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One thing I am confused by.

A wild order druid has two focus spells, wild shape and wild morph. How many points are in their focus pools, 1 or 2?

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My session information lists that I have 67 tables of credit, but there are no GM stars shown on my profile. If I download my card it also shows no stars.

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

Please provide the usual:

Name (As you would like it to appear on your chronicle)
Character Name
PFS Number
Track (Slow/Normal)
Day Job

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

The PCs receive an urgent and hastily scrawled message signed by Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin instructing them to travel to the Blakros Museum basement immediately.

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 12-15.

Over a century ago, hordes from the Abyss tore through a weak point in the Material Plane and surged forth onto Golarion, creating a corrupted and blighted land that would come to be known as the Worldwound. Legions of crusaders fought against the demonic incursion, containing it behind a wall of holy artifacts. In Pathfinder Society Season 5: Year of the Demon, forces bolstered by Pathfinder agents pushed back a demonic siege and even reclaimed land that had long languished under demonic control. The heroes of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path finished the job, sealing the Worldwound and slaying the demon lord responsible for its creation, Deskari.

Yet the land where the rift to the Abyss once stood remains scarred and fragile, and on the Abyss itself, some artifacts and powers tied to Deskari remain unclaimed. One of the Pathfinder Society's most formidable enemies, the demon Koth'Vaul, is eager to seize upon these opportunities. Unless the PCs thwart him, Koth'Vaul's will become even more powerful than ever before, and wreak truly terrifying vengeance upon the Pathfinder Society.

Written by Cole Kronewitter.

Please provide the following information:

Player Name (as you would like it to appear on your chronicle)
Character Name
Character Number
Day Job

Any particular things I should be aware of regarding your character? Any special tricks?

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

Dot and delete.

The game begins on March 11th.

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

OOC Discussion.

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***Emerald Spire Maps***

Special for Session 2 of Gameday 7.

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screen captures

I noticed this behavior this morning. I know Firefox updated to version 62 yesterday, so I don't know if it is related to that or an issue with the website.

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I went to my downloads page and checked the box to filter for Season 10 Pathfinder Society scenarios expecting to see the 3 season 10 scenarios released thus far.

Instead, the list showed scenario #10-02, an adventure card game scenario, and a playtest download. It did not show #10-01 or #10-03.

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I'm unsure how to answer these questions:

Item Description:
Source Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes pg. 39
Price 50 gp;
Weight 10 lbs.
Category Animal Gear

These metal caps must be specially fitted to a creature’s horns or tusks; a blade reminiscent of a sword or axe head projects from each cap. If the creature makes a gore attack (including as part of a powerful charge), the attack deals both piercing and slashing damage, and has a critical threat range of 19–20 (this range can be increased by other effects). Tusk blades can be enhanced as melee weapons; the enhancement is applied to the creature’s gore attack.

They can be enhanced as melee weapons.

Do masterwork versions exist?
Is it possible to buy them in special materials?
Do tusk blades for large creatures cost double?

It's not clear because these aren't actually categorized as melee weapons but only something that can be enhanced as one. Does enhance refer only to magical enchantments or other things as well, such as masterwork and materials?

Can and animal companion (like a rhino) use magical versions of them? They don't take up an item slot, so Extra Item Slot does not apply. I think companions with gore attacks should be able to use them since they can carry slotless items and these are designed for creatures with gore attacks.

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Some people would like to continue playing their vast stable of 1e PCs. Make it possible for the player to play those PCs as long as they like by opening up unlimited replay for 1e scenarios after 2e goes live.

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I created accounts for my children so that they could play Pathfinder Society. I need to register new Pathfinder Society PCs for them, but I've forgotten their logins. I can't use the reset password feature, because I've forgotten the email addresses associated with their accounts. This is because they aren't real addresses, but Gmail aliases for my wife's email account.

So they would be something like accountname+foo@gmail.com, where my wife's account is accountname@gmail.com

The problem is foo can be just about anything and I've forgotten what it is.

