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Guess we can use this thread to bring up any questions we have dealing with the player companion. Mine is:

Cleaving Smash (Cleave, Improved Vital Strike, Power
Attack): When you use Cleave, you can add the additional
damage from Vital Strike to both your initial and your
secondary attacks. If you also have the Greater Vital Strike
feat, you can instead add the damage from Improved Vital
Strike to both your initial and your secondary attacks.

Would this apply to Great Cleave as well?

Also, when it comes to Gorum's Greatswordsmanship, would you be able to add Improved/Greater vital strike on the charge/aoo or just base Vital Strike?

2h Weapon Trick - Cleaving Smash

Does this ability work with Great Cleave? And would you add Vital Strike die to all the attacks made by it?

What the full description and enhancement bonus of Culling weapons?

I'm currently playing in a game as a Warpriest and I'm quite sad at your rating for 2h warpriest. As a human and favored bonus all into more combat feats, I was able to fill both the whirlwind attack and greater cleaving finish line at lvl 13, while still picking up Swift Blessing to get a chaotic azata for that delicious +2 bardsong. (yes it's a lot of filler, but not all wasted, spring attack has let me do plenty of damage while staying out of the bone zone)

Righteous Might + lunge + whirlwind attack makes this a build of absolute death, hitting every creature within range at full BAB, and if you drop one getting ANOTHER attack on ANY creature within range. Single target killing is great, but when you can slaughter all the minions in a fight leaving only the boss.

And what do you think of taking Crusader's Flurry to let your sacred fist be able to flurry with the diety's favored weapon?

Inquiring minds would like to know the favored class bonuses for warpriest. The fate of the world is in the balance!

Any hints for the Human FCP for warpriest? :D

you could just make it so that a low cha doesn't give a penalty on intimidate checks only. pretty much the same thing as Wasting from the oracles curses

That's why the Urban Rager was made

You CAN use a large bastard sword in two hands if you take the EWP feat. Amiri, pathfinders' Barbarian iconic uses a large bastard sword.

Personally, I would just go with jotungripping a greatsword and wielding a tower shield. You have both the extreme of offense and defense.

"An oracle’s curse is based on her oracle level plus one for every two levels or Hit Dice other than oracle."

His curse would get better...