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"Marvelous! How did you come by such rare and dangerous creatures? Did you snatch dragon eggs or hatchlings from under their parents' noses? Surely such a feat must be worthy of a great tale in itself." Ukube exclaims with increasing (and seemingly quite genuine) excitement. It's clear that his fantasies of daring dragon acquisitions is distracting him from the task at hand.

"A fine looking beast! Is that a vulcano dragon as well or a plain red dragon?".

EltonJ wrote:
Mongo of Mwangi wrote:

Mongo picks up the hammer and slams it down, like he's driving in a spike.

Strength check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

The mighty Mongo makes the bell ring!

Ukube gives an impressive nod before taking the hammer from Mungo.

"Not bad, not watch this!" he says, full of confidence.

Strength check: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Either the beer or the bravado, or a combination of both, gets in the way of a perfect swing. While the bell does ring, it's clearly not as loud as Mungo's

" out of three?" Ukube says a bit sheepishly.

Ukube happily tags along with the group, taking in the sights and generally appearing to be in a great mood.

"Some of these beast are fearsome and dangerous all right. I've encountered many like them on expeditions in the deep jungle. Are you sure you want to set them free?"

Easily distracted, he looks around to spot the mentioned contest of strength or other forms of entertainment.

Ukube drains the last of his beer and pushes back his chair.

"Right! Off we go - we'll see what they have to offer, and if anyone are up to no good, we'll make them think twice before they try any sort of nasty business."

Mongo of Mwangi wrote:

Mongo tries to follow the confusing conversation. He twigs on one phrase, "tests of strength."

"You need strong? Mongo strong!" He shows more pride than he has before.

Ukube gives the barbarian an appraising look before stiking up a laugh and slapping his thick thigh.

"Hah! You look strong all right, but I'll wager I'm stronger. Let's head to this carneval and find out who does best at these test of strength!"

No fairy dragon here, fellas! This here dragon is a VULCANO dragon! That a whole other kind of dragon. Say, little guy, does that mean you live in a vulcano? I’ve never heard of vulcano dragons before, and I never miss a good tale.

As the men expand on their reason for looking for Zinnath, Ukebe cracks a big smile.

A carneval! Where are you set up? Do you have dancing and tests of strenght too? Man, I love the start of Dry season, always so much happening…” Ukube babbles, oblivious to any mounting tension.

Wiping pork grease from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, Ukube leans over towards where Zinnath and the others are sitting.

”Oi! Did you say you were a white dragon, a red dragon or a fairy dragon? Cause those fellas over there are looking for a white fairy dragon.”

Having returned home to help out his family on their farm in prepeartion for the dry season, Ukube is in high spirits. Although his family appreciate his assistance, they have been strongly encouraging him to seek another adventure soon. For now, Ukube is mainly looking forward to the upcoming festivities.

Seated at a table in the bar, he's consuming a hearty meal of spiced pork and yams, washed down with plenty of beer.

Wiping his mouth and letting out a large belch, he calls for another beer.

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Still here. Just waiting for the action to begin.

Format for the game sounds good. As for how we all know each other, the Nantambu link could work for some of us. We could also work in a muscle/caster-for-hire angle, for example we could all prevoiusly have been hired to join the same expedition.

Since Ukube won’t be casting spells, I don’t expect this to affect me much. That said, I don’t really have the mental bandwith to learn a whole new rules subset right now. So if we do this, please provide very specific instructions about how to respond to spells.

”BWAHAHA! Discussions are for old men and weakling spellcasters! Let’s tell tales of might and heroism instead! Who wants some palm wine?!”


Yumbulika wrote:
Btw, Yumbulika would totally try to help Ukube overcome his disdain for magic. :)

That sounds wonderful. He’s really just a big softie, once you get past the bravado. Problem is that there is so much bravado to get through. :-)

I plan to play Ukube’s 7 Int and 7 Cha faithfully all the way through. That means he’ll be loud, over the top and just plain dumb much of the time. Fell free to point out if it gets out of hand and I’ll dial it down.

No need to worry about interparty conflict or overly reckless behavior either. Just think of him as a clueless teenager who will need a bit of managing in polite society and a reminder now and again to think before he acts.

Jacob Trier's submission: Ukebe the Wrestler, another native of Nantambu. Bit of a brute with a chip on his shoulder towards magic and spellcasters, but a good man to have on your side in a scuffle.

Crunch in the character bio.

Physical description:
Tall, brawny and muscular, Ukube makes an imposing figure. He moves with more grace than you would expect from a man of his size. There is little graceful about his general appearance, though. His eyes a too close together, his broad nose has been broken several times and he is missing several teeth. To hide the onset of early balding, he usually keeps his scalp clean shaven. Often, he reeks of old sweat and cheap palm wine.

While exploring, he wears a chain shirt under his loose shirt and a cestus on his left hand.


Born to honest and hardworking farmers in Nantambu, Ukube was raised on stories of Old-Mage Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors. Enraptured by the stories, he grew up with a burning desire to one day become a great magic warrior himself. The only problem was that it was soon abundantly clear to anyone that he had neither the intelligence or strength of personality to wield any kind of magic. Local students at the Magaambya arcane academy would mock him openly and use cantrips to heckle him as he spent his adolescence pretending to slay imaginary monsters with nonsens spells. What he lacked in magic potential, he made up in physical prowess, though, and hard field work helped him develop a formidable physical form. He began practicing wrestling and soon discovered that spellcasters had trouble using their magic to tease him when they had their face stuffed in the mud with both arms pinned behind their back.

As he grew into manhood, he loved frequenting markets and festivals, often winning wrestling contests. He basked in the admiration of fans, carroused and pursued romantic conquests (usually without much success). He often bragged of his physical might and mocked the spellcasters he had once wished to emulate. After a series of drunken brawls and unfortunate incidents, his family encouraged him to seek his fortune as an adventurer, before he destroyed the last tatters of the family reputation.

In the past couple of years, Ukebe has managed to make a decent living as a jungle guide and hired muscle. He still lives a carefree life, often squandering his money on drink and other pleasures. He never misses an opportunity to get into trouble.

Goals and potential plot hooks:

Ukebe still dreams of becoming a great warrior, but now he prefers to rely on his physical might. He suffers from a bit of an inferiority complex towards magic and spellcasters, jaded by his childhood bullying, but secretly has a fantasy of being a true magic warrior. He would never admit this, however, and instead projects his insecurities as open disdain for magic.

He still loves stories with an almost childlike passion, and frequently draws inspiration from the deeds of mythical heroes when adapting his martial style.

He is brave and loyal, but his lack of intelligence and boisterous behavior often gets him into trouble.