The only information I have is their Pathfinder Society numbers. Is there a way to get the email address associated with those numbers? (184466, 184467, and 184468.) The original verification emails have long since been deleted.

Might there be a way to resend the verification emails or force a change password on your end?

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I'm somewhat new to playing the kineticist class and I haven't been able to figure out how this is supposed to work.

I'm playing a wood kineticist and at level 2 I get the flesh of wood defense power:

Your skin toughens like timber, turning aside some blows. You gain a +1 enhancement bonus to your existing natural armor bonus. By accepting 1 point of burn, you can increase this enhancement bonus by 1. For every 3 levels beyond 2nd, you can accept 1 additional point of burn to further increase this enhancement bonus by 1 (to a maximum of +7 at 20th level).

So according to the talent progression, at level 5 I can accept 2 burn to get a +3 enhancement bonus to natural armor at level 8 I can accept 3 burn for +4 natural armor, etc.

However, this lags behind the actual burn I can accept per round by 1 level. I can't actually accept 2 burn per round until level 6, 3 burn until level 9 etc.

Is there some way to increase the amount of burn that can be accepted or a way to reduce the burn of a defense talent? Gather power only works on blasts, so that is not an option.

Does the specific text of flesh of wood override the general text of burn limit per round?

Or, is this a case of the designer of the wood element not keeping the burn limit per round in mind when they designed the defense talent and I'm stuck waiting one more level to actually be able to use the increased bonus?

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FAQ Entry

Core Rulebook FAQ wrote:
When a ranged weapon shares its enhancement bonus with its ammunition, does this count as “true” enhancement bonus or more like a temporary bonus like greater magic weapon?

Greater magic weapon doesn't bypass DR other than magic because it explicitly says it doesn't, not because it is a temporary bonus. I cannot find any general rule that says temporary bonuses don't count for this purpose.

I fear if the question remains worded this way, it will be erroneously applied in a broader way than what was intended.

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng's appearance in the middle of the night is surprising only due to his unfamiliar accomplice, a burly man dressed in full Isgeri military trappings.

"Pardon the intrusion," Drandle says as he juggles the numerous scrolls and writing materials precariously balanced in his arms, "but I have a request that is of utmost importance to ask of all you. I'm afraid we have something of a situation on our hands. It is perhaps well known among the Pathfinder Society that trade is vital to our organization. Not for any monetary gain, of course, but because we rely heavily on overland caravan routes and trading lanes at sea to get important documents, treasures, and personnel from central Avistan to the Inner Sea. When such materials are of particular import, we have even been known to use more illicit modes of transportation, such as caravans operated by the Sczarni organized crime syndicate."

"It appears that a number of such Sczarni caravans, carrying important cargo for delivery to the Pathfinder Society, have recently begun to go missing along their more discreet trade routes from Cheliax to Druma, a little-known path that runs through the Chitterwood in Isger. Of course, the route along the Conerica River would be viable for more legitimate operations, but oftentimes we can't afford to be forestalled with matters such as customs, tariffs, and inspectors, especially when such hindrances could also potentially result in the arrest of our business partners. Alas, I digress. I have agreed to work with the local Sczarni leader, Guaril Karela, in order to reclaim the caravan route through Isger's Chitterwood. That's where you come in. I have made all the arrangements necessary to ship you to Isger in the morning, where you'll meet the caravan you are tasked with escorting through the goblinoid-infested woods. In the meantime, I have summoned the honored Isgeri war hero Gaspar Desime to help answer any questions you might have about your upcoming visit to the Chitterwood. Guaril Karela is also available and can answer any questions you have about the caravan you'll be guarding, though I believe he is currently stationed at his shop in the Docks district."

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

Let's begin the discussion here...

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

OOC chat here.

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

For dotting...

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With the announcement that Phantom Phenomena is being unchained from the pregen requirements, I'd like to offer these quests to people wanting to play with some level 1 PCs.

