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Standard Geek Uniform


The shirts all look awesome except for one thing; they're almost all black tees. I have way more than enough black tees. I'd so rock this shirt in a forest green or a nice burnt umber, a red, or a blue. But black? Why are all fan shirts black?

A little variety Paizo!

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Reaping & Sowing


Excellent scenario. Very well crafted and very fun to play. My players enjoyed every moment.

Combat seemed a bit easy, but we had a full table of capable and heavy hitters. I would like to see some option in future scenarios for what to do when there are 7 players. I love that there are adjustment rules for having only 4 players, but would love to be able to make a minor tweak when I have 7.

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Bid for Bordom


Wow, this is a rough and convoluted scenario. With minimal exposure time the PCs are expected to quickly and efficiently master the rules for social intrigue in such a way that they can plow through a Society scenario in the limited time allowed at an open play event. Maybe in a home game where PCs have time to schmooze the NPCs to actually learn about them, but in the limited time allowed at a public event this becomes an exercise in dice rolling for points. The scenario is better suited to smaller groups as coordinating 6 or 7 players takes up too much time making meaningful role play nearly impossible.

The only part of the scenario that my players seemed to enjoy is the one combat encounter at the beginning. After that they, and I, would have prefered going to the dentist.

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I could use an unpainted metal mini just as easily


Not all rock is slate gray. The figure is okay but the coloring is like something out of a black and white B movie.