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7 posts. Organized Play character for Hassan Ahmed.


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Sorry folks, this vanished for me...didn't see it.

I'll drop out... Sorry, DM Beckett!

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Nope, you go Wizard. I've to work today, but should have something soon/tonight.

Not a Wizard, perhaps 1st level Summoner.

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Whatever you want.

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I know this doesn't happen much in PFS, but it feels right.

Do we want a wizard? Seems we have fight, rogue & divine covered.

And, Toppling Spell legal?

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I think you can play with whatever you'd like. I'm a level 1 Inquisitor of Seranrae.

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Thanks. I'm totally new to PFS.

How do levels work? I mean party/table-wise? Assorted levels?

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Is Dervish Dance (feat) from "Qadira, Gateway to the East" legal for PFS?

Definitely thematic. Just wondering.