Please post your interest in this thread. I might run multiple tables or recruit other GMs if there is enough interest.

This is for the next PBP gameday and will not begin until the 27th of August.

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

For OOC chatter.

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Venture-Agent, Online (Myth Weavers)

This is where the action will take place.

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Taking the players that didn't make GM Iff's table.

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Generally speaking archetype alternate abilities are gained at the level the standard ability would be gained at. However, the protector familiar archetype appears to be an exception to that rule.


At 5th level, whenever a protector or its master takes hit point damage, as long as the protector and its master are touching, its master can choose to split the damage evenly between them as if using shield other.

This ability replaces deliver touch spells and speak with animals of its kind.

Deliver touch spells is gained at level 3 and speak with animals at level 7. The level 5 ability speak with master is not replaced.

So does this mean that the familiar has deliver touch spells at levels 3 and 4 and then loses it at level 5, or does it never gain the ability in the first place?

Can someone point to a rule that explicitly states how it works? It doesn't appear to be in the Familiar Folio.

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Spinning off an idea from another thread.

Currently the additional resources for Ultimate Equipment states:

Any character with the Poison Use class ability can purchase and use poisons. For now, they are the only classes that have a list of "always available poisons" (those noted below)—no other class may purchase poisons unless they appear on a Chronicle sheet or in another legal source. Alchemists, ninja, and poisoner rogues may only purchase the following poisons...

I believe at the time this language was added to additional resources, they were the only legal classes that had the Poison Use ability.

The language unnecessarily blocked out future classes and races from being able to access poisons, even if they have the poison use feature. By RAW there are several class archetypes that are excluded from purchasing poisons even though they have the poison use feature, as are slayers with the Poison Use talent, mediums with the Ambras Imre legendary spirit, and vishkanya.

At the very least, can we remove the list of classes from the additional resources entry. This way we don't have to keep revisiting it. I think this language would suffice.

"Any character with the Poison Use ability can purchase and use poisons. They have a list of "always available poisons": black adder venom, bloodroot, giant wasp poison, greenblood oil, large scorpion venom, malyass root paste, Medium spider venom, nitharit, shadow essence, small centipede poison, terinav root."

Further poisons (as long as they are in an allowed source could be purchased if the PC has enough fame or if they appear on a chronicle sheet).

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Am I the only one who thought there should have been some option to do this all along? It never made sense to me that through various means, a spell could have no components whatsoever and no matter how well hidden I were, the act of spellcasting created a magical beacon screaming, "HERE I AM!"

Arcane tricksters, assassins, many bard and even rogues with UMD (and others) would all benefit from the ability to cast spells on the sly.

I'm sad to see these left out of PFS. Are they really that ripe for abuse? Each of these feats requires another feat, prerequisite feats are not all that powerful and server more as a tax than anything IMO. These are hardly going to be automatic choices. They are likely to be used in a handful of builds, most of which aren't going to be full casters.

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I have the Fey Foundling feat, my eidolon does not. When I transfer hp to my eidolon, I roll 1d6 and lose that many hp. My eidolon gains the amount rolled.

When my eidolon transfers hp to me, the eidolon takes damage equal to the 1d6 roll and I gain the amount of the roll + 2.

Is that how it works?

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So I misunderstood how a ki power that I picked worked (so did my GMs apparently) and would like to retrain it.

But I'm not sure it is possible to do so. Ultimate Campaign was written before Pathfinder Unchained, so it doesn't mention any unchained class features that can be retrained and Pathfinder Unchained didn't mention retraining in any of its new classes, which seems like a clear oversight because by a strict reading of RAW unless any new class addresses retraining, no new class will have an retrainable class features.

So it seems like my character is stuck with a ki power that he's probably never going to be able to use because retraining was not.

Does anyone know of any rule or clarification where this was allowed.

This is a Society character, so "ask your GM" doesn't work. I was excited to finally start playing this character again after Unchained came out and a rebuild of the classic monk was around, but if I'm stuck with a useless ability I might just shelve the character again.

