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Great book with some issues.


Once more Paizo has shown both creativity and boldness in their offerings. The Magus is a great addition to the number of classes offered in the Core Rulebook and in the APG. It is fun, different and well balanced. Many interesting ideas are introduced, such as the bardic masterpieces and the words of power. Many great new archetypes, spells and feats. There are options pertaining to different parts of the power level spectrum, making the book useful both in high and low-powered games, doubling as a great DM toolset.
The book does have some problems, costing it a star in the rating. The editing seems to be significantly worse than in the APG. Some of the options offered do not seem to have been considered in actual gameplay. The greatest offender is the Antagonize feat which creates some wacky situations when used. Some spell descriptions appear to be wrong.
Despite these problems i consider this a solid buy.

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A great start for a campaign.


I was really impressed with this adventure. The city of Sandpoint, its history and background, and its NPCs are extensively detailed making it a joy to read and very easy to DM. The main villains are very interesting, instead of the usual cardboard characters one sometimes finds in lesser quality works. The goblins are given a new life, and are a blast to throw at the PCs. Some of the encounters are quite challenging, and I would recommend toning them down a bit for less experienced groups.
The chapter describing the ancient empire in Varisia is also interesting, albeit small. The monsters in the bestiary are quite interesting also, specially the Attic Whisperer.

All in all, I strongly recommend this product.