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Current Campaigns

Agents of the Darklands, Part 2: In Company of Forgotten Evils

Agents of the Darklands: A Campaign for Monsters and Madmen

Ambitious Hearts: Tales from the Forgotten Realms

Dain's King Maker Chronicles


This is the Kingmaker Campaign, yet it is filled with many deviations from the boxed set. The "Campaign Information" page is meant as a quick resource to help sum up the thousands of posts quickly.

The Elder Games

Lots of casters in one spot. What could possibly go wrong?

The Fourth Crusade

The Fourth Crusade is a high-level adventure tied to the Worldwound and Mendev in the Golarion setting.

GM Levi's {Advanced} Sands of Osirion Campaign Arc!

Rise of the New Runelords

Kingdom Map (now with Loy's family notes AND the Runelord's Route)
Kingdom Turn
Minions Page

[ ]Forsten [ ]Anglon [ ]Valerianna [ ]Denat [ ]Ronald [ ]Simon [ ]Grey
[ ]Zekat [ ]Legion [ ]Molly [ ]Grey Horror [ ]GreyServants [HQ]ZomBees
Fight Map

Rise of the New Runelords 4713 AR

Rise of the New Runelords 4714 AR

New map here: Kingdom Map for 4715

Rise of the New Runelords' Minions

War of Ages (Monkeygod's Golarion Game)

A disparate group of "adventurers" seek to possibly end the threat of Treerazer once and for all.

Brains of the Dark World (inactive)

Mindflayers ruling the world and keeping it that way

DM Caleth's Bronze Age: An Inheritance of Dragons (inactive)

In an ancient world, a group of recently freed slaves join the fight against the tyrannical Dragon God, possibly to end his reign forever...

DM Voice's Envoy of Geb - An Undead Campaign (inactive)

The Shadow Claw has sent you forth as a vanguard of Geb to seek a book that may hold the key to where Nex has been hiding all these years...

Eye of the Storm (inactive)

Games of Chance (inactive)

A gestalt campaign in a homebrew setting starting at level 3, the PCs are new recruits to the Chance City Watch in the worst district of the city.

GM DSP presents Crown's Reach! (inactive)

The Imperial Dragoons must endeavor to protect the realm of Pollexia for all enemies: both foreign and domestic.

Here be dragons! Adventurers keep out! (inactive)

Combat Map
Adventurers are loose on your lands, quick kill them!

Leviathan Rises (inactive)

After the Old Ones conquered Golarion the survivors fled to a patchwork of demiplanes known only as The City.

Nightmarish Campaign Redux (inactive)

Sky Piracy by the Stormborn (inactive)

Unbinding the Fetters - Disciples of Master Gond (inactive)

The path of those that aspired to be students is taking them to the Kingdom of the Impossible where they will engage in a tournament...

WaterSprite's Seafarers of Galorian (inactive)