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Given the recent update to Slashing Grace, there are going to be those who start to wonder if Dervish Dance with a slightly different, but still restrictive wording should still work in conjunction with the magus Spell Combat feature.

I'd like to see this make a FAQ, it the slight difference in wording makes a difference, then I would like to see it explained.

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The scope of the updates to the Advanced Class Guide have put a solid dent in several character concepts. So I figured it might be cathartic to have a place to remember those characters who will either have to drastically be altered to the point that they might as well be different characters or who might not be played again due to the changes.

So step up one and all to the podium and eulogize those brave heroes smote in the prime of their lives by The Hammer of Er-ra'ta.

Favian Aldori was a promising kensai magus and student of the Aldori dueling school, who's career was cut short due to a sudden inability to mix his spellcasting with the slashing grace of his swordplay.

With Slashing Grace no longer working with Spell Combat, the character would either have to take 3 levels or rogue or wait until he had enough fame to buy an agile weapon in order to have the same effectiveness with his blade as he used to have right at level 1. Sure there is always the rapier/fencing grace route or the dervish dance, but the character is Favian Aldori, so the character isn't the same if he can't use an Aldori dueling sword any longer.

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Looking for some character advice related to skills.

Having recently acquired an Undine boon, I've started creating a new PC, a seagoing explorer the originally hailing from the coasts off The Shackles.

The problem I'm having is that it seems like I never have enough skill points.

Stats after racial adjustment: 8 STR, 16 DEX, 13 CON, 14 INT, 14 WIS, 14 CHA.

Her first level will be Swashbuckler with the Inspired Blade archetype that way I can get Fencing Grace right from the start, which is important if she is going to do any real damage in melee at all.

Her next 10 levels will be in Ranger with the Freebooter archetype.

She'll have 6 skill points at level 1 plus 9 points for each additional level from ranger, including favored class bonus. However, there are more than 9 skills I could see this character having training in, so it seems likely that she will not have enough skill points to keep all her skills maxed.

The skills I would like to keep maxed are:

Knowledge (local)

The reason being the PC has the Flesh Chameleon trait and desires the ability to integrate herself into as many human cultures as possible. Her primary reason for joining the Society rather than turning to a life of piracy (though she still has a fondness for pirates) is that she'd rather learn about human cultures peacefully, not by raiding them.

Other skills this PC would likely possess: Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (geography), Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Survival.

She is also likely to have at least one rank in Swim to take advantage of the class skill bonus (even if she won't need it most times due to having a swim speed and the aquatic subtype).

I also like having a day job for my PCs, even if I don't earn a lot of money. She is going to collect wigs of various cultural hairstyles and colors. I gave her Craft(wig) as a day job and she will use the funds to "purchase" additional wigs for her collection.

So I guess what I am looking for is, given the list of skills that don't have to be maxed based on motivations and background, how would you classify the skills?

Tier 1 = Max it out or don't even bother. The skill will become fairly useless at high level if you haven't been keeping up.

Tier 2 = Some investment required, but not necessarily all in. A skill you can probably keep with ranks equal to half the character level or so.

Tier 3 = One rank is fine. Just take advantage of the class skill bonus and move on.

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"Some undines can change their coloration to match human skin tones. As a standard action, an undine with this racial trait can change her natural blue hue to match any normal human skin tone, and can revert to normal as a free action. This grants a +4 racial bonus on Disguise checks to appear human. This racial trait replaces energy resistance."

Does this bonus replace the -2 penalty for disguising yourself as another race or simply offset it?

I assume that is just offsets, but it just feels odd to me. I wonder if the creator of the trait thought about the standard penalty or not and what the intent was

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I have a wayang oracle with the deaf curse. His spells have no verbal components.

I cast a spell while hidden.

My understanding is that spellcraft is not possible, since spellcraft requires that you clearly see the caster.

Since my spells have no verbal components I don't see anything in the rules that says casting automatically breaks stealth.

