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A dark and beautiful bounty


This has got to be my favorite bounty so far, and not because it's level 3, but because of the atmosphere.

The bounty is dark, much darker than the other ones and that change in tone is quite a delight, with it being a much more mature theme of losing loved ones.

I'm going into spoilers now.

It's the little things the bounty does, such as show, but not tell by showing you the ruins of Bulviss and giving the GM possible prompts of what happened. This allows you to tell the story like a movie, in that the PCs see and deduce what could have happened rather than through exposition. The whole town/hamlet is a sandbox, and allows players to explore at their leisure, even if because of the word count, I feel that most of the town and the buildings went unexplored. For my run, I allowed players to see the other buildings, to explore and find more clues about what happened during Bulviss stand through observing the remains, the set off traps and visions of the dead.

I was also quite glad that the whole skill checks section was basically tossed out, as that had become very formulaic after all the previous bounties.

The cons would be for me these three, and they're all very minor ones at that.

The bat swarm encounter is listed in a building that has a roof on the map. This would force a GM to run it on another flipmat as there is no actual map of the interior of that home. This was solved by just moving the encounter to one of the houses with a broken roof.

The majority of the town is left unexplored, as well as descriptions of the streets are left mostly blank. This could be because of word limitations, but this bounty thrives on atmosphere and mood as players slowly move through this ghost town and try to figure out what happened.