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I'm pleased to say that I have successfully added +1 to my children stat. All went as smoothly as it could, we're all doing well and getting used to things.

Thanks for handling everything and moving it along, all looks great to me.

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Yes, I think could work well from both a narrative and IRL perspective. Thanks for the thought and consideration. I'll add that I've got no real idea what sort of time limit to put on it so as long as you're happy to play it by ear a bit that's fine with me. I know there will be constant changes but I've done it before so I know I'll get back into a pattern of things.

I'm assuming the integration with the newcomers will happen fairly soon?

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Thuàng Nê Luu Sânh wrote:
It also doesn't help from a personal circumstances perspective - and I would have been raising this imminently anyway - that I have a new baby due in just over a month so my bandwidth is going to be more limited for a while.

A gentle reminder that the new bambino is coming on Friday unless it makes an appearance sooner! I'll do my best to keep pace with things but it'll probably be an adjustment to a new rhythm. Please bot me as necessary to move things along if I'm holding things up.

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Somewhat taken aback by the Inquisitor's apparent self-destruction, if not entirely trusting that it is the end of the man given the veritable maze of illusions she had seen him create, Luu Sânh throws an arm across her face to avoid the flare of the bomb.

Looking up, she replies "My pleasure," replies as Zephyr throws her the orb, snapping up her empty hand and easily catching it. "And what do you do?" she asks it quietly.

Knowledge planes: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (14) + 15 = 29

She doesn't have much time to examine it in any great detail, however, as a swarm of mephits appears, each appearing something like a twisted animated candle. Targeting as many as she can, Luu Sânh walks through a spell before flinging an open palm in their direction, coating them in sticky strands of webbing.

Cast web at the large central group, aiming to catch as many of them as possible.

That's cool with me - makes sense to keep up momentum as far as possible.

"Agreed," snaps Luu Sânh, though her frustration is directed at the inquisitor and the situation as a whole rather than her prone companion. "Everything here is a mess and seemingly radiating magic. I don't think I have enough power to end it all." She grimaces, weighing up her options. "Normally in such situation I'd just stick a blade in the source and that usually does the trick of bringing the whole lot crashing down, but right now I can't through this tangle of illusions to hit him." Keeping on her guard, she decides to target the area that seems to be just slightly out of kilter with the rest, suggesting perhaps an invisible presence and casts a spell to strip away other magics.

Dispel: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Dispel magic towards the invisible patch.

Luu Sânh grits her teeth to keep control of her sword arm, as she feels the pull of magic that makes her consider stabbing it into her own body. She's resists this siren lure and instead clicks her fingers, causing a blue sheen to wash over her blade and enhance its ability. She then bounds into face this unknown assailant, slashing at the black-robed figure with her scimitar.

Attack: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17
Damage: 1d6 + 6 + 1d6 ⇒ (4) + 6 + (4) = 14

Swift action to boost blade from arcane pool (+1 and frost) for one point, then move and attack.

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Zephyr's response, dripping in sarcasm, catches Luu Sânh off guard. This seems slightly out of character, though she realises that in the short - but intense - time they have been travelling together, she hasn't really seen the sylph truly roused to fury. Whether it's the after-effects of the wall or the literal and metaphorical drop in temperature, there is a notable chill in the air that has heightened her senses. She has no clever words to match Zephyr's but in a flash she draws her scimitar to show that she trusts their judgement and will fight to defend the exhausted body of Albert.

With fire not being her element and Albert preparing to use it as an opposite, Luu Sânh decides to lean into what she does know. Perhaps it's counter-intuitive but she wonders if summoning an ice storm of her own might allow her to absorb some of the wall's magic or grant her an element of control over it. Dipping into her spell pouch, she withdraws a black cylinder. Dabbing her little finger in, she pulls out a snowflake, preserved by the chill properties of its case. Hoping that her instinct is correct she chants through the words to her spell, a melodic song-like quality to them, and flicks the flake into the air. It spins upwards and begins to rapidly multiply into a haze of sleet.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (9) + 15 = 24

That was definitely something I was considering. So too potentially slinging a web to try and keep any large chunks of ice in the ceiling from falling.

Mentally checking through her roster of spells, Luu Sânh tries to come up with ideas on how to improve the group's survival chances. Water and ice magic, rather than fire, is her speciality, so perhaps there may be some use in that to control the ice after Albert has blazed a path. And while she is quick, her movements fluid, and she trusts to her reactions, the undine is still less graceful on land than she is in water. As her companion loads himself up, she can feel the heat starting to radiate from his metal shell.

