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Near perfect but...

3/5's got a chase mechanic. Otherwise fun.

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It's just bad sci-fi and even worse design


I write this review now having first experienced it at a player and again as a GM. As someone who liked the Eberron campaign setting, this scenario just feels like it's trying way too hard to be techie.

Shortly after starting, you are in need of an item that can deal with getting past hardness. An adamantine weapon. This scenario does have the decency to at least throw you a bone in that regards, albeit a small one. (No pun intended.)

Both times as a player and a GM, the group struggled greatly with the first battle. As a result, both groups made a vow to buy adamantine weapons in order to survive the rest of season 6. Granted, I've been preaching that you should always buy an adamantine weapon anyway, but now it certainly drives that point home. The major complaint, especially at this level, is that DR 5 is huge. Tier 4-5 should be able to manage it. Tier 1-2 has everyone feeling like a TPK is imminent, which almost became truth on far too many occasions that I would like for characters just starting out.

The adventure design is total garbage. The maps save for the last one leading up to the last few encounters in the control room are awful. There wasn't even enough decency to label which direction goes where on the first map. Players generally had a hard time understanding the purpose of being here, even after explaining/reminding them the three tenants of being a Society member.

It was a mixed bag in regards to epiphany points. The group as a player managed it well enough. My group as a GM didn't even care and just let the trapped thieves leave. Part of that might have been still being shellshocked of barely surviving the first fight though. The final encounter had the tables at both sides of the spectrum frustrated beyond belief. In both instances, TPKs should've occurred where it not for a x3 crit or a scorching ray spell from a 4th level sorcerer happening when finally given the chance. It locks people down into being able to do nothing, which both tables flat out hated. Even from a GM standpoint, the final fight really felt like some rule-bending was done to make it work.

The best part about this module was the rotating control room. Otherwise this scenario is completely forgettable, which is exactly what I intend to do with it. It'll never see the light of day again.