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Scratch that. I think you can only take other psionic spells for other psionic classes.

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I was just looking at this. My interpretation is that since the psychic class is something of a hybrid, we could take either. Still, it is vague at this point.

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I dont get to many conventions anymore due to work and family in the last couple of years.

What I would like is:

Race boon for Samsaran

What I have is:
Unxpected Inheritance, Heavenly Blood and Taint of the Lower Planes.

And cookies. I have those too.

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My concept was purely thematic. There is nothing in the Ultimate Equipment that fits the concept of a space marine power fist. My concept is not game breaking or power gaming in any sense.

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Not here do debate the "logic" of a fantasy game ;) Just addressing the mechanical rules for PF.

Also, (as I am at work and don't have my books with me), is it a -2 for each size category of difference?

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Honestly, the idea for the spiked guantlet is from a Space Marine power fist. Just an item that only does 1d4 doesnt seem powerful nor to scale. I figured, make it large, and throw the magic enhancement with 1d6 electrical damage would be as close as you get.

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Current character is a human. I guess I should have mentioned that. So it does go to a large size...interesting. Thanks for the clarification.