to an adventure. So I'd thought it would be fun to try and make something similar for Starfinder hence 'Quantum Mage'. Someone who pushes science and magic to the utmost limits till things start to break and make new results. The magic gets more chaotic when it's less observed just like Schrödinger's cat.

I've never made a homebrew class before and I'm looking for ideas to help make it. Any ideas would be great.