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Full Name

Thomas Joseph Brennan

About Tommy Brennan

Occupation: Journalist

Drive: Curiousity

Sources of Stablity:
Love of Brooklyn
Baseball (Dodgers)

Pillars of Sanity:
twin brothers, Patrick & Sean
Father Mike, parrish priest

Interpersonal Abilities
2 pts *Assess Honesty 4
2 pts *Bargain 4
2 pts *Cop Talk 1+4=5
2 pts Credit Rating 2+2=4
1 pt *Oral History 2
2 pts *Reassurance 4

Technical Abilities:
1 pt *Evidence Collection 1+2=3
2 pts Locksmith 2
2 pts *Photography 4

General Abilities:
Athletics 10
Firearms 5
First Aid 5
Fleeing 5
Health 1+10=11
Sanity 4+6=10
Stability 1+9=10
Scuffling 5*
Sense Trouble 5
*Shadowing 10

Tommy Brennan grew up on the streets of Brooklyn where he lived for playing stickball and listening to Brooklyn Dodgers games on the radio before he went off to serve in the Great War. While in the service, he spent time as a reporter and upon his return to the States, he was able to get a job with a paper covering the nightly crime beat. While working the streets, he’s made friends with many cops, and seen and heard of some unusual things, and he was on the scene at the recent raid in Red Hook. His curiosity often gets the best of him, leading to places he probably shouldn’t be, and gifted with a vivid imagination, he makes extra money writing for the pulps. Little does he know however, that there are things more horrible than he has seen, and more evil than he can imagine.