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After my currently trip to the re-education farm, I have once again bought myself a new wardrobe.

Golgotha doesn’t just put you aside for your addictions, they really help you to. So no more dancing around in the moonlight, now it’s back to the shadows once again.

Golgotha takes care of their citizens.

(A voice silently singing in Uffda head:
dancing in the moonlight,
everybodys feeling warm and bright,
its such a fine and natural sight,
everybodys dancing in the moonlight,)

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I'm so glad I backed Goblinworks, they have delivered everything they said they would so far. :D

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One thing I think I have not experienced in any game is an implemented Salary system.

Say for example if you have spesific rank, or task to do you should be offered a fee for what you do. Say a weekly salary/fee for your services that one provides for a Nation on an automatic feature.

Hire 10 players to defend a Nation/city and they all get a weekly salary for doing so

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Just tell me were to sign up. :)

For who doesn't want to be part of something like this from the beginning.