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Old witches and creepy forest


Travelers through the the Old Margreve forest stop at the midpoint of their journey at Eye of the Forest Coaching Inn. The curious always take a peek inside the cast iron oven in the center of the inn. What you see might set you to wondering if those Grimm fairy tales are true!

Each one of the adventures in this product are a treat to read. Riffing off old world stories of witches, enchanted maidens and wolves that devour little girls wearing red riding hoods, these stories are fresh looks at tales we all know and love. A GM presenting these adventures to their players will be able to delight, and yes, even frighten them a little. After all, the players might *think* they know the ending, but adventures in the Old Margreve rarely turn out the way anyone expects.

As a sourcebook to adventuring in dark woods, it's also a great resource. There are locations and NPCs and a host of story hooks, in addition to the prepared adventures. Best of all, though, is the bestiary. Creatures of slavic lore are fully explained and statted out for your use.

The adventures can form the spine of a campaign or serve as the backdrop to adventures of your own creation using the tools within. Either way, this book makes the dark forests dangerous again ... what else could a GM ask for?

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Rich images from a great magazine!


Turning the pages in this book reminded me how much I miss Dragon magazine. But what a showcase of the great artists and their covers. In particular, I loved the page dedicated to the memorable and striking series of chess covers by Denis Beauvais. This collection of art is inspiration for a game and a reminder of an era when great artwork was hand-in-glove a part of enjoyment of rpgs.

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Fun to paint and play


I had great fun painting these figs. The sculpts were very well done, with some interesting details.

We ran the adventure, the only thing was the limitations imposed by the size of the tiles. With a party of four, and each tile basically representing a "room" in the dungeon, things got a little crowded.

But the quality of the tiles and the figs, and the adaptable nature of the adventure far outshine that little problem. It was certainly an excellent value.

I'm glad I purchased it.

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We put it to use immediately!


We purchased this map pack from our local game store for our Age of Worms campaigns, so we'd have tactical maps for any wilderness encounters.

As soon as we got a look at them, we wanted to put them to use immediately. We used the Coaching Inn tiles for the first floor of Balabar Smenk's manor house and it worked great.

The gem of the tiles, though is the rickety footbridge over the rapids. The bird's eye view of the steep caverns provide an encounter setting that would make Indiana Jones envious.

The renderings are superior to the tactical maps that came with Wizards' old Chainmail miniatures, and the maps work great with Reaper and D&D Miniatures figs. They are made of quality card stock.

The only reason the map pack isn't 5-stars is the fact that once you open the shrink-wrap pack, there's no way to keep the tiles organized and in good condition. The map pack really needs an envelope to help carry the tile cards.