Apologies, not sure if I should be making a check yet - my interpretation was not and that Albert was just heating up rather than going through the ice yet.

Once more, looking deeper into situations and events has caused a rebound. Able to shrug it off without any ill effects, Luu Sânh nevertheless feels worse upon discovering - unsurprisingly, she must add - that the wall has been Moonkissed.

"Ware," she calls, "the wall has been touched by the chaos energies of Moon." After a beat she adds, "Obviously," more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

While Zephyr sets off to view it from an another angle, Luu Sânh peers at the wall, trying to discern any magical properties, or even identify what definitively what it is.

Knowledge arcana: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Picking through Albert's words about the random effects of the magic that appears to have moved the group, Luu Sânh laughs bitterly. "So basically she could be anywhere, and here we are, like more and more tributaries splitting off from the source. And even if we knew exactly where we were and could retrace our path, we don't even know if she would be there or half the world away." She curses colourfully under her breath in frustration. "It's pretty clear that nothing can be done but it's so... maddening."

Ears pricking at Gamberino's words, Luu Sânh swivels to follow his gaze. "It's certainly something," she says drily. "But yes, it does have a sheen to it suggestive of ice."

Scrutinising the landscape, Luu Sânh has a weird sense that something is not quite right. It takes a moment, scanning back and forth across the treeline, but however weird it might seem, she is convinced that they are no longer in the same place they bedded down for the night.

Similarly concerning, and easier to spot with their reduced numbers, Chezarina is nowhere to be seen. Luu Sânh isn't immediately worried by this - in their brief time together she's grown to trust the ifrit's abilities and she may well be off scouting - but a more careful observation reveals that all of her belongings are gone too. Will these mysteries never cease? she sighs internally.

Although the address is to Zephyr, Luu Sânh jumps in and replies to Anan. "You have a point there - they're not the same hills they were last night. Or rather, they are, but our position with regards to them has changed. Look towards Volcano and mark it for yourselves." She points towards the landmark, giving them all the chance to come to the same conclusion she had. After the pause, she continues, "I estimate we're maybe a couple of days closer to Hearth than we were. What fell magics have caused this I know not, though I would have sworn we had not moved while I was on my watch." She shrugs. "I'd wager that everyone else would swear the same though. And," she finishes in a weary tone, "Chezarina has vanished."

Blearily rousing herself, something in the chill air feels amiss. Luu Sânh's danger sense is tugging at her and she quickly shakes off the remnants of sleep. Her hand automatically reaching towards her scimitar's hilt, she casts around for a sign of whatever has put her on edge.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

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Once the rites are over, any remaining energy and adrenaline dissipates, leaving behind only an empty silence where a number of the young elens had been. With the vultures freed and the reanimated dead defeated, it was technically a victory for the group, but it didn't feel like it. Luu Sânh has been here before - all soldiers have - but she's used to it rather than numbed to it. Looking around at the others, she's not so convinced that they have. Albert in particular looks pretty crushed - unsurprising given the students in his care.

There's no real wind but the air is chill and their shelter is the best they can do in the circumstances. "Get some rest," she says. "I know it's hard but there will be no shortage of time for grief and reflection. We still have work to do and doing what we can is the best way to honour their memories."

She pulls out a bottle and pours a few drops onto the ground, an offering to help the departed souls on their journey, before passing it around. After taking a hefty slug herself, Luu Sânh beds down to get some sleep before taking the middle watch.

When she is tagged in, it is bitterly cold, though the punch of her alcohol takes the edge off. It's black as pitch but mercifully quiet and the candles pass uneventfully. She is able to grab a bit more sleep afterwards before dawn rolls around once more.

Luu Sânh bows her head out of respect for the fallen and the vanished. "May the waters cleanse their souls and wash them to Sea," she says. After standing a moment she heads down towards Albert's position in order to help. "I'm not the best-placed for these rites but once again I'm at your service to help get those who need it patched up. Just let me know what you need me to do."

"That seems to have been the case," Luu Sânh agrees, the words and actions duplicated by the numerous illusory versions of herself. She considers dismissing the spell but, ever vigilant, decides to keep it up for the moment just to ensure that the threat is really over. Besides, she knows the magic will dissipate of its own accord in the not too distant future anyway.

