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Husband and wife Christopher and Anne House have spent the last 20 years building their relationship through tabletop role-playing games.
Not only did the Houses meet through the games, they have become how the Houses connect with their children and other members of their family.
“Before the internet, people went to game stores like Lone Star Comics in Dallas and filled out a sheet that said, ‘Looking for players’ or ‘Looking for groups to play with,’” Chris House said. “You would write down your contact information and it would go into a book. People would come in and look in the book. She and her former husband had put their names in the book.”

It was the summer of 1982
DM Mike Murphy
Location Lewisville Texas, his home
age 13
Game: AD&D
#1 Character :Thorak Cannon Fighter NG PATRON OF God: Athena
str : 24 < house rule that if you 4 dice 6 and get 4:6s you kept it as a sign of the Gods Favor.
wis: 13 AC:4
Con:15 HP 12

later my next dungeon master made me change my strength to 18/00
i was prof in Greatsworde, breast plate helm and gr eaves