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I love Syrinscape, use it for every game night we have, but I'm sad they will not be doing a Crimson Throne set.

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I pre-ordered Curse some time ago, and never received an order number. It is not in my order history, but when I go to the Curse page on the website is says that I have purchased this product.

I have heard others mention an order going into limbo before on this forum and I think that happened to me.

Its all good, I just want to make sure that I get my book and pdf.


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I am going to start running a Pathfinder group starting in the summer. I am the most familiar with Pathfinder of the group, but everyone is well versed in tabletop RPGs, mostly old school D&D.

With this group and what I am interested in putting work into, I have narrowed it down to Runelords and Reign of Winter. Runelords sounds like it might be easier for a first time GM, but with the gaming this group has done, I thought that something a little different might impress them more.

Am I crazy? Is RoW too tough for a first timer? Any other Adventure Paths I should look at?