Nodding slightly to herself, Luu Sânh feels a mixture of relief and satisfaction as, with a helping hand from Zephyr and Fury, the spell allows the vultures to break free from their invisible bonds. As the birds launch themselves first at their captors and then away to freedom, she exhales but doesn't relax. "What's everyone's status?" she calls to the group at large.

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As the creatures close in on the group, coming from all directions now, Luu Sânh can only watch in horror as Albert is felled and many others are dropped with what seems to be minimal effort.

She fights back in her own personal battle as the vultures - or whatever is controlling them - focuses laser-like on her, their eyes boring into her own. Luu Sânh is a fighter though, trained and versed with spell as well as blade and she simply bats away the mental incursion.

As Zephyr explains that they believe the gasping dead have stolen the birds' movement, she has an idea. She may not have any spells to escape from such bonds, but she wonders if enhancing the vultures' own ability, outside of the normal constraints of time, will allow them to act. With such an action they would then be able to engage the creatures and reclaim what is theirs.

She quickly explains her plan, then repeats it for the vultures to understand. Winding a springy strand of kelp through her fingers, Luu Sânh chants through the words to one of the most powerful magicks at her disposal.

Cast haste, centred on the vultures. The logic is that the additional action exists outside of those that have already been stolen, allowing them to move and touch the gaspers.

Luu Sânh appreciates the compliment, though she feels that Zephyr is laying it on a bit thick. Or perhaps, more simply, is just heavily engaged elsewhere and lacks bandwidth for a more nuanced response. Whatever, she raises a hand in acknowledgement. "They may be able to hear but not speak, they may be telepathic, they may be something else entirely." She counts the points on her fingers as she makes them, before pausing. "Who knows? Since being here, the more I've seen the less certain I am of much."

Trying to strike a balance between aiding Zephyr and not wanting to disturb their concentration, Luu Sânh tries to look for another angle. "What's your story?" she asks herself quietly, eyeing up the vultures. Having analysed the dweomers already, she feels that she has exhausted her relevant knowledge. But just maybe she could communicate with them, or maybe even trigger a connection, a leap of logic, a nugget of useful information. Feeling slightly foolish, she starts with her native tongue, asking, "Can you hear me? Do you understand me?" The ele then moves to Benthic and cycles through the various languages she has at least a rudimentary command of.

Linguistics: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

I think I'm in the same boat - it's a great setting and full of flavour but I definitely feel I'm still reactive rather than proactive and haven't got under the skin of it.

It also doesn't help from a personal circumstances perspective - and I would have been raising this imminently anyway - that I have a new baby due in just over a month so my bandwidth is going to be more limited for a while.

Also having a think but haven't immediately come up with anyone.

Initiative: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

Flicking her eyes back and forth between Zephyr and their ritual casting and the horror of the reanimated elens making their way magnetically towards the group, Luu Sânh exhales. She flexes her shoulders, loosening the muscles and preparing to aid her airborne colleague.

Centring herself, she dips a finger into her spell component pouch and withdraws what looks like a tiny sphere of ice, glinting in the light. The undine then begins the words to a defensive spell, feeling the magic flow through her until she stops chanting and suddenly there are more than half a dozen Luu Sânhs where there had been one.

Mirror image: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Trusting the illusionary copies to prevent any attacks from hitting her, she feels confident that she will be able to focus her attention where it needs to be without loss of concentration, as well as being ready to jump into action should that be necessary.

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Thanks for the heads up and hope everyone across the Atlantic has a great Thanksgiving. I would have confidence that he will be back but obviously understand your position.

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And that is the sort of problem we could live without, Luu Sânh thinks. However, all she says is "Done," in response to Albert's suggestion, happy to let him pull rank here. As opiniated as she can be, she has no problem with following orders from one more knowledgeable than herself. She beckons to Drook to follow as she takes up a position beneath Zephyr.

"Are you coming down?" she asks, "or do we just have to crane our necks up at you?"

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Congratulations! Amazing news, hope it all goes well and enjoy the day!

No holidays in the UK so I’m available but happy to go with what works best for the majority.

Luu Sânh shakes her head slightly, admiring Albert's calm manner. Then she too looks at Chezarina and how she is dealing with the regularly oblique comments and questions that some of the students bring up.

