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Devapala Ra'at wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Devapala Ra'at:

The dialogue between the diminutive gnome and towering serpentine beast is suddenly interrupted by the interjection of another party, heretofore unseen, within the chamber. As this third member of the conversation reveals himself with a significantly-intoned cough to clear its scaled throat, Mahu turns to observe a troglodyte garbed in a voluminous robe of rich vermillion fabric.

The troglodyte inclines its head reverently in the direction of the slassan before speaking,

"I expect, Lord, that the brethren of the Ochre Dome may seek to offer the Baptism of the Black Fire to this creature, as they have the servants of the so-called 'Master'."

The slassan, which still has not shared its name, replies, also nodding,

"I suspect there is truth to your claim, companion of the Vermillion Dome."

"I am amenable to accompanying the demon into the presence of the Masters of the Teal Dome. The slassan sages shall be, I imagine, most interested to converse with one such as Hamza. These are representatives of the scholars of the slassan people."

Just to clarify -- the creatures in the other room are your first encounter with the mysterious 'serpent-spiders' you've been hearing so much about for a while. There are four castes of the slassans/serpent spiders, and three of them literally live in different arcologies shaped like large eggs. You haven't visited their city yet, but it's also underground near the Kalidnay ruins.

The troglodyte inclines his scaled head reverently, almost as if in an attitude of prayer, as he replies to this new presence. He speaks with a measured, respectful tone, as if of a servant to a master,

"My wise lords, I had not expected to meet with any of the sages of the Teal Dome within these halls."

He then pauses, as if giving hear to an inquiry heard by none of the other among the assembled persons,

"The matter is as you have said it. My own person and that of the redoubtable Sasochus alone have survived of our company, the servants of the Ochre Dome having been overzealous in their reconnaissance."

Another pause,

"That is a true thing."

Slavathras of the Deadlands wrote:

Surprisingly, the fitful bard raises his voice,

"These proceedings are dreadfully tiresome, let us see if we may secure their quick conclusion."

Though still somehow concealed, Slavathras' voice obviously directs itself towards the Troglodye.

"Troodon of the Mazeweavers, may this humble singer impinge upon your good will to convey the courageous Sassochus speedily to our foe?"

Though his tone is evidently wary, the troglodyte replies in the affirmative, employing a steady implacable tone,

"You may, runner of the sands."

Slavathras moves Sassochus via a Shadow Jump (Su) to the vicinity of the scarlet sentinel. The crocodile attempts to attack three times with his tail slap.

Sassochus: Tail Slap: 3d20 ⇒ (12, 16, 8) = 36

Troodon cast's [i]Bull's Strength on Sassochus, so he hits three times for 12d8 + 48 damage.

Sassochus vs. Scarlet Sentinel (Bite Damage): 12d8 + 48 ⇒ (8, 7, 8, 2, 8, 5, 5, 2, 5, 1, 8, 6) + 48 = 113

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:
Troodon Aardonyx wrote:
"Stranger. That sounds to my ears equally as an invitation, a request, and a veiled threat. Are your people all of such a kind as yourself, clothing fangs with velvet words?"
Hamza chuckles "I can't speak for all of my people, but my family are merchants and traders of the highest caliber. Such a profession tends to hone one's tongue." He extends a hand "My name is Hamza Mīnakshi by the way. Let us dispense with the 'stranger' moniker."

Did you catch the post above where I gave you Fenriz's notes (in infernal) on the map?

The reptilian eyes Hamza warily,

"And know, Hamza, that I am Troodon, once of the Venomdrinkers, now of the Vermillion Dome."

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:
"Excellent, so you're a prefect candidate to choose which pieces of equipment would best to sell once we return to civilization. As well as carrying said gear for us. We will of course cut you in on the profits. Maybe we could rig something to the crocodile to assist in hauling?"

"Stranger. That sounds to my ears equally as an invitation, a request, and a veiled threat. Are your people all of such a kind as yourself, clothing fangs with velvet words?"

"Stranger, not all was one thing or the other, but rather distributed deceptively throughout our armory. There are several ways yet that this is possible. Some curses only take hold of those not intended to wield a particular relic. Armor can be coated on its outer surface so that a thief but not it's wearer might come to harm. Some poisons are not such for my race. And some curses do not weary us."

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

Rokan watches in wonder as the Dwarf disappears into the stone.

He responses to the telepathic message that returns from the stone.

This is a very handy means of moving about the labyrinth. However, while it will remove the trace of our scent, it will not remove trace of our minds and our auras. Further, I only hope those arriving soon do not have similar command of the seemingly fixed barriers of this place. We should not let our guard down behind the stone walls.

We walks towards the place int he wall where Rilkus disappeared and runs his fingers over it, looking for obvious effects of the dwarf's passage.

Vaguely listening to tense exchange behind him, he glances sideways at the bard. Always happy to get the clever last word.

How many checks are needed to ID the remaining items. Here are... some? Apply as appropriate.

