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Does there happen to be any other new rules options outside of the stuff like oracle archetype, cavalier order, etc?

Should be very soon for the preorderers.

Allow PCs to have large sized guns. Unwieldy? Check. Take more time to reload? Check. Cool looking? Check.

Chloe Rabbit wrote:
Will this contain the pale red-headed desert goblins with big feet?

Doubt we will be seeing the sand goblins from the 3.5ed Sandstorm book.

Speaking of that book, I honestly hope we do not have rehashes of old things, like Living Monolith or any of the feats that came out in the original Osirion book like Swarm Dodger.

I would rather have a prestige class that let me be sandworm dragoon that rides a large sandworm to ride into combat.

I am looking forward to this with happy expectations, I just don't want to see a rerelease of nearly the same content that was slightly tweaked is all.

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To spare a life is harder to do than taking one.
If one believes killing will not show they commit sin and their cause is just and righteous, then he is no better than crusaders who thought similarly.
It is a strange world where bloodlust is seen as an acceptable choice in ones life as long as one is still in good graces with authorities.

Stealth Rules on Sniping wrote:
If you've already successfully used Stealth at least 10 feet from your target, you can make one ranged attack and then immediately use Stealth again. You take a –20 penalty on your Stealth check to maintain your obscured location.

Then you got the advanced rogue talent and the Kobold feat that together take away the -20 to sniping. The feat you can take at 1st level, the talent you would need to wait till level 10 to pick up.

Effectively your in a hidden position that others cannot find as you make ranged sneak attacks. Until that is they make a perception check that beats your stealth check after you snipe someone.

Wiggz wrote:
Prux wrote:

I've been GM'ing Pathfinder for a few years now and am finding it hard to manage Archer characters. With the multitude of feats available to fighters I've had 2 players in different games build archers that basically cut everything to ribbons.

In one of my games I had one particular character firing 5 arrows a round.

In my opinion they are overpowered and they cause serious unbalance in the game.

I'm currently running the Shattered Star AP and, after the death of his Alchemist, one of the players has decided to replace it with an archer and it is already wreaking havoc.

I'm not a GM that will kill someone off just to make things easier, but I'd really appreciate advice on how to limit their impact. All within the rules of course.

Thanking you in advance.


Easiest fix in the world: track ammo.

Even Legolas had to draw his blades at some point.

Very true. Just watch Desolation of Smaug, half the time Legolas is two weapon fighting.

If you want a mechanical means of handling an army go for Pages 234-251 in the Ultimate Campaign book. It has rules for how to make an army, how to handle mass combat, and many other things related to a army.

Seems a bit weird if the sorcerer with the fae bloodline just simply goes back and retrains his bloodline to imperious. I can see a cleric switching to a different deity to worship, though I would say that in the noggin of the cleric its a pretty big change in terms of lifestyle, prayers, dogma, and beliefs.

Why yes it is to multiclass, wizard to be exact, followed by eldritch knight. Why yes I want to be that wizard rocking that full plate as I cast my Still Fireball.

Thank you for the answer.

Could I take something like the Still Spell metamagic feat as a 1st level Fighter? I don't see where its not allowed but I thought I would ask.

One to five pounds at most I would guess if were looking at a medium size rock.


It still comes down to a matter of personal taste when playing a Fighter. If you find it boring, then its not for you. Not everyone likes the cleric, not everyone wants to be a wizard, not everyone wants to be a savage-brute called barbarian, etc, etc, etc.

I personally find classes like Shaman, Wizard, and Cleric to be fairly boring class, but that is my own personal taste. If their is an evil me from a parallel universe, his thoughts would be the opposite in that he found classes like the Fighter, Paladin, or Barbarian to be quite frankly boring.

My apologies if my comment sparked a negative reaction. I simply meant that simple conversation amongst your fellow players helps liven the experience like a wise cracking monk who tends to make terrible puns in battle.

A fighter simply gets four skill points, bravery, bonus feats at first second and every two levels there after, armor training, weapon training, armor mastery, and weapon mastery. It is a great boon to have the various archetypes for the fighter which help make for different character builds.

Fighters are not boring, no class is boring really. What matters is being a roleplayer instead of a roll player if you don't want to feel bored.

Sounds like a FAQ candidate. Would be nice to if they can take the aspect of the beast feat.

Hooves are secondary natural weapons. Go with the claws, those are primary natural weapons.