"What have you learned?" Luu Sânh calls up to Zephyr, waiting until he looks up from his own close examination. With this, Albert's information and her own view of the magical patterns she is hopeful that they have a decent picture of the situation.

The frozen birds are curious, stopped in motion and potentially trapped in time too, given that they are still in mid-air with gravity having not intervened. Once more a trail of mysterious magicks is leading them on. As Zephyr flies up, Luu Sânh looks up towards them, trying to ascertain what has caused them to be suspended.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (17) + 15 = 32
Knowledge arcana: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13
Knowledge planes: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19

"That is surely impossible," interjects Luu Sânh. "You cannot stop the flow of Mother River, to swim against the divine tide is challenging at the very least." Her knowledge of the other Gods is nothing compared to her love for River, but she is extrapolating. "Surely it would be equally difficult to tame Moon, if such a thing can even be done."

Chezarina wrote:
"I hope Hearth will still be recognizable once we reach it." Chezarina comments grimly on the scene.

"That's one way of putting it," Luu Sânh agrees. "Things look better in the snow," she comments, "it somehow doesn't look as bad when it's fresh and crisp, despite what it's hiding. But that doesn't last for long and it will soon look worse, the chaos exacerbated by slush and brown." She sighs. "That is the cycle of things, but it is not as pleasing to the eye on land as it is in the water, except for this first moment," she adds critically.

Zephyr emir wrote:
Zephyr smiles, "The offer is appreciated, as will be the warmth. Thank you."

"Welcome," Luu Sânh replies, her mouth quirking up into a brief smile but it is a short-lived one. It stands to be a long, wearying night in many ways so she is happy to fortify herself ready for whatever may come. She is also, though she is perhaps loath to admit it, appreciative of the comradeship, a tiny step in the direction of correcting what she has lost. She half opens her mouth to say something, maybe to try and find out more about Zephyr, but she hesitates and the moment passes in silence.

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The Declarative wrote:
Fredrik, the serious-faced young priest who was goodpriest Edmund's primary acolyte, shakes his head. With slight distaste, he says, [b]"My mentor cautioned against such things. I'll share in the first watch."

The undan shrugs, unbothered by both the refusal and the judgement that accompanied it. Next time I won't ask then. Luu Sânh drinks again, quite happy to self-medicate and confident that the quantity she is imbibing will not impair her faculties.

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Luu Sânh breathes a sigh of relief as both her magic and Albert's healing suggest that the invasion of Drook's person has been curtailed. She can find no hint of residual magic but the work has understandably taken its toll on the boy.

As he falls into a deep slumber, Luu Sânh prepares to follow suit, having volunteered for dawn watch. Before settling in for as much sleep as she is able to muster in the circumstances, she draws out a bottle and unstoppers it, taking a long swig. She offers it around to the others, "Anyone for a little sleeping aid?"

* * * * *

Having awoken to darkness and - finally - something resembling quiet - Luu Sânh watches the dull light of morning slowly invade and replace the cover of night. Sat vigilantly, wrapped in a thick blanket, the others begin to stir and awaken. She echoes the prayer of thanks, "Water may wind, but the course remains true."

It was not a pleasant night, Luu Sânh had to concede. Even though the celerity cage worked even better than she had dared hope, there was little sleep for anyone. The fear that it might not - even though she trusted the magic and the work - never really went away. And the raucous noise, the sickening light, the howls, the screams and worse. Well, nobody was likely to get much rest with that happening a bit too close for comfort.

As Drook seems to be finding it hard to sit still - hardly surprising in the circumstances - Luu Sânh shoots a glance at Albert. In theory, being within their protective barrier ought to help trying to rid the boy of his uncanny divine possession. Hopefully it would dim Moon's influence on Drook as well as provide the rest of them with an extra layer of protection in case things did not go to plan. Having already gazed into his mad eyes once, the undan has not desire to do so again.

She leaves it to Albert to apply the moly, but watches carefully, probing to check that the undesired presence has truly gone.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 25

As Albert describes the cage, an image starts to shape in Luu Sânh's mind. "I understand, the principles seem sound so if we can construct our own it seems sensible."

Knowledge (planes): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (7) + 15 = 22

"The building itself I'm not sure I can do so much to help with, though I'm happy to labour." She scratches her head, giving thought about how to best protect the group from the full force of Moon. "But I think I can add to the design to ensure that we have the right balance of energies."

