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ghostunderasheet wrote:
Hastur! Hastur! Hastur! wrote:

I have a Mystic healer in my group and he is a badass.

Few things about my game though:
1) I crush my group with the difficult fights.
2) Healing spells provoke AOO
3) I give specialization for spells (Full lvl for single target, 1/2 dam for AOE).
4) I allow a caster to use his/her spells slots from high caster stat. An 18 wisdom mystic can use his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spell slots to cast 1st level spells.
5) Our group is 6th level at the moment. The healer has Mobility, Spell focus, Long Arms, and just got a haste circuit.

My group would never survive without a dedicated healer. That said the healer doesn't just heal.

Round 1. When combat starts he positions himself near the tanks and unloads with his disintegration rifle (d20 dam) until round two.

Round 2. he absorbs 6 of damage off of an ally. As his GM keep in mind how awesome this is your healer is taking what amounts to a full combat blow to keep his group running. It is easy to metagame blow this off as nothing but I play it up to show his toughness. If HP damage is still light he fires again but moves towards which ever persons stamina is close to going/gone.

Round 3. Absorb 6 damage off an ally. Single target heal the person that needs it most.

Round 4. Absorb 6 damage. Move towards the most damaged ally. Smash a badly damaged foe with Mind Thrust.

Round 5 Absorb 6 damage. If things are going south blow a RP and heal everyone 4d8. Otherwise heal himself or a worse off ally.

My group has been on Eox for 3 (Real life) weeks. They were supposed to go into the Eox wastes. However the healer wasn't available last week and they were too scared to attempt the waste without him.

Anyway mostly my suggestion would be as a GM you are letting your players off too easy if they dont need healing. :)

what ability is this absorb 6 dmg you speak of?

I think lifelink "At the start of each turn, you can choose an ally within 30 feet who has taken Hit Point damage and transfer her

wounds to yourself..."

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A planet is attacked, attacker uses some gas/biological/whatever method to wipe all life off the planet. Only that doesn't kill them, it renders them physically dead but for some reason not truly dead and they live on as undead.

They didn't want to be, they made no decision to be undead. The beings also maintain the individuality of who they were whether good/evil/neutral what have you.

Just off the top of my head I came up with a planet of undead with differing moralities like any other that fits with a SciFi setting.