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skald with lesser celestial totem and path of glory :)

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
So are humans the only ones allowed to add extra body parts? Can my dwarf have a tail? If tails are unimportant fluff, why does the Kobold description mention tails? Shouldn't that be up to the player? Can I remove limbs without it affecting me mechanically? If I want to play a leg less human, does it change my base speed?

Can my human have a mouth? No where in the physical description of humans does it say they have mouthes. They can apparently talk and dont seem to be mute, but they dont have mouthes, so they couldn't get a bite attack.

Still find it funny that besides logic there is no evidence that you need a tail to make a tail attack.

Also if Kobolds mention of a tail isn't fluff, then either humans doesn't have a mouth or they have any kind of facial feature you can think of:

Physical Description: The physical characteristics of humans are as varied as the world's climes. From the dark-skinned tribesmen of the southern continents to the pale and barbaric raiders of the northern lands, humans possess a wide variety of skin colors, body types, and facial features. Generally speaking, humans' skin color assumes a darker hue the closer to the equator they live.

I know this is stupid but people keep yelling RAW which to begin with is stupid....

TGMaxMaxer wrote:
CRB First Paragraph of Bardic Performance Description wrote:
A bard is trained to use the Perform skill to create magical effects on those around him, including himself if desired. He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st a bard can use bardic performance for 2 additional rounds per day. Each round, the bard can produce any one of the types of bardic performance that he has mastered, as indicated by his level.

Now, he can stop each type carried over from a prior round and start a new one each round, but he can only -start one type- per round.

So, you could put up Inspire courage on round one, then drop it for Dirge of Doom on round 2, then drop that to fire off Weird words on round three, but you couldn't use your move/swift to put up inspire courage on round three even if you were high enough level, because of that line bolded right there. Exceptions to this are the Shadowbard spell, and Virtuoso Performance spell.

I missed that sorry, or rather misunderstood it, so it would be inline with this:

CRB Second Paragraph of Bardic Performance Description wrote:

Starting a bardic performance is a standard action, but it can be maintained each round as a free action. Changing a bardic performance from one effect to another requires the bard to stop the previous performance and start a new one as a standard action. A bardic performance cannot be disrupted, but it ends immediately if the bard is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to maintain it each round. A bard cannot have more than one bardic performance in effect at one time.

But wouldn't that first paragraft make Virtuoso Performance not work, since it doen't allow you to use another type of bardic performance, just start and maintain a second performance?

Virtuose Performance wrote:

While this spell is active, you may start a second bardic performance while maintaining another. Starting the second performance costs 2 rounds of bardic performance instead of 1. Maintaining both performances costs a total of 3 rounds of bardic performance for each round they are maintained. When this spell ends, one of the performances ends immediately (your choice).

Virtuoso performance does not stack with any other method of maintaining simultaneous bardic performances.

I know this is nit picking about RAW and RAI but they seem to differ between types of bardic perfomances you can start in a round and the amount you can maintain.

He can use two different types of music in the same round if he so desires , just not at the same time(unless he has another effect that lets the bard do this).

A bard cannot have more than one bardic performance in effect at one time.

I'm playing around with an synthesist 1, monk 1, oracle of lore 1, paladin 4 venerable changeling - tbh mostly to be cheezy but I think it also vil be too impractical for propper play.

Christopher Dudley wrote:
The character had envisioned his eidolon suit as a mech in which he could be effective in melee, but the math pretty much ruled that out.

Synthesist can quite easy start with 18 str and 2 natural attacks at lvl 1 which would put him at least at par with or ahead of the other meleers.

The you look at the 4 natural armor you can start with along with the ability to cast mage armor - so at lvl 1 you would stand at 19 ac.

This all seems okies to me.

At lvl 8 you can get large size for +8 str beside the +4 stats so you end up at 28 str. Still seems okies to me.

In the PDF i got here the Crossbow Brace talent ends with "Additionally," which to me seems pretty wierd.

Might just be me that missed somehting.