[dice=Spellcraft, identify magic or psionic item properties with Detect Psionics]1d20+13
[dice=Spellcraft, identify magic or psionic item properties with Detect Psionics]1d20+13
[dice=Spellcraft, identify magic or psionic item properties with Detect Psionics]1d20+13
[dice=Spellcraft, identify magic or psionic item properties with Detect Psionics]1d20+13

Seeing Hamza and Rokan inspecting the bodies of his fallen comrades, the ostensibly now-allied troglodyte comments gravely,

"I would leave their bodies, stranger. I, and the other servants of the slassans carry cursed items, those covered with poison, or otherwise compromised gear to both dissuade and discourage just this sort of bodily plunder. Any given item you may seize may prove more trouble than its potential worth."

Jimbli Willit wrote:

Jimbli shrugs looking toward Amunet-Ra "Any idea where what you seek may lie?" He is suddenly next to Hamza peering at him with a skeptical eye "Did he say.. much more?", then appears in front of Troodor "Was that more powerful or much more? Have you faced any of these revived beings? Are you perhaps just trying to convince us to leave?" He shakes an accusatory finger toward the troglodyte, but then relaxes... "If so, I commend you. A defeated guardian still scaring off the invaders...."

Jimbli then, hearing the thri-kreen, stops and turns to listen. "Where it will not see us? Another entrance?"

The troglodyte replies solemnly,

"Much more, stranger."

"We have only understood this effect from reading the minds of ones who serve the lord of the diamond mines, and have been converted by the minions of the Ochre Dome to the service of the Maze Father."

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:

Hamza nods in understanding. Or at least partial understanding. "You'll have to forgive me, but I'm sort of new here, and am unaware of what these great Societies you speak of are. My ignorance aside, I agree with your assessment, and think we should leave this area post haste. Thankfully, I was gifted a most useful map that should be able to guide us to wherever our next destination might be."

1d20+11 Sense Motive on Troodon, just as a precaution. Hamza is nothing if not practical, and knows not to just immediately trust a former foe.

Are you letting everyone look at the map? I'll go ahead and post the link for everyone to take a gander at, in that case.

Hamze: Sense Motive:

It seems clear that the troglodyte is genuinely solicitous of coming to an understanding, now that its confederates have been dispatched from the field of combat.

Troodon nods thoughtfully,

"Yes, I can see the difficulty. I am not used to strangers, or those unacquainted with the situation of my people. I will try to explain briefly."

"For over a millennia, the Clutch of Lazzagabad and the Venomdrinkers were among the troglodyte clans that dwelt in the complex of caves beneath Kalidnay, far below the rift that extends to the south of the city, known as the Rift of Baltoush. The tribes migrated into this region in the wake of the city's fall, when the power of Abalach-Re no longer kept the denizens of the deep regions far from her domain."

"Our tribes, and other dwellers of the subterranean reaches, took advantage of the rich fungi harvest and underground game fostered by the Deathdrop Falls, which descend from the Lake of Doom in the center of the ruined city, and terminate in the depths of the earth, joining other rare rivulets of water from the cliffs of the Rift of Baltoush -- a region which once, in the Green Age, was a verdant marshland."

"A little over a year ago, one of the great caverns near the underground lakes at the foot of the Deathdrop Falls was mysteriously occupied by visitors from another world. They called themselves the "slassans," and told us that they hailed from a world known as Serran, somewhere far away in the night sky. They claimed to be a race of explorers, scientists, and scholars, and there is, undoubtedly, some truth to their claim."

"They brought one of their vast dome cities to the caverns below Kalidnay by means of an artifact known as the Phase Heart, which they told us they had inherited from their makers, another race known as the dramojh. The Phase Heart has the ability to open, as well as control, gates to other worlds. It was this item that awoke the sleeping sorceress queen, and thereby unlatched the gates of the Great Orrery."

"The slassans are not a unified society -- they are governed by several "Societies of the Ruling Colors". We have encountered four of these. The first, is that of the Red Chromatic Society, the chief alchemists and engineers of the slassans, and the faction to which my tribe pledged their loyalty. Second, is that of the Azure Chromatic Society, who are a reclusive sect of scholars. Thirdly, the Green Chromatic Society, a bestial caste of warriors who are little better than slaves to their kin."

"Forth and finally, there is the Yellow Chromatic Society. This last are feared and hated by their kin, but are undoubtedly the most powerful. They are lords of death and nethermancy, and are the emissaries of the Mazefather, a mysterious entity whose discovery precipitated that of the Phase Heart, as well as the ascent of this society to the apex of the slassan civilization. Their 'priests', such as they are, are called Emenators, and enforce the will of the Mazefather upon the other Chromatic Societies. It is by the will of the Yellow Society Emenators that the slassans have come to Athas, and seek to work their will upon its inhabitants."

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:

Hamza lowers his crossbow, but does not put it away. While he was hopeful the fight had indeed ended, he was not foolish. "Excellent! I am glad we are able to come to an accord. I do not wish there to be more bloodshed than necessary. Tell me, what stalks these halls that hasten your step? While I do not disagree with your proposed course of action, forewarned is forearmed, as they say."