Nodding as Albert backs up her hypothesis, Luu Sânh's face sets into a hard expression. The poor child. The sooner we can do something to help him the better. For all of us. As the alchemist explains about his experiments, she is quick to agree to help. "Of course. Just tell me what to do. Anything you can explain as we go so I can be more useful next time is great but if we're short on time then do as you think best." Although her mind was sharp enough, this was a school she knew little of, not to mention following commands was something fairly ingrained.

When Albert sets up his mobile lab, Luu Sânh falls into step quickly enough, retrieving substances, taking measurements and recording data as directed. The results, however, do not bode well.

"And where he goes, madness and destruction follow," she replies to the sylph's announcement. It is a statement rather than a question. "So our options are either get out of his path, fortify ourselves as best we can, or both." She racks her brains for any useful piece of knowledge or magic that may help them.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

At the second part of Albert's statement, Luu Sânh simply bows her head at the heavy losses to come. She doesn't want to feel defeatist about it but she at least has no means to send a warning, never mind stop a God.

"You're not wrong," Luu Sânh agrees, "Not only is there an enchantment there, it had a defensive set-up and was rigged to go off when someone took a closer look. I'm fine, by the way, she adds, more matter of fact than passive-aggressive, though there's at least a whiff of the latter in the way she says it.

"Thank you, Iris," she says at the mention of the discovery of the moly. Luu Sânh massages her temple with the heel of her hand. "Can we talk privately?" she asks, starting to pace restlessly and hoping that the girl takes that as her cue to leave. "In truth I don't know. There's something there. I saw a face: grinning, laughing, watching. I don't know the extent of its abilities to either actively control Drook or more passively see through his eyes, though it was able to impart it's madness-inducing spell to me." She sighs, coming to a stop. "You've got more experience of this than me so tell me if I'm way off here but does that description tally with that of Moon? Could this be some kind of aspect of conduit of his power? Because if so, how safe can any of us be?" she finishes grimly.

Sighing with relief that she is able to flush out the unwanted invasion of her head, Luu Sânh shakes it as if this action would flush out any lingering effects from the bout of lunacy that had had her in its grip. She is clear-headed enough to understand that the lurking presence behind Drook's eyes is still there, a window out at least. She hopes that it is not also a portal into the boy's mind. That was close. But no harm done to yourself or anyone else, which is always a good result. At least she hopes as much, as Drook dashes away, though she concedes that she did warn him to do so.

As the laughter fades, Luu Sânh is horrified to realise that it is coming from her own mouth and any merriment on her face quickly slides off into a look of horror. Realising that she has been caught by a spell that she can still sense skittering around and spreading out inside her, she snaps into defensive mode. Realising that she might be a liability to herself and others she warns Albert and Drook, "Step clear. There's some kind of fell magic behind the ailment and it is threatening to have me in its grip too."

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (19) + 15 = 34
Dispel: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

She works through her knowledge of magical spells and effects that could cause her to lose control and behave in such a fashion. Then she casts a spell of her own - one that she would likely have tried on Drook - in order to nullify the magic fizzing around inside her.

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The Declarative wrote:
Busy week? I don't think I can update until I get posts.

That pretty much covers it, yes! Thanks for your patience.

After she finishes the incantation, Luu Sânh is initially slightly overwhelmed by the number of magical auras that she is picking up. She is able to identify the majority as either personal effect enhancements or enchanted items and she has a brief moment of recognition that between them, her and her companions are packing a small arsenal. She pushes that aside to focus on the magical pulse that has caught her attention, the one that is coming from - or behind? - Drook's eyes.

Narrowing her focus and attention, she squints and looks more closely, almost sucked into the reflection of the boy's eyes. No, not a reflection, she realises - a face not her own. At the same moment she sees it open its mouth to laugh, an echoing cacophony of mirth fills her ears, bouncing around as if coming from all directions.

Will save vs confusion: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Luu Sânh responds with an uncharacteristically high-pitched peal of laughter of her own, one tinged with a touch of madness, for it is now she who is a dark mirror of that grinning face.

"Ok, thank you Drook," smiles the undine. She thinks for a second, trying to work out how to make her name more pronounceable to the child. "It's Luu Sânh. Try 'Loo Sarn'," She looks him in the eye. "I'm going to start casting now," and with that she chants through the words to a simple spell, one she has cast dozens of times before. As she finishes and the argent reagent dissipates in a tiny cloud, she focuses to pick up on any magical auras in the vicinity.