If the spell requires an attack roll, it will break stealth, but if I am making a ranged spell attack at least 10 feet away from the target I can make a Stealth check at -20 as a move action to remain hidden. Is this correct?

What about spells that require saves, but no attack rolls? Does it matter if the spell has a somatic component or not? It doesn't seem like it should since they can't see me making the gestures.

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So how far do you consider reasonable to go back and fix a mistake?
Does it matter to you whether it was a player or GM mistake?
Does it matter if the mistake was to the benefit of the PCs or not?

For the case in question. I am running a game in a pbp setting.
During 1 round:
A. 3 PCs acted.
B. I updated the combat state had an enemy act.
C. 2 more PCs went.

At this time I was going to post an update with some more enemy actions, when I realized that one of the attacks that a PC in block A made that I declared as a hit should have missed because neither the player nor I took into account the cover modifier since the PC was attacking across the corner of a building.

My initial thought is that I should reverse the damage and declare the attack missed after all as that is what the dice indicated. I would have done the same if I made a mistake and forgot the cover modifier when attacking the PCs. I guess where I am second guessing myself is the knowledge that the damage makes a difference whether this enemy goes down or not and if the enemy gets another turn, its intended target could die if the enemy hits and rolls near max damage.

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So I looked through various rules boards and PFS boards, but haven't found a satisfactory answer to my question.

Besides Augment Summoning and Planar Preservationist is there any PFS-legal option a preservationist can use to augment or alter their summons?

Personally I find the kind of like-spells but not really mechanic of the alchemist a bit difficult to navigate.

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Tireless: You are accustomed to working long hours and weathering difficult conditions just to get the job done. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Constitution checks made to resist nonlethal damage from swimming, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot and cold environments. In addition, you gain 1 hit point.

The problem with this trait is resisting hot and cold environments use Fortitude saves, not Constitution checks. RAW that bit does nothing until the trait is fixed.

Has anyone else had experience with this trait? Do GMs tend to allow it to be applied to the Fort saves for hot and cold environments (since that is probably RAI)?

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Based on the FAQ:

Half-elves and half-orcs may select racial favored class options, archetypes, traits, and so on, as if they were a full member of both races (a half-elf can select elf and human rules elements, a half-orc can select human and orc rules elements).

Can a half-orc who gains the Skill trait by losing darkvision then swap skilled for a human trait like Heart of the Wilderness?

I argue that you can because the bolded parts of the FAQ indicate that the small list given is not exhaustive and in fact it is clarified to be all rules elements that are fair game for this racial transparency.

I suppose one could argue against it based on the premise that there is no rule that explicitly allows chained feat swapping, but I would counter that the FAQ ruling is a reversal of an earlier ruling and given that, of course such a rule would not have been on the minds of the game developers at the time the books were written.

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Here's the situation. I created a PFS character about a year ago for the Qadira faction that I never played and decided that I'd rather not play. Rather than having the slot just sitting out there wasted, I just reused the slot for the new character that I made at the start of season 1.
The problem is, that the new character belongs to the Andoran faction, not Qadira.

Problem 1: I cannot change the faction icon associated with the character slot, can an admin change it to Andoran?

Problem 2: My prestige awards was input incorrectly:

Tortuga's page
Date Event Session GM Scenario Player Character Prestige Points Notes
Sat, Sep 26, 2009 Boston 9/26 1 Mike Adams #29: The Devil We Know—Part I: Shipyard Rats (PFRPG) 2608-1 Michael Hallet 157 2
Sat, Sep 26, 2009 Boston 9/26 2 Mike Adams #30: The Devil We Know—Part II: Cassomir's Locker (PFRPG) 2608-1 Michael Hallet 157 2
Yesterday PFS 10/09 Fitchburg 1 Don Walker #19: Skeleton Moon (OGL) 2608-1 Michael Hallet 157 1
Yesterday PFS 10/09 Fitchburg 2 Don Walker #24: Decline of Glory (OGL) 2608-1 Michael Hallet 157 1
Yesterday PFS 10/09 Fitchburg 3 Don Walker #25: Hands of the Muted God (OGL) 2608-1 Michael Hallet 157 1
Total for Andoran 3
Total for Qadira 4

The first two sessions were reported for Qadira, but they should be reported for Andoran.