The troglodyte slithers up, still adopting a liquid, elemental manifestation, from beneath the immense barrier presented by the engraved lid of the sacrificial pit. Troodon gradually divests himself of his current elemental form, returning to the lizard-like shape in which he was first encountered. He continues to eye the demon warily as replies,

"Stranger, the scouting of the area already conducted by the respective Chromatic Societies of the Vermillion and Ochre Domes, the Red and Yellow Societies of the Ruling Colors of the Slassan, have uncovered a peculiar property of these tombs. This is the danger -- any living entity that falls within them is raised again after some variable interval as a dreadful undead being, increased in both power and malice."

"Already, you have dispatched the Hounds of the Ochre Dome, the Chabaradoncephori, which were sent before my party, and they doubtless will soon arise, if they have not already, in an even more powerful and awful from than they had previously assumed."

"Likewise, Paralitian, Shadow of the Ochre Dome, the bodyguard of Archillobator, the Herald of the Ochre Dome, and the latter's minions, will all soon arise again, and combine their strength with that of the felled Hounds. Archillobator will not quickly forgive my retreat from the melee, nor my willingness to parlay with your assembly."

"The emissaries of the Ochre Dome will be only too gratified to expend their anger to slake their Society's rivalry with my own."

"Despite your impressively alacritous and savage dispatch of the servants of the Ochre Dome, I am doubtful we will be able to stand against their revived forms, combined together in a new formation."

"Fortunately, this malignant effect appears to be confined to the tombs, and our speedy exit from their passages will put us beyond the reach of our foes."

As he speaks, a peculiar feature of the reptilian creature becomes evident -- Troodon has a jaw full of many small teeth, but they are not like the teeth of typical meat-eaters. Instead of little serrations running up and down the back of the teeth, as in most meat-eaters, they are larger bumps running along the side, as in many plant-eating dinosaurs and lizards.

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:
"Yes, the mighty Sassochus is still alive, but all your other cohorts have fallen. Let us put an end to further bloodshed."

"Very well, if you will leave my good servant in peace, I will join you -- and we must, together, flee these halls as quickly as possible. You know little of the immense danger that hunts us, even now."

Hamza Mīnakshi wrote:

1d20+11 Perception

As their foes fall one after another before the deadly onslaught of Hamza's companions, the shadowy warrior calls out to Troodon. "My friend, you seemed hesitant to do battle with us before, and clearly this one is going our way. I do not wish to kill you, but that is a likely outcome at this point. Come, let us talk instead of continuing to fight."

1d20+9 Diplomacy

GM, if a 24 isn't good enough, let me know and I will spend a mythic point to add my surge to the roll. You're able to do so after the result is revealed.

"Who among our number is still living? Is Sassochus, the steed of the Vermillion Dome, still living? (The crocodile is still alive)"

Amunet-Ra wrote:

Aiding Hamza is good, forgot to write that.

Before things go out of hand here, i want to say something. I was informed that seemingly there is a new power in the depths of the mines. Seemingly you are part of it? Are you and your masters aware that you awakened the spirit of Kalid-Ma, and thus the Great Orrery which bridges the gap between Athas and distant worlds? Do you come from a distant world? Or somewhere from Athas?

I'm not sure i understand what you are saying there, Troodon. Do they eat dwarves? Or people? Like the kreen here used to and some still do?

"The Mazeborn have come recently to this world. I doubt not that the masters of the Ochre Dome have disturbed the dead on behalf of the Mazefather. We, the servants of the Mazeborn, are of this world. The Mazeborn came from another place, which they call Serran."

Amunet-Ra wrote:

Guess that triggers initiative? Which might come before Rilkus action?

Anyway, i'm not entirely sure about how much Amunet-Ra would know about those even with knowledge rolls. My take so far is, that their existance and the existance of those gian underground complexes were unknown to her and elven lorekeepers, or at least she was not initiated into that kind of knowledge. I would make some knowledge rolls, but more to see about their abilities i guess.


@Rilkus: all good, logical reaction :D

Seeing Rilkus actions, Amunet-Ra speaks out again, directed at Troodon:
Troodon it is? Please stand aside, there is no need of violence between us. When i understood it correctly, this fine dwarf was betrayed and tortured by your ochre companions there while he enjoyed their hospitality. Perhaps we can talk this out. Doesn't have to concern you at all.


kn:local: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 25:

The Dreadseer is aware that some new force stirs in the depths of the mines, but not its exact nature or design. This power has a awakened the spirit of Kalid-Ma, and thus the Great Orrery which bridges the gap between Athas and distant worlds. It seems likely these two are representatives of that new power.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 25:

The reptilian painted with red hues, and identified as Troodon, appears to indicate some degree of hesitation to enter combat on behalf of his fellow, this Archillobator, and appears to purposefully keep himself towards the rear of the melee.

"The mouths of the Ochre Dome are hungry and grasping."

The reptilian painted with red dye interjects, speaking mostly to the first one who spoke,

"Yes, Archillobator, the Conventicle of Carcarraccoytususs, the Emenators Sepharabarsus and Issyussoran mostly, are quite angry. My master Coelophysis has no feeling on this. The desires of your masters and mine are what they are."