Luu Sânh is satisfied with Albert's answer, unable to sense anything other than the genuine concern for the boy that she would expect any decent person would be showing in the circumstances. She nods in appreciation of his honesty in what he has so far done - and been unable to do - for Drook.

The Declarative wrote:
"Praying. Umm. Rubbing my eyes alot. Washing them with soap, but that hurt." He seems embarrased to say such things out loud, around knowledgeable adults and their big words.

"Good and understandable reactions," she says, her mouth rising into a slight smile as she dips easily back down to be more on the child's level. "Except the soap, that probably isn't sensible." She fishes into a pouch at her belt and produces a vial of silvery powder. She carefully pours a fingernail-sized amount into her palm. "I'm going to cast a spell to see if I can identify what sort of magic has been used here." Luu Sânh addresses Drook but the explanation is to put Albert's mind at ease too, as well as to see if he has any other suggestions on how to proceed as she works things through. "I think it best to work through things logically. Understanding its nature may hold the key in being able to reverse or remove its effects. Is that ok, Drook?"

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"Hello Drook," replies Luu Sânh to the child's shy introduction, crouching down so as to be more of a height. "I'm sorry. May Mother River guide him on his journey, be it to shore or to the Eternal Ocean."

Standing back up, she listens to Albert's explanation of what happened to Drook, letting him finish without interruption. "I see," she says, feeling that at least here she does have some understanding of the situation. Even if the exact causes are uncertain, this a problem with tangible effects and parameters and she can work with that.

There is still a nagging at the back of her mind that perhaps Albert is not being straight with her, or that this may be some kind of test. Luu Sânh doesn't think it's likely; the sylph's behaviour and conduct hasn't suggested this to her so far. And she certainly hope it is not - to use a child in such a way would be abhorrent - but she has also experienced some terrible things in the battle against Dark, not to mention the brief encounters with the madness of moon, and would prefer to be more certain of his intentions.

Sense motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

"It is good that he is healthy," she agrees. "And much of magic derives from the element of water, including ice," she continues, still hedging and delaying to size up the situation. "What other remedies have you tried?" she asks.

Albert Glazier wrote:

Albert knows well enough the abilities of most of those remaining in the caravan, but Luu Sânh and Chezarina remain a relative enigma. Well, Chezarina had demonstrated herself quite capable with a bow, and Luu Sânh held her sword like someone who knew how to use it. Either could be proficient with some sort of magic. But if he had to hazard a guess, Luu Sânh might be the more magically-inclined of the two. So with a bit of a hustle, Albert takes Drook towards the undan ele.

"Luu Sânh," he hails as he approaches. "When we next have a moment to pause, I had hoped to ask you a favor. Are you perchance a practitioner of magic?"

"Albert," Luu Sânh slightly inclines her head as she returns the greeting at the approach of the armoured man. Unsure of his intent and where this line of questioning may be going, she decides to proceed cautiously and make him work for the information. "I have a degree of skill, yes," she replies.

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As they move on, Luu Sânh feels swept up as if by a current. The immediate problem had proved surmountable - albeit with some serious attrition - but she's still unsure about the situation, the destination and the strangers. On the positive side of the ledger were the fact that Albert and Zephyr clearly had the intelligence to overcome obstacles and powerful abilities; valuable resources in what is still very clearly a dangerous situation. And it's not like Chezarina is a bosom companion of many years but an alliance of practicalities.

On the flip side, a much larger group is more likely to attract unwanted attention and she prefers to take people's measure of a period of time, even if the early signs were promising. And without a focused end goal, she feels somewhat at their mercy, even if going with the flow is the undine way. Then again, Luu Sânh has ever been one to swim against the tide, with consequences both good and ill.

If anything, it is the presence of minors that means she knows deep down that until this stream winds its course she could not in good conscience abandon them. It might be black and white thinking but to do otherwise would simply be unconscionable. Until they are safe she will be there to help however she can. No elen left behind. This stirs up unpleasant memories that have no place in her current situation so she shuts them down. A reckoning with it can wait. After all, she has refused to engage with it and her position on the betrayal remains stubbornly unchanged.

While she may be silent and wrapped up in her thoughts as they travel, Luu Sânh's senses remain keen and ever-alert.