How do I get this fixed?

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A cleric that channels negative energy has the Channel Smite feat. Can that cleric use this feat in conjunction with inflict light wounds or other touch spells in his arsenal?

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I was curious if wearing a locked gauntlet would cause a monk to lose his AC bonus. It's confusing because the locked gauntlet appears in the armor section of the equipment chapter, but the gauntlet itself provides no protection.

What I'm trying to do is make a pirate monk that is missing a hand. He would have his hook that he could take off and attach a different weapon onto his stump (a sai for example). I figured since the weapon would be strapped onto his arm, it would be hard to disarm, so mechanically it would function as a locked gauntlet. But this wouldn't work if the locked gauntlet would cause me to lose my Wisdom bonus to AC.

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This weekend we decided to start The Whispering Cairn. We found ourselves short one player, but didn't want to cancel twice in a row, so we decided to press on with only 3 PCs.

Our first time in, we encountered the wolves. They quickly flanked and tripped our fighter. While we managed to take down one, the other two quickly dispatched our fighter and our wizard. In the 5 rounds of combat in the meantime, I (a favored soul) managed to roll 4 natural 1's out of 6 rolls. 3 on attacks and the other on resisting a trip. So now it's down to me (prone and flanked) against two wolves that aren't really damaged. I decided my only chance was to get up and run for it, but both wolves hit with their AoOs. TPK #1.

The second time in (same characters with slight tweaking). We managed to have better luck against the wolves. Seeing the green lantern already lit for us, we decided to explore that direction first.

Hearing the runbling of stone, we decided to retreat from the central chamber to the bottom of the stairs. Once we saw the beetles starting to emerge, my character immediately went to work. I prepared one flask of oil for lighting. I spent the next two rounds dumping oil on the two quares in front of me. The following round I readied an action for the swarm to step on to the oil covered squares. My action triggered, so I tried to "light 'em up", only to roll ANOTHER natural 1 on my attack roll. Consulting the scatter diagram, low and behold, my flask of oil HITS ME! I roll the 50% chance to ignite, and of course, it does. I roll my Reflex save... a 2! Not a 1, but I'm still on fire. The splash does ignite the oil however, and the flames do significant damage to the swarm. Being on fire momentarily saves my character, as the swarms decide to go for the fighter and wizard. Both are significantly damaged and nauseated as the mad slasher is now upon us. On my action, I decide to put the fire out by rolling on the ground... on top of the swarm. I roll my reflex save to put the flames out and fail, but the swarm also fails their reflex save and is scattered by the flames. At this point I'm at 0hp (yay Toughness) and prone, and it's the mad slasher's turn. A whirlwind attack later, I'm at -7 hp. The fighter barely manages to finish off the mad slasher.

After resting for half a week (as I was the only healer in the party) I was finally conscious again. We decided to descend into the green chamber. First we encounterd the bombadier beetle and managed to dispatch him (though both the fighter and I were fatigued). Having used up very little of my spells we went to the room with the orange goo. Suspecting there might be another swarm, I gave my last two flasks of oil to the other party members and lit a torch for myself. The swarm came out, our wizard managed to catch the swarm for some splash damage with one flask but the fighter missed completely with his. I missed with the torch. Now the swarm is upon us and we again have trouble making our saves against the distraction effect. I toss the torch aside to let the other party mambers use it on the swarm as I turn to deal with the bombardier beetle who is now upon me. The swarm decimates the fighter while I fail to make my save vs. distraction in order to heal myself. The bombardier beetle cuts me down and the acid beetle swarm catches up to the wizard. TPK #2.

Hoefully next time we'll have a full party before we try this again.